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Tu pyaar kare ya thhukraaye

Posted on: September 2, 2014

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“Dekh Kabira Roya” (1957) was produced and directed by Amiya Chakraborty for Srirangam, Bombay. The movie had Anita Guha, Ameeta, Anoop Kumar, Daljit, Jawahar Kaul, Shubha Khote, Shivraj, Pravin Paul, Shyam Kumar, Ridku, Robert, Balwant Rahi, Chandabai, Shanti, Omkarnath, Shankarrao Nagarkar, Rampal, Sundar etc in it.

Eight out of its ten songs have been discussed in the blog.

Though I had heard the songs of this movie several times, it is only recently that I watched (a portion) of the movie in order to locate a as yet missing song. It was then that I got a gist of the story line of this movie. The movie is a light hearted tale of three out of job men – a singer, a painter and an editor, and three girls fall in love with them, mistaking them for the other. Thus, the music loving girl falls for the painter, mistaking him for the singer, painting loving girl falls for the editor, mistaking him for the painter while the girl with the literary bent falls for the singer, mistaking him for the editor.

Here is the ninth song from the movie. It is sung by Lata. This missing the beloved song is picturised on Shubha Khote (the girl with literary bent) who is missing Anoop Kumar, mistaking him for the editor, while he is in fact a singer who sings great songs (mostly in Manna Dey’s voice) in the movie.

This song is a part of a raagmaala in the movie where three songs follow one another and in these songs (all sung in Lata’s voice), one of the girl is shown missing her respective beloved. The songs picturised on Ameeta and Anita Guha have already been discussed in the past.

Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Madan Mohan.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.



Song-Tu pyaar kare ya thhukraaye (Dekh Kabira Roye)(1957) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan

Lyrics (Provided by Nitin Shah)

na gila hoga
na shiqwa
na shikaayat hogi
araz hai chhoti si
sun lo toh inaayat hogi

tu pyaar kare ya thukraaye
ham to hain tere deewanon mein
chaahe tu hamen apna na bana
lekin na samajh begaanon mein

marne se hamen inkaar nahin
jeete hain magar is hasrat mein
marne se hamen inkaar nahin
jeete hain magar is hasrat mein
bhoole se hamaara naam kabhi
aa jaye tere afsaanon mein,
tu pyaar kare ya thukraaye
ham to hain tere deewaanon mein

mit’te hain magar haule haule
jalte hain magar ik baar nahin
mit’te hain magar haule haule
jalte hain magar ik baar nahin
ham shamma ka seena rakhte hain
rehte hain magar parwaanon mein
ham shamma ka seena rakhte hain
rehte hain magar parwaanon mein,
tu pyaar kare ya thhukraaye
ham to hain tere deewaanon mein

6 Responses to "Tu pyaar kare ya thhukraaye"

What a lovely song!


correction please.
It is indeed a Raaga Maala in the film but the middle song ‘Askon Se Reri Hamne’ is sung by Asha, so all three songs are NOT by Lata.
You yourself has posted Asha’s song recently, where I have commented about my aborted intention to put it as a Raaga Maala, as I found that ‘Meri Veena Tum Bin Roye’, the third song by Lata, was already covered and discussed.


This song being one of the most popular songs of Lata, amongst her fans, I was under the impression that it must have been posted and discussed.
Life is full of unexpected wonders !!!!


Excellent song.The question is why post 10K.?
The trio combo of Lata,Madan Mohan and Rajendra Krishna in all their glory.

Thanks Atul ji and Nitin ji.


I agree with you about this song finding it’s place after 10k. I am sure many more of this kind of gems will surprise us as our Hindi cinema has thousands of melodious songs yet to be posted. These surprises are keeping us alive, alert and excited.
Thanks Atulji and Nitinbhai for the song.


One more correction please. The article says that Anoop Kumar sings great songs in this film mostly in Manna Dey’s voice. This is not quite correct. Anoop Kumar has three songs in the film but there are three different singers involved.
हमसे आया न गया – तलत
कौन आया मेरे मनके व्दारे – मन्ना डे
हम बुलाते रहे – रफी (+ आशा भोसले )


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