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Kya gham jo andheri hain raaten

Posted on: October 26, 2013

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

‘ X ‘ as we all know is the 24th letter in the alphabetic order of the English Language. Over the years I have often heard the phrase ‘ angrez chale gaye aur yeh angrezi chhod gaye…… ‘ This was usually in response to someone saying either ”sorry’ or ‘thank you’. The aspersion on the whole language was cast as ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ seem more formal and trivial words, compared to our own ‘ shukriya ‘ and ‘ mu’aaf kijiye ‘ or ‘dhanyawad’ and ‘kshama kijiye’ .

Similarly, the alphabet ‘ X ‘ of the English language is surplus to requirement as far as Hindi /Urdu are concerned.

I am a creature of dictionary, as over the decades it has been a source of knowledge. The habit was inculcated by my father, he taught me how to look for words in the dictionary. There are number of urdu/hindi words that have wormed their way in Oxord dictionary over the decades. Similarly, some english words are part of the vocabulary like ‘office’ ‘building’ etc. Nobody calls them ‘aafis’ or ‘imaarat’ anymore, or ‘karyalaya’ or ‘ karyashala’ .

And the word ‘extra’ is all over us. From tea powder to biscuits , from washing powder to tooth past we are offered 20%, 25% extra for the same MRP . Moreover, there is this extra talktime on mobile SIM cards. Once upon a time I thought ‘ talk ‘ was always free. Now a days , it costs money. On top of this there is the marketing catchphrase ‘thhoda zyada miley to achchha lagtaa hai …… ‘ .

So here I am succumbing to this gimmick of ‘extra’ miley to khushi hoti hai. I am over the moon with this extra opportunity to include an extra song in the series. The song is a Roshan composition, Rafi solo penned by Saahir Ludhianvi. Can things get any better than this ? Yes they can if the song in question is a recital without music from the film “Barsaat Ki Raat” (1960).

As such recitals go, there are many examples of Rafi sahab’s which are already posted in the blog :
Tang aa chuke hain, Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai , Lagta nahin hai dil mera, Na kisi ki aankh ka noor hoon, Tum nahin bhoolti kahaan jaaun, Unhen qissa e gham jo likhne ko baithhe.

I should let this recital, where Bharat Bhooshan is shown reading this poetry in a Radio Station, speak for itself. But to mark this remarkable genre of Rafi sahab’s songs, where he makes musical instruments redundant, where ever some are playing in the background, I must borrow a famous english ‘quote’ . It is not out of place to say this about him, that ‘he came, he sang and he won over ! ‘

With this song, all the songs of “Barsaat Ki Raat” (1960) are now covered in the blog.



Song-Kya gham jo andheri hain raaten (Barsaat Ki Raat)(1960) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Roshan


kya gham jo andheri hain raaten
ek shama-e-tamanna saathh to hai
kuchh aur sahaara ho ke na ho
haathon mein tumhaara haathh to hai
kya gham jo andheri hain raaten

kya jaaniye kitne deewaane
ghar phoonkh tamaasha dekh chuke
jis pyaar ki duniya dushman hai
uss pyaar mein koyi baat to hai
kuchh aur sahaaar ho ke na ho
haathon mein tumhaara haathh to hai
kya gham jo andheri hain raaten

7 Responses to "Kya gham jo andheri hain raaten"

Nahm ji ka yah ‘lekh’ bahut ‘sundar’ hai aur ham unka shukirya to adaa karte hi hai ,saath hi is lekh ke liye unki jitni prashansa ki jaaye kam hai.
Sahir Saab ka geet, Rafi Saab ki aawaz aur Roshan Saab ki mousiki ho to kehna hi kya !!! 🙂


Avinash ji,
Prashansa kam hi theek hai. Lekh padhna bhi kaafi hai. 🙂


Probably, the tune of this recital was the inspiration for the mukhda tune of a song from ‘Dil Hi To Hai’ (1963) :


The tune is similar in the song from ‘Dil hi to hai’. But it is a standard recital tune as seen in this mushaira from ‘Mirza ghalib”

Even in hasya kavi sammelans the same tune is common, as I have seen on TV.


Yes, that’s true.


hullo Nahmji
xcellent write up…. xtra ki toh baat hi kuch aur hain….


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