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Chadhhta sooraj dheere dheere dhhalta hai dhhal jaayegaa

Posted on: July 19, 2015

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Today (19 july 2015) is the seventh birth anniversary of this blog. It was started on this day in 2008.

As mentioned in earlier posts today, there was no celebration in the blog when it turned one year old. We began to celebrate the anniversaries from subsequent years. The sixth year celebration, viz the celebration last year in july 2015 was on a grand and ambitious scale. It on on that occasion that the blog touched the magical mark of TEN THOUSAND songs.

The celebrations today on the seventh birth anniversary of the blog has been relatively low key in nature. When the day began, we had just a vague idea of how to celebrate it. The plan was that five songs would be discussed on the day and that would be divided between me and Sudhir Ji. Later, based on other factors, it is decided that I would discuss four songs and the fifth and final post would be by Sudhir Ji.

I have discussed three songs today, and what remarkable songs they all were. The first song of the day was by Avinash scrapwala who told us how he vaguely remembered a song heard in his childhood and how he finally managed to discover that song again after more than four decade. And what a delightful song that is !

After that post, I wondered what songs to discuss. They all needed to be special songs fit for the occasion. After some thought, I decided that the final song of “Mastaana”(1954), which I was saving for the last two years had to be one of them. Having posted that, I decided to post another song. I had almost posted that song when I realised that the song had already been posted in the past ! So I quickly deleted that draft. All that hard work of noting down the lyrics had came to naught. Then on a hunch I decided to look at the drafts that I have saved up in the blog. There I came across this fantastic rare song whose lyrics were sent to me one year back by an anonymous visitor. So that song became the third celebration song for the day.

Now I am left to post one more song for the day. This is one song that I had already decided upon yesterday itself. This is a NFS. It is in fact a non filmy qawwaali that was extremely popular during 1970s when I was growing up. The popularity of this qawwaali has not come down one bit even after the passage of four decades.

It is my firm belief that songs, including qawwali, owe a lot to their lyrics. If one pays attention to the lyrics of qawwaalis, one will notice that all popular qawwaalis have superb lyrics. Qawwalis with less than impressive lyrics are unlikely to remain timeless classics.

We in this blog have discussed some amazing filmy qawwalis penned by great poets like Sahir Ludhianvi, Majrooh Sultanpuri, Shewan Rizvi etc etc.

The NFS qawwaali under discussion is known to most music lovers as a qawwaali sung by Aziz Naazaan. Every music lover who has heard this qawwali is unanimous that this is a philosophical qawwali par excellence and that every line of this qawwali oozes true facts of life that all of us need to pay heed to. Facts of life have been explained in this qawwali in such easy to understand words.

“Chadhta sooraj dheere dheere dhhalta hai dhhal jaayega

The rising sun is bound to set gradually but surely.

or these lines:

Yaad rakh sikander key hausle toh aali thhe
Jab gaya thha duniya se
dono haath khaalee thhe

Alexander the great had the world at his feet, but when he left the world, he left empty handed.

Each and every line of this qawwali contains pearls of wisdom.

I wondered who had penned this qawwali. He deserved to be better known among music lovers. I asked our inhouse experts, namely Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh and Sudhir Ji. and I received the information soon enough. This song is penned by Kaiser Ratnagirvi. I have never heard of him before. He certainly deserves to be better known. Someone who has written this wqawwali deserves to have his name written in golden letters in the history of qawwali.

Aziz Naazaan used to compose his own qawwaalis. So I am sure that this qawwali is composed by he himself.

As part of the seventh birth anniversary celebrations of the blog, here is this timeless classic NFS qawwali- “Chadhta Sooraj dheere dheere dhhalta hai dhhal jaayega”. The song is over ten minutes long and one can keep listening to it again and again for hours. This qawaali has that kind of timelessness about it.

Lyrics of this song are available online, but they all suffer from the fact that the lyrics noters do not have decent enough vocabularies to understand “difficult” words when they come across them and they force fit some incorrect words in the lyrics instead. “Naamwar” becomes “naam oye” and “Rustam” is noted down as “Us gham” in these lyrics.

The lyrics given here are more accurate than those available online, but there are errors as I have not been able to get the words right at some places. No, the lyrics available online are not correct by any stretch of imagination and I will not consult them as I have already gone through them. I request our readers with keener ears to help fill in the blanks/ suggest corrections in the lyrics as applicable.

