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Jai Ambe Gauri maiyya

Posted on: October 9, 2013

“Duniya Na Maane” (1937) was a milestone movie as far as Indian cinema was concerned. Our beloved inhouse encyclopaedi, Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh had given detailed information about this movie in the past. Here is what he had to say about this movie:

Duniya Na Mane-1937 was a milestone in Indian Cinema because women’s cause and a voice against mismatched forced marriages was taken up for the first time in this movie. The movie dealt with thpractice of cruelty towards young women(read girls) married to older men.(There was a famous Marathi Drama SHARADA depicting marriage of a 13-14 years young girl to a rich old man of around 60).

It was Directed by V.Shantaram. The Cinematogarapher was V.Avadhoot, Dialogue and Lyrics were by Munshi Aziz and the Music was by Keshavrao Bhole. The story was based on the novel ” Na patnari gosht ” (Unacceptable matter) by a noted Novelist of all time marathi Literature-Narayan Hari Apte. The cast was Shanta Apte, Keshavrao Datey, Raja Nene, Vasanti, Shakuntala Paranjape (mother of Sai Paranjape and daughter of Wrangler Paranjape of Poona), master Chhotu, Vimlabai Vashishtha, Gauri, Karmarkar, Parshuram etc. There were 12 songs in it and songs were sung by Shanta Apte, Vasanti and Parshuram.

The film tells of a story of an young valiant and aspiring woman-Nirmala(Shanta Apte), married to an old widower and her life of tribulations. Instead of meekly surrendering to tragic fate,she takes it up as a challenge and makes her old husband realise the folly he has made.

An orphan Nirmala grows in her Old uncle’s and his young wife’s home. They are eager to see her married to someone who would give them money. Thus an old Keshav or kakasaheb (Keshavrao Datey) who is rich,widoer and ready to marry is identified and in exchange of money, she is conned into marrying him. She had thought that she was getting married to a young person who had accompanied kakasaheb, when he came to see her. After the marriage she realises the cunning of her Uncle. She cuts off all relations with them and enters new home, where there is Sushila, the widow daughter of Kakasaheb and his son Jugal(Raja Nene) who has an eye on her. She engages herself with reading books, singing and getting encouraging advises from Sushila.

She does remain in the house as a dutiful wife but refuses his sexual desires and rejects his emotions. Full of repentence, he commits suicide , setting her free of the bondage for ever, leaving a note for Nirmala that she is free to marry some suitable boy. She thus makes it clear that such social injustice is wrong and should not happen again.

Three songs from this movie have been discussed in the past.

On the occasion of Navratri celebration that are going on, here is a Navratri song from “Duniya Na Maane” (1937). This song is sung by Shanta Apte and chorus and it is picturised on Shanta Apte and others. Keshavrao Bhole is the lyricist. Name of the lyricist is not known. I request our knowledgeable readers to tell us about the lyricist of this song.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Avinash Scrapwala.



Song-Jai Ambe Gauri maiyya (Duniya Na Maane)(1937) Singer-Shanta Apte, MD-Keshavrao Bhole

Lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

Jai Ambe gauri maiyya
Jai Ambe gauri maiyya
Jai mangal murti maiyya
Jai Ambe gauri maiyya

Tumko nishidin dhyaawat
Har bramha shivji(?)
Tumko nishidin dhyaawat
Har bramha shivji(?)
Maang sindoor virajit teekaa
Maang sindoor virajit teekaa
Teekaa mrigmad ko
Ujjwal se dou naina
Ujjwal se dou naina
Chandrabadan neeko
Jai Ambe gauri maiyya
Jai mangal murti maiyya
Jai Ambe gauri maiyya

Sindoor ki thhali
kesar ki pyaali
sindoor ki thhali
kesar ki pyaali ee ee ee
gulaab genda saasan (?)
gulaab genda saasan (?)
ketki joohi
Laawat bhent chadhaane naari
naari hariyaali
gaawat sakhi jan aarti
Shri Maataji ko
Sewa karke dhyaawat sukh
Sewa karke dhyaawat sukh
Sukh pati dewan ko o
Jai Ambe gauri maiyya
Jai mangal murti maiyya
Jai Ambe gauri maiyya

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