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Sunaaun kya main gham apna

Posted on: July 9, 2014

This article is written by Mahesh Mamadapur, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular of this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

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Atul Song-A-Day 10K Song Milestone Celebrations – 9
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With some apprehensions and some anxiety, I put forward my first effort at writing an article on this blog. As has been mentioned by Sudhir ji in the previous post, I have been active in the comments space since September 2012. However, the delay in the first post coming up here, has not been from my side. 😉 This first post I had written almost a year ago, and sent to Atul ji in June last year. For some reasons, maybe it got lost in the pile of emails he receives, which he assures me, is the case.

But you can imagine my state of mind. I was thinking that maybe the write up was not good enough, and hence it is ignored. So I just kept quiet about it. Then, this discussion on the 10K celebrations started, with the message from Sudhir ji, inviting articles for this special series. In email exchanges that followed, things got clear, and I decided to rework and resend the same post. I request friends and readers to understand my difficulty. I don’t understand what exactly to write for a song and hence this delay of being represented with a post contributor. Hopefully, I will be able to contribute more, now that a start has been made.

I am glad for being part of this special celebration series and the opportunity to post my first write up. Today, I bring to the attention of friends and readers, this kind of forgotten song in the voice of Mukesh. This song was reportedly created for the film ‘Andaz’, but then was not included in the film.

Much has been written on this blog regarding the iconic songs from the film ‘Andaz’ (1949) and the large number of songs in it, to the extent that it has been commented that some songs were excluded to give some breathing space for dialogues. The film has 10 songs officially listed. On our blog, in the movie-wise category, the film has been marked red, and already includes 2 unreleased songs from the same film (one of them is now reassigned to Anokhi Ada).

However it seems the cup of songs from this film has not yet over flown completely. I did check each song from this movie confirm that the song under consideration had not been earlier posted or commented by someone. In that process, I happened to stumble across this yet another unreleased song sung by a singer whose four numbers dominated the songs in this movie. Yes we are talking about Mukesh.

It’s a pity why such a great composition was not included in this or some other film. It’s a typical song of sadness by Mukesh. Incidentally on very close listening to the second stanza; the words “……miley hain ghair se….” definitely reminds us as to how close Mukesh was successful in sounding like KL Saigal.

This song can again be included in ‘Andaz’ as unreleased or in the NFS category of Mukesh. All said and done it definitely deserves to be brought to the notice of avid listeners of old movie songs.

Song-Sunaaun kya main gham apna (Andaaz)(1949) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Naushad


sunaa’un kyaa main gham apnaa
zubaan tak laa nahin saktaa
jo gaanaa chaahataa hai dil
wohi main gaa nahin saktaa
wohi main gaa nahin saktaa
sunaa’un kyaa

miley hain ghair se
hans kar woh mere saamne haaye
woh mere saamne haaye
lagi hai thhes woh dil par
ke main batlaa nahin saktaa
ke main batlaa nahin saktaa
sunaa’un kyaa main gham apnaa
zubaan tak laa nahin saktaa
sunaaun kyaa

meri hasrat bhari nazron ko
ab tak jo nahin samjhaa
usey main dard-e-dil apnaa
kabhi samjhaa nahin saktaa
kabhi samjhaa nahin saktaa
sunaa’un kyaa main gham apnaa
zubaan tak laa nahin saktaa
sunaaun kyaa

siwaa tere bahut hain husn waale
bhi zamaane mein
husn waale bhi zamaane mein
magar mushkil ye hai ab dil
kisi par aa nahin saktaa
kisi par aa nahin saktaa
sunaa’un kyaa main gham apnaa
zubaan tak laa nahin saktaa
sunaaun kyaa

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
सुनाऊँ क्या मैं ग़म अपना
ज़ुबान तक ला नहीं सकता
जो गाना चाहता है दिल
वही मैं गा नहीं सकता
वही मैं गा नहीं सकता
सुनाऊँ क्या

मिले हैं ग़ैर से
हंस कर वो मेरे सामने हाय
वो मेरे सामने हाय
लगी है ठेस वो दिल पर
के मैं बतला नहीं सकता
के मैं बतला नहीं सकता
सुनाऊँ क्या मैं ग़म अपना
ज़ुबान तक ला नहीं सकता
सुनाऊँ क्या

मेरी हसरत भरी नज़रों को
अब तक जो नहीं समझा
उसे मैं दर्द ए दिल अपना
कभी समझा नहीं सकता
कभी समझा नहीं सकता
सुनाऊँ क्या मैं ग़म अपना
ज़ुबान तक ला नहीं सकता
सुनाऊँ क्या

सिवा तेरे बहुत हैं हुस्न वाले
भी जमाने में
हुस्न वाले भी जमाने में
मगर मुश्किल ये है अब दिल
किसी पे आ नहीं सकता
किसी पे आ नहीं सकता
सुनाऊँ क्या मैं ग़म अपना
ज़ुबान तक ला नहीं सकता
सुनाऊँ क्या


11 Responses to "Sunaaun kya main gham apna"

@ Mahesh ji – Congratulations again and thanks for this nice post with a rare song. though i cannot listen the composition now i enjoyed the poetry by Majrooh Saab. and since Andaaz was a love-triangle story (sorry not got to watch it) the feelings are perfectly expressed for a ‘Aashiq’ …

We have always appreciated your deep knowledge about the golden period. I always wanted this song to be posted. Thanks

Mahesh ji,

Welcome !
Looking forward to more and more songs and posts.

Welcome to the post contributor world, Maheshji. 🙂 Good to read this opening post.
And it is lovely to listen to this song too. Never heard it before. I love all the songs of Andaz (1949) – and even if this didn’t finally get into the final release, it could only be because of surfeit of songs.
Thanks for bringing this rare song to our notice. That is the beauty of this blog – I’ve discovered a lot of songs only thanks to this blog.

Welcome Mahesh ji

And Thanks for introducing this rare song, Enjoyed reading the informative post very very much.

“Aisse hi aur gaanon ka aur aapke articles ke intezaar mein……”

(with regards)

Congratulations for your first post and thank for the nice song. Heard for the first time.

Atul ji,
Thanks for accommodating me.
Sudhir ji,
Thanks for the intro, guidance and time spent for me in spite of your busy schedule for the 10k preparations.

Nitin ji,
I am humbled. Thanks.
Arun Sir,
Sure. I will definitely come up with more posts and rare gems.

Avinash ji, Raja ji, Prakashchandra ji, Venkataraman ji
Many thanks for the warm welcome.

Maheshji, a warm welcome to you!

Your choice for the first song in blog has literally blown me away. What a beauty it is, please keep introducing such rare gems to us.

Mahesh-ji, an excellent first post. Pity that this song couldn’t be included in “Andaaz”.

Naushad ji at his best in this film…great actors, superb editing and the story part of it suited the then young viewers….great memories.

psseshadri ji.

Aparna ji,
Thanks for liking the NFS. The combo of Mukesh-Naushad produced 11 solo gems in 1948 and 49; Anoki Ada, Andaz and Mela. Each one of these solos is better than the other.

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