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Na mujh mein gun koi aisa

Posted on: November 11, 2014

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Rahul Dev Burman – Forgotten Songs – 1

In April this year, I spent a considerable amount of time and created an excel sheet of the complete filmography (with all songs) of the genius composer Rahul Dev Burman aka Pancham aka RDB. This was my second such compilation after the Rafi Excel sheet, which Atul Ji usually mentions.

Ever since then, and combined with my passion for rare/rarer songs of the Hindi film industry, I had been meaning to bring out from hiding, the forgotten songs of RDB.

Of over 1,500 songs composed by Pancham for Hindi Movies, I reckon only about 500 – 600 songs are well known and out of these about 150 – 200 songs are hits. This is only my guesstimate and not an authoritative statement. Apart from these, he also composed several songs in various Indian languages, predominantly Bengali, as well as private albums. So what about the rest of the Hindi film songs? Well, I would like to bring some of them to notice through this excellent platform created by Atul Ji.

I start this series with a beautiful bhajan from “Pati Patni” (1966) sung by none other than the nightingale – Lata Mangeshkar. This semi classical beauty, reminds one of “Ghar Aaja Ghir Aayi” from Chote Nawab (1961).

According to IMDB, the story of Pati Patni is – “Gauri (Nanda) belongs to a woman’s group, but does not welcome certain changes being imposed on the group by Lali (Shashikala). Lali has already influenced Sundari (Leela Mishra) and Kala (Mumtaz), much to the unhappiness of their husband and dad, Dhanprasad (Om Prakash). Gauri meets with Dhanprasad’s nephew, Amar (Sanjeev Kumar), both fall in love, and get married. Amar gets involved in an accident and gets crippled. Gauri now gets to be the bread-earner when she gets with Gupta (Sujit Kumar), and both start getting friendly. Meanwhile, Lali leads Sundari and Kala to more reckless independence. Amar starts suspecting Gauri and Gupta of having an intimate relationship, and their marriage bond is at breaking point.”

Four songs from the movie have already been posted on this blog. This is the 5th of the six songs in the movie.

Atul’s note- With this song, Anand Bakshi completes 700th song as a lyricist in the blog.

Song-Na mujh mein gun koi aisa na mera Radha naam (Pati Patni)(1966) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman


Na mujh mein gun
koi aisa aa aa
na mera
Raadha naaaam
na mera
Raadha aa naam

phir bhi tum meri
baanh pakad lo o
binti karoon Ghanshyaaam aam
binti karoon Ghanshyaam
na mujh mein gun

chandan ke birwa se
tilak lagaaya aa aa
mor ke pankh se
mukut sajaaya aa aa
baansuriya ko bhi
baasuriya ko bhi
mukh se lagaaya
mohe bhi tum prabhu
Charan laga lo
binti karoon Ghanshyaaam
binti karoon Ghanshyaam
na mujh mein gun

jaan ke mohe tum
tulsi ki maala
jaan ke mohe tum
Brij ki baala aa aa
Murli Manohar
Murli Manohar
O Nandlaala
mohe bhi tum prabhu
apna bana lo o
binti karoon

The last antara is not in this audio link, but it the only part picturised.

saare jagat ka hai
tu hi khivayya
tohe pukaroon mai bhi
Krishna Kanhaiyya
beech bhawar mein hai
beech bhawar mein hai
mori bhi naiyya
mohe bhi tum prabhu
Paar laga do
binti karoon
binti karoon

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@ Satyajit ji – Congratulations on this new series and all the best wishes from us.
I am sure this is going to be very very interesting one, as we all are Pancham Da’s big fans, and many of his forgotten gems needs to be discussed, which we look forward to.
Thanks !!



The last part of lyrics in video.


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My post.



Thank you Prakashchandra Ji.


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