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Jaane kyaa baat hai

Posted on: March 5, 2013

This article is written by Pamir Harvey, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Sunny (1984) got released after Sunny Deol’s debut Betaab. The producer, his father himself, wanted to cash on the success of Betaab, for which he repeated the team again. Unfortunately this time the success didn’t repeat itself. Unfortunately, with the film also sank the wonderful musical score by R D Burman.

The film has many good songs in it. The only other song from this film mentioned here is “aur kya ahad-e-wafaa hote hain “. The film features Sunny Deol, Amrita Singh, Waheeda Rehman, Sharmila Tagore and Dharmendra in a guest appearance. The story revolves around Sunny (Sunny Deol) and his girl-friend (Amrita Singh). Sunny’s father (Dharmendra) dies before his birth. While dying he confesses to his wife (Waheeda Rehman) that he had an affair with a singer (Sharmila Tagore) who is now pregnant. His wife takes her rival under her wing, but with the selfish motive of bringing up the child as her own. By quirk of fate Sunny’s girl-friend is his biological mother’s ward.

If these quirks of fate were not enough, in 1984 another film (Zameen Aasman) released with a similar story, to which also Pancham composed the music.

Audio (Full)

Video (Partial)

Asha Bhonsle version (Bengali)

Song-Jaane kyaa baat hai (Sunny) (1984) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman


jaane kyaa baat hai
jaane kyaa baat hai
neend nahin aati
badi lambi raat hai

dhak dhak kabhi se jiya dol rahaa hai
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
dhak dhak kabhi se jiya dol rahaa hai
ghoonghat abhi se meraa khol rahaa hai
door abhi to piyaa hi mulaaqaat hai
jaane kyaa baat hai
jaane kyaa baat hai
neend nahin aati
badi lambi raat hai

jab jab dekhoon main yeh chaand sitaare
jab jab dekhoon main yeh chaand sitaare
aisaa lagtaa hai mujhe laaj ke maare
jaise koi doli
jaise baaraat hai
jaane kyaa baat hai
jaane kyaa baat hai
jaane kyaa baat hai
jaane kyaa baat hai
neend nahin aati
badi lambi raat hai
neend nahin aati
badi lambi raat hai

7 Responses to "Jaane kyaa baat hai"

Amrita and Sunny’s first. 🙂 Saw this movie ages ago.


Wasn’t Betaab before this?
I saw Sunny on DD, but haven’t seen Betaab as yet. Not really keen on it either.


“Sunny” was produced under the banner of “Nalanda”
Producer is Amar Jeet, who also directed Dev Anand Movies like
Gambler(1971),Teen Deviyan(1965),HumDono(1962)

and produced most of Dev Anand Films like
Gambler(1971),Teen Deviyan(1965),Duniya(1968)
Prem Shastra(1974)and a Sanjay Dutt movie:Rocky(1981)

Other Information about the movie Sunny:
Director:Raj Khosla
starcast:Waheeda Rehman,Dharmendra,Sharmila Tagore,
Satyen Kappu, Urmila Bhatt,Maneck Irani,Vikas Anand, Noor Dewasi,
Dinyar Contractor,Jugnu, Birbal, Asha Sharma,Jamboora,
Lakshmi Pandit,


Prakashji, thanks for the correction. I don’t know why I thought that Dharmendra was the producer. You are completely right!


Stanza exists only in the audio track,which is also a little bit longer than one in the video,regarding repetition of some lines:

saari saari raat mujhe
iss ne jagaayaa
saari saari raat mujhe
iss ne jagaayaa
jaisse koyee sapnaa
jaisse koyee saayaa
koyee nahin lagthaa hai
koyee mere saath hai ae ae ae
jaane kyaa baat hai
jaane kyaa baat hai
neend nahin aathi badi lambi raat hai

Link to the audio track:


Thanks for adding that stanza, dear Prakashji!
I knew the song from audio and since I didn’t listen to it for a long time, I was missing something. Thanks for supplying the missing link!


Asha Bhonsle Version of Jaane Kya baat hai:Audio link


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