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Surya dev Dinesh hey

Posted on: July 13, 2015

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After finishing my last song series on Talat Duets, I started thinking about a New Series. While browsing through my saved Drafts in G Mail, I realised that there were at least 100 songs and their links,lying unused in the Draft Box. All these handpicked songs were the songs that had remained unused as they were not used in that series. Whenever I want to do a series of say 10 songs, I am prepared with at least 15-16 songs. Many times, during the series period itself, I discover some new song suitable for that series and such songs then make back door entry in the series, with some of the earlier planned songs left waiting in the wings. Such songs thus add up to the number of undiscussed songs lying unused.

I had about 5-6 songs from almost every series, lying unused. Instead of starting a new series, I thought, not discus these songs only, at random ? Therefore, the last 8 songs theat I have discussed are from this lot of waiting songs list. They are not second class or rejected songs, but they simply did not get accommodated in the earlier series. That is all. They are as good as any other songs.

I have found at least 20 odd songs from Mythological/ Religious films. This is one Genre that I have my soft corner for. I like religious songs. I find bhajans by various artistes from different films so enchanting to listen to. Seeing Religious or Mythological films attracted me as much as the ‘C ‘grade action/stunt films did. I used to go to the extreme corners of the city to watch such films in absolutely dilapidated old theatres, which were affordable for the lowest strata of the society. I used to get so much engrossed in seeing the action films that the presence of the third grade public passing lewd and loud comments never disturbed me ! Similarly, visiting Theatres along with the old and the senior most family members, comprising mainly of old ladies to watch mythological movies was an experience to remember till date !

Today I am going to discuss a wonderful song video from a film called “Shri Ganesh Mahima” or “Shree Krishna Vivaha”. The Lyricist or the singer’s names are not available in HFGK or You Tube, but my guess is the singer must be Shreenath Tripathi ot S N Tripathi, the composer himself, who had acted in the film doing the role of King Satrajit, who lipsyncs this fabulous song.

The film is based on two stories. One is from Ganesh Puran and the other from Bhagwat Puran. The first part describes how the Moon laughed at Ganesha and got a curse that whoever sees Moon on Ganesh Chaturthi night will be falsely accused of a theft. The second part is how Krishna sees the Moon and is accused of a theft and while redeeming it how he gets married to Satyabhama. There was another film, “Shri krishna Satyabhama” in 1951 on the same stories. It was a bilingual film in Hindi and Marathi and was directed by Raja Paranjape(24-10-1910 to 9-2-1979).

Shreekrishna’s stories are more interesting than the Ramayana. Krishna was considered the God of common people. While Shri Rama taught how to be a good and ideal King, Krishna gave lessons on being a smart person and living life happily. Krishna indulged in Dance and music, which are close to common people.

According to Bhagwat Puran, Krishna had 16108 wives. His main 8 wives were, Rukmini, Jambuvanti, Satyabhama, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nangajiti, Bhadra and Lakshamana. The additional 16100 wives were those freed by Krishna from Narkasura’s jail. It is written that to give a respectable life to them, Krishna married them. He gave each one a big Palace and lots of money. He himself took 16100 identical forms and lived with them happily. Each woman had 10 sons and 1 daughter from him.

This is all symbolic. The 16100 women means 16 different arts which Krishna learnt. (Here he had scored over Rama, who knew only 14 art forms). Another interpretation is that there were 16 different qualities which Krishna imbibed. Yet another interpretation says, these were Rishis, who wanted to be with Krishna to see how he performs in this Avatar. In some scripures, they are called Gopis from Gokula and Mathura, who wanted Krishna.

Satyabhama, Krishna’s third wife was a great warrior. She killed Narkasur, because due to a Boon to him granted by Bramha, only his mother could kill him. Satyabhama was a reincarnation of Bhu-Devi,mother of Narkasur. She punished him by killing him for ill treating women ( Mother India ? )

This film which I had seen was very interesting because of several Trick scenes and good songs. One speciality of today’s song is that perhaps it is the ONLY Bhajan in Hindi films, addressed to The Sun God- Surya Dev. As it is, Bramha, Shani, Surya and Kartikeya are some of the Gods who are neglected in Hindi films and also in stories and Bhajans. There are hardly any temples in India worshipping Bramha or Suryadev. ( I had found that in Bihar and Eastern India, Lord Bramhadev was worshipped by the Kayasth community-Lalaji’s, who considered themselves the progeny of Chitragupt). Kartikeya is worshipped in South India as Kumar Swamy and has temples too. There are Shani temples in Maharashtra also. I know only one Sun Temple- that of Konark in Odisha.

