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Mere humnasheen mere humnawaan

Posted on: September 2, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir,a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The film Bhool Na Jaanaa, is an unreleased film from the 1964-65 time frame. Started under the banner of Integrity International, by producer Jagan Prasad Sharma, its storyline was built around the Indo-China war of 1962. By the time this film was under production, the govt. of India refused permission for this film to be released. Apparently the relations with China were improving, and the govt. put a ban on films on this subject. (May be it was lucky for Chetan Anand that his film on the same subject, Haqeeqat, got released in 1964, and the ban probably came after that). Although in an advanced stage of completion, the production of this film was shelved.

But by this time, the songs and music for this film had been composed and recorded, and it is a good fortune that the music at least was formally released.

This song is another beautiful melancholy tune, that has been so soulfully rendered by Geeta ji. It appears that this would be one of the few last recordings that Geeta ji did after passing away of her husband, Guru Dutt, before she faded away from the industry for some years. Daan Singh, who is the composer for this film, recalls that this song was recorded sometimes in June 1964. Guru Dutt had passed away in Feb 1964. Understandably, Geeta ji was not in a good state of mind, and to add more emotion to her agony, the words and theme of this song accentuated the very feelings of loss that she had suffered just a few months before. Daan Singh ji recalls that this recording was completed with great difficulty, as Geeta ji broke down many times during the rehearsals of this song.

The lyrics of the song are by Hariram Acharya, and the moving composition is by Daan Singh. Geeta ji presentation of this song is heart rending, and one can imagine the amount of difficulty with which she would have recorded this song.

A gem of a melancholy sound.

Song-Mere humnasheen mere humnawaan (Bhool Na Jaana) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Hariram Acharya, MD-Daan Singh


mere humnasheen mere humnawaan
mere paas aa
mujhe thhaam le
mujhe thhaam le
mere humnasheen mere humnawaan

tu chalaa hai mujh se bichhad ke yun
jyun shikastaa saaz se raagini
jyun chali ho jism se door jaan
jyun chali ho aankh se roshni
mujhe teri baahon ka aasraa
mere paas aa
mujhe thhaam le
mujhe thhaam le
mere humnasheen mere humnawaan

ye tera milan ye tera karam
hai mujhe hayaat se kam nahin
tu hai saamne to mere sanam
mujhe maut ka bhi alam nahin
ae bahaar-e-dil
ae sukoon-e-jaan
mere paas aa
mujhe thhaam le
mujhe thhaam le
mere humnasheen mere humnawaan
mere humnasheen mere humnawaan
mere humnasheen mere humnawaan

8 Responses to "Mere humnasheen mere humnawaan"

Thank you Atul for this haunting song, from an unreleased movie. How did you ever get hold of the audo? The picture of Geeta Dutt in front of her hisband’s photo adds to the poignancy of the song.

Did she sing a couple of songs with Mukesh? I am listening to an MP3 collection, and while most of the duets are with Lata, a coupl eof them sounded like Geeta Dutt’s.

In this song, somebody give me the meanings of the following words/lines:

humnawaan –
shikastaa –
hayat se kam nahin –
maut ka bhi alam nahin – I do not even fear death?


humnawaan= Person speaking in unison
jyun = as if
shikasta = defeat
hayaat se kam nahin = not less than paradise
maut ka bhi alam nahin = there is no sign of death


I hope I have translated the above words correctly. i request other more knowledgeable members to correct/ confirm the above translation.


There are people you have these rare songs with them and they generously upload them. This song was uploaded by a regular uploader of youtube.


Atul ji,

Just to get a little more precise with the meanings, as below.

humnawaan = Person with the same opinion, co singer

jyun = as if

shikasta = Literally means ‘defeated’; in context we need to look at the accompanying word; shikastaa saaz = a broken musical instrument

tu chalaa hai mujh se bichhad ke yun
jyun shikastaa saaz se raagini = you are departing away from me, as the music leaves a broken (musical) instrument

hayaat = life, existence
hayaat se kam nahin = no less than life itself

alam = pain, torment, agony
maut ka bhi alam nahin = there is no pain, no agony in death



I am no scholar in Hindi language, but I am surprised that such a short, simple word as “jyun” did not enter my awareness. I am trying hard to remember ny hindi song in which I have come across this word; so far I have drawn a blank.

Not that it makes a difference in this context, but is the word Hindi or Urdu?


The word is jyon, which is often used as jyun in movie songs. It is of Urdu origin.


Krishna ji

The closest meaning word in Hindi is ‘jaise’.

There is a phrase in common usage ‘jyon ka tyon’ meaning ‘the same as it was’. Might ring a bell.



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