Song-Chadhta sooraj dheere dheere dhalta hai dhal jaayega(Aziz Naazaan NFS)(1970) Singer-Aziz Naazaan, Lyrics-Kaiser Ratnagirvi, MD-Aziz Naazaan
Aziz Nazaan + Chorus


Huye naamwar
be-nishaan aan kaise kaise ae ae ae
zameen khha gayee naujawaan kaise kaise

aaj jaawaanee par itraane waale kal pachhtaayega
aaj jaawaanee par itraane waale kal pachhtaayega
aaj jaawaanee par itraane waale kal pachhtaayega
Chadhta sooraj dheere dheere
dhalta hai dhal jayega
Chadhta sooraj dheere dheere
dhalta hai dhal jayega

dhal jaayega
dhal jaayega
dhal jaayega
dhal jayega

tu yahaan musaafir hai
ye saraai faanee hai
chaar roz kee mehmaan
teree zindagaanee hai
zan zameen
zar zevar
kuchh naa saath jaayega
khaalee haath aaya hai
khalee haath jaayega
jaan kar bhee anjaana
ban raha hai deevaane
apnee umr e faanee par
tan raha hai deevaane
Iss kadar tu khoya hai
iss jahaan key mele mein
tu khuda ko bhoola hai
phans key iss jhamele mein
aaj tak yeh dekha hai
paanewaala khota hai
zindagee ko jo samjha
zindagee pe rota hai
mitne waali duniya kaa aitbaar karta hai
kya samajh ke tu aakhir
is se pyaar karta hai
apnee apnee fikron mein
jo bhee hai woh uljha hai
jo bhee hai woh uljha hai
zindagee haqeeqat mein
kya hain kaun samjha hai
kya hain kaun samjha hai
kya hain kaun samjha hai
aaj samajh le ae ae ae ae ae ae
aaj samajh le
kal yeh mauqa haath naa tere aayega
O gaflat kee neend mein sone waale dhokhha khaayega
chadhta sooraj dheere dheere
dhalta hai dhal jaayega
chadhta sooraj dheere dheere
dhalta hai dhal jaayega

dhal jaayega
dhal jaayega

dhal jaayega
dhal jaayega

maut ne zamaane ko
yeh sama dikha daala
kaise kaise Rustam ko khaak mein mila daala
yaad rakh Sikander ke hausle toh aali thhe
jab gaya thha duniya se
dono haath khaalee thhe
ab na woh Halaaku hai
aur naa uske saathee hain
jungju wo porus hai
aur naa uske haathee hain
kal jo tan ke chalte thhey
apnee shano shaukat par
Shamma tak naheen jalti
aaj unkee durgati par
adna ho ya aala ho
sab ko laut jaana hai
sab ko laut jaana hai
sab ko laut jaana hai

Muflis-o-tavandar ka kabr hee thhikaana hai
kabr hee thhikaana hai
kabr hee thhikaana hai

jaisee karnee ee ee ee ee ee ee
jaisee karnee waisee bharnee
aaj kiya kal paayega
sar ko uthhaakar chalne waala
ek din thokar khaayega
chadhta sooraj dheere dheere
dhalta hain dhal jayega
chadhta sooraj dheere dheere
dhalta hai dhal jayega
chadhta sooraj dheere dheere
dhalta hai
dhal jaayega
Dhal jaayega dhal jaayega

dhal jaayega
dhal jaayega

maut sabko aanee hai
kaun is’se chhoota hai
tu fana naheen hoga
yeh khayaal jhhootha hai
saans toot’te hee sab rishtey toot jaayenge
baap maa behan beewee bachche chhoot jaayenge
tere jitne hain bhaai
waqt kaa chalan denge
chheen kar teree daulat
do hee ghaz kafan denge
jinko apna kehta hai
kab yeh tere saathee hain
kabr hai teree manzil
aur yeh baaraatee hain
Laake kabr mein tujhko
?? paak daalenge
apne haathon se tere munh pe khaak daalenge
teree saaree ulfat ko khaak mein mila denge
tere chaahnewale kal tujhe bhula denge
Is liye yeh kehta hoon
khoob soch le dil mein
Kyun phansaaye baitha hai jaan apnee mushqil mein
kar gunaahon se tauba
aake bas sambhal jaaye
aake bas sambhal jaaye
dum kaa kya bharosa hai
jaaney kab nikal jaaye
jaaney kab nikal jaaye
mutthhee baandh key aanewaale ae ae ae ae ae ae
mutthhee baandh key aanewaale
haath pasaare jaayega
dhan daulat jageer se toone kya paaya
kya paayega
chadhta sooraj dheere dheere
dhalta hai dhal jeayega
chadhta sooraj dheere dheere
dhalta hai dhal jaayega
chadhta sooraj

dheere dheere
dhalta hai dhal jaayega

18 Responses to "Chadhhta sooraj dheere dheere dhhalta hai dhhal jaayegaa"

@ Atul ji – Great !! very nostalgic for us, one of my favorite quawwalis and this was there in all orchestras during Ganpati festival (specially that I remember).
Thank you very much for this post !!


