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Aa bhi jaa rasiyaa

Posted on: June 9, 2014

This article is written by Bharat Upadhyay, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Raaga Maalas in Hindi Films

Phoolon Ki Sej of 1964 was produced by husband wife team, P Adinarayana Rao and Anjali Devi, under the banner of ‘Anjali Pictures’. The star cast included Vyjayanthimala, Ashok Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Gopi Krishna, Nirupa Roy, Lalita Pawar, Mehmood, Anjali Devi, Shubha Khote, Mukri, Kanhaiyalal etc. The story was based on a Hindi writer Gulshan Nanda’s novel ‘Andhera Chirag’ and the film was directed by Inder Raj Anand. Adinarayana Rao composed the music to the lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri.

This is the second Hindi film of Adinarayan Rao, the first being famous ‘Suwarna Sundari’ where a melodious Raaga Maala by Lata Rafi became an all-time hit, viz ‘Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyalia’. The present Raaga Maala is picturised as a ‘Katthak Nritya Naatika’ on stage, superbly performed by our world class dancers Gopi Krishna and Vyjayanthimala. They presented fine ‘Abhinaya’ along with ‘Toda’, ‘Tukda’, ‘Paran’ and ‘Chakkar’. With the fantastic playback voices of classically trained Lata and Manna Dey. The ballet starts with a soliloqvi by Lata and the compositions followed are in Ragas Adana, Sarang, Kalyan, Khamaj and Sohini, making a superb Raaga Maala, unique in its style.

Vyjayanthimala, although a trained exponent in Bharatnatyam, dances Katthak here so gracefully with Katthak exponent Gopi Krishna, proving her versatility as a perfect dancer. Look at Vyjayanthimala’s superb expressions. She never forgets ‘Natya’ while dancing. Her voice naturally matches with Lata. Watch the starting of this song…it appears as if Vyjayanti is rendering it!! Ballet comes to its end with ‘Sawal-Jawab’ of ‘Sargams’ and ‘Alaaps’ by Manna Dey and Lata, singing under the musical baton of genius of Adinarayana Rao.

While writing the lyrics of the composition, I express my inability to write the Todas, Tukdas Paran etc. (In my entire life, I had danced only once, when I stepped on a burning coal by mistake!!) On the other hand, since I am still learning classical music, at the age of 82, it was not difficult to write down the ‘Sargams’ at the conclusion of the performance.

Song-Aa Bhi Jaa Rasiya(Phoolon Ki Sej)(1964) Singers-Lata, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-P Adinarayana Rao
Lata + Manna Dey


(birhan ke pas biraha ki aag tan man sulgaaye
chamakat prem jwaala nandlala
julmi yaad awan laagi
mohe roz roz tarpaawan laagi
chale saans ghbraawan laagi
saanwro kahaan
main hoon tihaari
preet ki maari
aa jaa muraari)

aa bhi jaa rasiyaa aa aa
aa bhi jaa rasiyaa aa aa
man mora pyaasaa aa aa
man mora pyaasaa aa aa
aa bhi jaa rasiyaa

nain kamal hain nisdin tarsen
bin baadal haaye jhar jhar barsen
bin torey kachhu naahin bhaaye
bin torey kachhu naahi bhaaye
aa re aa mori thaam le baiyan
aaa aa aa aa aa
aa bhi jaa rasiyaa aa aa
aa bhi jaa rasiyaa

chamakat naachat kanhaayi)
(tata thai tata thai …………… Katthak Toda)
(chaal dhhaal chhabi nyaari
dai dai taari
baari baari
tat baajat pag nupoor jhankaari
baajat pag nupoor jhankaari
baajat pag nupoor jhankaari

jaa re jaa aaaa kaanha jaa re jaa
chalo chhodo more hath
jaalima jaa re
kaanha jaa re jaa
hato tose ham na bolen jaalima aa aa
kaanha jaa re jaa

humse na rootho raadha
hamse na rootho raadha
jiya naa jalaao raadha
jiya naa jalaao raadha
murli ki taan tum raadha aa
murli ki taan tum raadha aa
mora tum hi raag
tum hi rang
tum hi praan ho
praan ho
raadha praan ho o o o
raadha praan ho

(dhaakit dhaakit …………… Katthak Toda)

man mohanaa
piya tu jo milaa
mora khoya dil mil gayaa aa aa
khoya dil mil gayaa
aaaa aaa aaaa
aa aa aa aa aa

sun sun sun more saanwariya
ruun jhun jhun baaje paayaliya aa
tan man to jooume preet bhara
chhun chhun chhun
naache chaaron disaa aa aa
man mohanaa piya tu jo milaa
mora khoya dil mil gayaa aa aa
khoya dil mil gayaa

man mohana
man mohana

sa-ni-dha-ma-ga-dha sa-ga-sa ga-ma-ga ma-dha-ma dha-ni-dha
ni-sa-ni sa-ga-sa ma-ga-sa-ni-dha-ma ga-ma-dha-ni-sa

aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa
aaa aaa aaaa
man mohana man mohana
ga-ma-dha-ni sa-sa-ni sa-sa-ni sa-sa-ni sa-sa-ni-dha-ma-ga-ma
aaaaaa aaa aaa aaaaa
ni-ni-dha ni-ni-dha ni-ni-dha ni-ni-dha-ma-ga-sa-ga
aaaa aaaa aaaaaa
sa-ma-ma-ga ga-dha-dha-ma ma-ni-ni-dha dha-sa-dha-ni
ma-ma-ga dha-dha-ma ni-dha sa-ni
aaaa aaaaa aaa


2 Responses to "Aa bhi jaa rasiyaa"

The third and the last movie was Gun Fighter Johny-1972. What a big fall and letdown. Such are the vagaries of film-doom

A wonderful aural and visual delight. Thanks Bharatji.

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