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Ek aaye ek jaaye musaafir

Posted on: May 31, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

This is a song from MUSAFIR-57, a film in the 50s, which became famous for its different presentation style. It was,in fact, not one continuous story, but a collection of 3 stories, taking place in one house. This was a new approach in Hindi cinema and there was a mixed reaction to this film from the audience and the critics.

Hrishikesh Mukherjee (HM), when he came to Bombay,stayed in a one room flat in Goregaon society.T here was an empty flat next to his. He used to see different tenenants coming and going. This gave an idea to the fertile imagination of HM to make a film on this subject.

One day, he casually mentioned about his idea to Dilip Kumar. He was, in those days,trying to change his image of a Tragedy king. He told HM that he will surely work in this film and that he should go ahead. Dilip also offered to work FREE in that film ,if he was allowed to sing a song in that film himself.

The experienced editor(HM)’s Directorial debut constituted an important attempt to carve out a niche for himself in Hindi films. The film was made by a loose collection of several Benagali artistes, including Ghatak and Salil da, who shared a background in Radical Theatre and who were in Bombay mainly throughout Bimal Da’s patronage. many of these also worked later for Madhumati in 1958 too.

Set in a suburban, old house, probably in Calcutta, the film narrated 3 tenuously related Chekovian stories about 3 sets of house occupants. Those days using stories and Plays of CHEKOV was the ‘in’ thing for I.P.T.A. Members !

The first story had Suchitra Sen as Shakuntala, who wants her husband Ajay (Shekhar) to patch up with his estranged parents, so that she will have a home-she is basically an orphan.

The second set is about Bhanu ( Kishore kumar), a young man who desperately wants a Job,in order to support his old father (Nazir Hussain) and his widowed, pregnant sister in law ( Nirupa Roy). Bhanu gets a job, a baby boy is delivered and they leave the house.

The third story is about a young woman Uma (Usha Kiran) who has divorced her husband. She meets her husband(Dilip Kumar) by coincidence, but they can not unite. Dilip kumar is friendly with her sick paralytic child and assures him that he will become alright. One day Dilip kumar dies and the boy starts walking !

The stories invoke cyclic sequence of marriage, birth,death and rebirth. All this is enhanced by good music and camerawork.

Our Mr. Sudhir ji has given the film’s story in details here.

This sort of experimentation of different stories in one film was also tried by another I.P.T.A. member K.A.Abbas in ” Char dil char Rahen “-1959. Both films flopped commercially at the box office.

Though the pattern of films was same, still the handling and treatment in the two films were different.

The film’s highlight was Dilip Kumar’s song with Lata ji. His lifetime ambition of recording a song as aplayback singer was thus fulfilled !

Dilip Kumar had the ability to understand music. Sajjad Hussain, who once showed Dilip kumar his place when Dilip tried to interfere in Sajjad’s work, had said in an interview that Dilip kumar was very good in understanding music and had an ear for music !

There were total 6 songs in the movie and this is the last song to be posted here as all others have already been posted (including a double part Dilip + Lata song).

This song is sung by SHYAMAL MITRA. This name may not be well known to many readers,but he was a Big name in Bangla films.

Shyamal Mitra (14 january1929-15 november 1987) was the son of a practicing Doctor, Dr. S.K.Mitra. He was not keen on following in his father’s footsteps but he was interested in music. He met Salil Chaudhary and came to Bombay in 1953. He sang songs in 3 films at that time, the movies being Naukari, Biraj Bahu and Musafir. He once again returned in the mid 70s and sang in 5 films.

Mitra directed 50 films in Bangla, gave music to 100 Bangla films and sang in more that 100 films in Bangla Language.

So,let us now enjoy this song from “Musaafir” (1957) which is filmed on MOHAN CHOTI.

Mohan Choti was Mohan Gorakshkar, from Amaravati, Maharashtra. He started his career with Bimal Roy camp and acted in Devdas,P arivaar and Musafir, where he was first noticed due to this song. Mohan acted in over 250 films. He directed 2 films viz Dhoti,Lota aur Coupati-1975 and Hunterwali-1977. In Hunterwali , Anu Malik made his debut as a music director.

Mohan also produced one film. His last film was muqaddar ka Badshah-1990. He died on 1-2-1992 at the age of just 52.

This song takes place in a Tea shop, opposite the ‘house’ in the film.

Song-Ek aaye ek jaaye musaafir (Musaafir)(1957) Singer-Shyamal Mitra, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Salil Chaudhary


Ek aaye ek jaaye musaafir
duniya ek saray re
ek aaye ek jaaye musaafir
duniya ek saraay re
ek aaye

albele armaanon ke toofaan lekar aaye
naadaan sau baras ke
saamaan lekar aaye
albele armaanon ke toofaan lekar aaye
naadaan sau baras ke
saamaan lekar aaye
aur dhool udaata chala jaaye
ek aaye ek jaye musafir duniya ek saraay re
ek aaye

dil ki jubaan apni hai
dil ki nazar bhi apni
dil ki jubaan apni hai
dil ki nazar bhi apni
pal bhar mein anjaane se
pehchan bhi ho jaaye
pehchan do ghadi ki
ban pyaar muskuraaye
do din ki zindagi rang laaye
ek aaye ek jaye musaafir
duniya ek saray re
ek aaye ek jaaye musaafir duniya ek saraay re
ek aaye ek jaaye

4 Responses to "Ek aaye ek jaaye musaafir"

Is he the same Shymal Mitra who was MD of Anand Ashram etc


Yes,he is the same person who gave music to Anand Ashram-77,Amanush-75,Safed Jhooth-77 and Biraj Bahu-54.


This song “Ek aaye ek jaaye musaafir” has a follow up version in the movie which appears from 03:28 onwards at on YouTube.


Thanks for this beautiful song of Shyamal Mitra and informative write-up.


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