Happy anniversary. I wish all the best to my dearest Blog and Atulji. Others who are involved with this sweet task. Many happy returns of the day Vijayavaman



Wah! Wat a choice! Subhanallah! :-))


@Atul Ji – kindly correct the typo in line 3rd para – sixth line as ‘ between me and Sudhir ji’ please.


Anupji before he became famous, had graced to sing at a wedding Sangeet ceremony at hotel Imperial, Bombay. It was a function celebrating the wedding of my friend’s daughter. In those days Anupji mostly used to sing songs of Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali and other popular songs of that period.
I with my Akai reel tape recorder, few mikes and mixer had gone there to record the event. My son Hemant came with me to set-up the recording.
The recording turned out to be of very good sound quality, as you will notice hearing the song on the given link.


Thanks for sharing. The recording is of great quality.


Thanks for appreciation.


Congrats for the seventh year. It shows your grit and ‘dogged’ perseverance and determination to persue the great work and carrying forward come what may. Keep it up.
Coming to song.
What a voice and clarity in pronunciation
Ustadi Ustad Se (1982)
5 Rifles (1974)
Bajrang Bali (1976)
Laila Majnu (1976)
Jhoom Barabar (2003)
Har Har Mahadev (1974)
Rafoo Chakkar (1975)
Shankar Shambhu (1976)
Jay Vijay (1977)
Nehle Peh Dehla (1976)
Trishna (1978)
Khush Naseeb (1982)
Charandas (1977)
Mehboob Mere Mehboob (1992)
Fakira (1976)
Kanoon Ka Shikaar (1978) Lyrics-Kaiser Ratnagirvi same as the above qawwali
Khanjar (1979)
Jwaala Daaku (1981)
Rakhi Aur Rifle (1976)
Sultan-e-Deccan Banda Nawaz (1982)
Khanjar (1979)
Lubna (1982)
Jai Maa Vindhyavasini (1986)
Awara Ladki (1975)
Heeron Ka Chor (1982)
Alibaba (1976)
Chattaan Singh (1974)
Ek Aur Sangram (1982)
Katilon Ka Qatil (1981)
Aulia-e-islam (1979)
Jaggu (1975)
Aadharshila (1982)


1. Zan zameen zar zevar
2. Jungju wo Porus hai
“Jungju” – keen fighter/warrior
3. Apni shaan-o-shaukat par
4. Muflis-o-tavandar ka qabr hi thikaana hai
Muflis – poor, under previlged
Tavandar – able bodied or powerful


Thank you very much Nahm Ji !!


It is “tavangar” and not “tavandar”. In Urdu it is written as “تونگر”.


You are right. It should be tavangar.


tavandar is incorrect. It should be tavangar. Other mistakes should be corrected as Turbat (means grave), Besides, Sar uthake chalne wale is correct not sar ko utha k….


Sorry, am late but I cannot NOT remember the wonderful time we had last year, waiting for that 10,000th song. 🙂 It was SO much fun, with all those e-mails going back and forth, and the suspense building up. 🙂

Congratulations to everyone – and lovely qawwali to listen to. Not heard it in a while.


A line in the lyrics-writing having two question mark signs should read “pur tapaak daalenge”; “पुर तपाक डालेंगे”. यहां पर इसका मतलब है, झटपट, जल्दी से।


In the last stanza, a word is “aaqebat” meaning “life here after”, and not “aake bas”.


“aaqebat” sambhal jaaye

You are correct both here and with ‘pur-tapaak”.


Chadhta sooraj dheere dheere is written by Qaisar Ratnagirvi. He used to stay in Noor Baug, Near JJ Hospital, Mumbai in 90s. Most probably he was expired in 1994 or some other year of 90s. He was very famous in Raigad and Ratnagirvi. He had penned down some Hindi films stories also. Other famous Qawwalis like Ghoom barabar ghoom sharabi and Khawja Hindul Wali Ho Nighae Karam written by Qaisar Ratnagirvi and sung by Aziz Naaza.
Anees Lokhande


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