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Mil kar jaayen preet ke deewaane

Posted on: January 11, 2015

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“Jeewan Saathi”(1949) was directed by M D Baig for Khatri Pictures, Bombay. The movie had Ajit, Sulochana Chatterji, Mumtaz Ali, Jeewan, Badri Prasad, S Nazir etc in it.

Two songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the third song from this movie.

This song is a duet sung by Rafi and Shamshad Begam. Hamid Khumar is the lyricist. Music is composed by S Mohinder.

The entire song is sung together by the two singers so there is no need of any colour coding in the lyrics of this song.

Only the audio of this rare song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song as well as on the lyricist of this song who makes his first appearance in the blog with this song.

Song-Mil kar jaayen preet ke deewaane (Jeewan Saathi)(1949) Singers-Rafi, Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Hamid Khumar, MD-S Mohinder


mil kar
jaayen aen aen aen aen
preet ke deewaane ae
ham preet ke deewaane
mil kar
jaayen aen aen aen aen
preet ke deewaane ae
ham preet ke deewaane
chalte chalte ae ae ae
hanste hanste
chalti jaayen ghadiyaan

prem madira ke matwaale
karte hain rangraliyaan
apna sab kuchh a a
apna sab kuchh khokar niklen aen
aen aen aen
apna sab kuchh paaane
ae ae
apna sab kuchh paaane
mil kar
jaayen aen aen aen aen
preet ke deewaane ae
ham preet ke deewaane


preet ne hamko saancha paaye
aur gagan jhuk jaaye
?? jeewan jyoti dekhe
sooraj chhipta jaaye
sukh mein jeete ae ae
sukh mein jeete shaam sawera aa aa
kal ki raam hi jaane ae ae
kal ki raam hi jaane
mil kar
jaayen aen aen aen aen aen
preet ke deewaane ae
ham preet ke deewaane

toofaanon se ae ae ae
bachte bachte ae ae
naiyya aayi kinaare
ham ne jeeti preet ki baazi
duniya waale haare ae
jeewaan saathi ee ee
jeewan saathi bankar donon o o o
nikle jal (??) barsaane
nikle jal(??) barsaane
mil kar jaayen aen aen aen
preet ke deewaane ae
ham preet ke deewaane
mil kar

6 Responses to "Mil kar jaayen preet ke deewaane"

It is ‘mil kar GAAYEN prem deewane’ not ‘Jaayen.


I also initially thought so, but it seems that the lovers are talking about going together rather than singing together, and the word sounds like “Jaayen” instead of “gaayen”.


Bharat ji is correct and it sounds like

“mil kar ‘ gaayen ‘ preet ke deewane”

Last line of mukhda is :
‘ dhalti ‘ jaayen ghadiyaan

IInd stanza :
sukh mein ‘ beete ‘ ae ae
sukh mein ‘ beete ‘ shaam sawera aa aa

IIIrd stanza:
nikle ‘ jag par chhaane ‘
nikle ‘ jag par chhaane ‘


Thanks Nahm-ji,
Ham sab thahere ‘gane’ wale so hamara choice ‘gaayen’ hi hona chahiye. Ham log music ko chhod ke kabhi ‘jaane’ wale
hain ke ‘jaayen’ select karen?


🙂 . Aur in gaanewaalon mein koyi angrez bhi nahin ke ‘gaayen’ ko ‘jaayen’ gaa sakey. 🙂


Very popular song. The only other fim by Hamid Kumar>>>Ret Mahal-49,


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