Here is the story of this film-

Great and Miraculous power are attributed to Shri Ganesh the benefactor of mortals as well as the immortals. Such a benign being was once laughed at by Chandra only to be cursed by him. Realising his folly, Chandra begged for forgiveness and the curse was modified by the merciful divinity to be effective only on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. He ordained that anybody looking at the moon on that day will be a victim of false accusations.

It was on such a day that Shri Krishna unwittingly looked at the moon and had to suffer the indignity of being falsely accused of theft of Syamantak Mani. This jewel was acquired by Satrajit, one of the Yadavas as a boon from God Sun. Shri Krishna had sent Narad to Satrajit expressing his desire to possess the Mani. The events took such a turn that there was circumstantial evidence against Shri Krishna who happened to be at the Chambers of Satrajit’s daughter Satyabhama, devotee of Lord Krishna on the night prior to Satrajits losing the Mani. Shri Krishna was shocked at such allegation made by Satrajit and Shatadhanva ( Another Yadava) who had been promised by Satrajit the hand of his daughter Satyabhama.

Shri Krishna took upon himself to find out the jewel and redeem it to its rightful owner only to clear himself of the allegation. A search party was organised which came across the dead body of Prasain, a carcass of lion and also the foot-prints of a bear blazing a new trail which when followed led the party to a cave. Shri Krishna went inside the cave telling the followers to wait at the cave entrance for seven days and if he did no return by then, to go back to Dwarka. Inside the cave Shri Krishna found the Syamantak Mani and also Jambuwanti, the daughter of the powerful bear king Jambuwant. There ensued a fight between Shri Krishna and Jambuwant lasting for twenty one days. The people at the entrance of the cave returned as per instruction after the seventh day. The duration of this fight gave Shatadhanva a real chance for villainy. He puts in an all over effort to win the hand of Satyabhama who would marry none but Shri Krishna. Jambuwant after losing the battle gave away his daughter in marriage and Syamantak Mani as dowry to Shri Krishna.

Coming to Dwarka, Shri Krishna returned the jewel to its rightful owner, Satrajit repented and made amends by giving away his daughter to Shri Krishna in marriage. Shatadhanva came to know of this alliance and made short work of his unsupecting father Satrajit and decamped with the Mani. Shri Krishna brought justice to the evil doer and the villain Shatadhanva fell a victim to his famous Sudershana Chakra.

Now,let us see the video and enjoy the Bhajan worshipping Surya Dev. At the end of this bhajan, the Sun God appears in person and gifts the Syamantak mani to King Satrajit-father of Satyabhama.

Song-Surya dev dinesh hey tvam baar baar pranaam ho( Shri Ganesh Mahima)(1950) MD-S N Tripathi


Surya dev dinesh hey
tvam baar baar pranaam ho
baar baar pranaam ho
Surya dev dinesh hey
tvam baar baar pranaam ho
baar baar pranaam ho
hey jagat kartaar
dukh-daaridryaharta ho tumhi
hey jagat kartaar
dukh-daaridryaharta ho tumhi
deen ke vaibhav
aputron ke vidhaata ho tumhi
hey divaakar
hey prabhaakar
deenbadhu pranaam ho
baar baar pranaam ho
Surya dev dinesh hey
tvam baar baar pranaam ho
baar baar pranaam ho

hey jatunj prachand hey
hey jatunj prachand hey
aaditya lohit rath chadhe
avni ka samhar chale
tav sapt ashva jidhar badhe
gyaan aru vigyaan daata
aadi dev pranaam ho
gyaan aru vigyaan daata
aadi dev pranaam ho
Surya dev pranaam ho
baar baar pranaam ho

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Ramesh Pandey is the lyricist as per some sites. In fact all songs of the movie is written by him.


There are three lyricists in the movie according to HFGK. It is known that at least one song (song number 11) is penned by Anjum Jaipuri. Corrigendum mentions that one of the songs (song number 1) is penned by Goswami Tulsidas.




Lord Krishna built a Surya temple for his grandson in Mulasthan, now known as Multan in Pakistan. The Turks from the north who plundered Bharat also robbed the temple of the precious jewels.


What a lovely presentation! Heard this prayer sung in all the singer’s earnestness this morning and it touched my heart. Thank you for sharing.




Arun Saab
Very pleased to read this blog . Valuable information , there were many Surya temples in Rajasthan one was in Udaipur temple , Sun made out of gold in Udaipur palace . Which we visited in 1960 . Amazingly its all not there as all Maharajas of Rajasthan used to worship Surya . They were Surya wanshi . Some small villages in Rajasthan there are Surya temples still there for all Rajput clan .Enjoyed this song indeed . Shekhar


simonvaishnav99 ji,


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