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Teri ankhiyaan meri ankhiyaan

Posted on: July 19, 2015

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As has been mentioned in the earlier posts of the day, today (19 july 2015) is the seventh birth anniversary of this blog. One single article was posted on the first day of the blog in 2008. The blog remained one song a day blog for the first forty days and then we began to post several articles every day. Today, seven year later, the blog has well over elevent thousand songs. If one takes an average, it turns out to be an average of 4.5 songs per day. Come to think of it, maintaining this daily strike rate for seven years is quite an achievement.

We do not just discuss songs and are then done with. Lots of background work gets done in the background before and after the song is discussed in the blog. Readers must be able to search for songs long after they have been posted and they have got buried under more recent posts. So we provide readers the facility to look up the songs in three different manners- moviewise, music directorwise as well as yearwise. Then there is a stas page that tells us the tallies of individual artists in the blog. The stats page is a good reference point to find out which artists are nearing their landmarks (typically their century landmarks) in the blog. These lists give us an idea where the blog stands vis a vis various artists.

Now, for instance, we are in a position to give figures for many artists with reasonable precision. For instance, we have accurate estimates for the songs of artists like K L Saigal and Suraiyya because all available songs of K L Saigal and almost all Suraiyya songs are already covered in the blog. The list of missing Suraiyya songs has also been given in an writeup. Likewise, we are now in the home stretch for artists like Naushad, S D Burman, O P Nayyar, Madan Mohan etc. I find that the number of songs quoted against these artists by some authors and the figures that I get do not match. For instance, I am told that Naushad is supposed to have composed around 640 songs in 65 movies. I on the other hand have counted 593 songs in 64 movies. 492 of these songs have already been covered in the blog and I have the breakup of Naushad songs yet to be discussed as well. Similarly, I find that the movie songs composed by Madan Mohan is of the order of 630 according to my estimate whereas the figures quoted in certain book puts the figure at around 680. So, in case of both these artists, the authors should give us the list of these additional 40-50 songs that no one, including HFGK have any information about, or they should concede that their calculations were incorrect.

One of the terms used in this blog which may not have any meaning elsewhere is YIPPEE. A YIPPEED movies in our terminology is a movie that has all its songs covered in the blog. This concept has helped us a lot in keeping track of songs. A YIPPEED movie need not be looked at again since we already have all its songs covered. In case of other movies, we mention a figure like say 2/5 on its right. The figure in the numerator indicates the number of songs figuring in the blog whereas the number in the denominator indicates the number of songs available in the movie. We take the figure for denominator from HFGK and that gives us an idea about what songs to search for in that movie.

This blog has songs from over 3200 movies in it which is about 50 % of all the movies released (and in some cases unreleased) from 1931 till around 1980. So we still have several thousands of movies yet to be covered in the blog. So while we try to post all songs of movies to make then join the list of YIPPEED movies, we also need to discuss songs from as yet unrepresented movies. That is the only way we can have more number of songs in the blog once we are done with the songs of YIPPEED movies.

Today we have YIPPEED one movie namely “Mastaana”(1954). Here is a movie from the other end of the spectrum. This movie is making its debut in the blog with this song. The movie is “Kaatil Kaun”(1980). It was directed by Amit Bose for Vishwakarma, Bombay. the movie had Nanda, Sameer Khan, Ranjeet, Sajjan, Kamal Kapoor, Sulochana, Renu, B B Bhalla, Subbiraj, Ranveer Raj, Rajrani, Sujata, Katy Irani, Reeta Bakshi, Omy Katyal, Mohan Jerry, Ramesh Kumar, Radheshyam, Dhananjai, Dileep, with guest appearances by Keshto Mukherji, Suresh Cahtwal, Ifthikhar, Pravin Paul etc. in it.

There is an interesting tale associated with the lyrics of this song. The lyrics of this song were sent to me one year ago by an anonymous visitor to this blog who would like to be known just as Lurker.

So here is this rare song from “Qaatil Kaun”(1980). The song has two versions, viz. Duet version (sung by Kishore Kumar and Lata) and a male solo version sung by Kishore Kumar. The song is picturised on Sameer Khan and Nanda, with Ranjeet (hell bent to murder Nanda) also visible in the picturisation.

Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by R D Burman.

So, here is this lovely rare song whose lyrics were contributed by lurker.


Kishore Kumar solo

Song-Teri ankhiyaan meri ankhiyaan (Qaatil Kaun)(1980) Singers-Lata, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics- Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman

Lyrics(Provided by an anonymous visitor called Lurker)

Duet version
La La La
La La La
La La La
Laaa Laaa
teri ankhiyaan meri ankhiyaan
karne lagi haim aapas mein batiyaan
jaane kaise din guzrenge
jaane kaise beetengi ratiyaan
teri ankhiyaan

jabse tere nainon se ja uljhe naina mere
arre khoyi khoyi si rehti hoon
Main yoon shaam savere
Chhote hote jaate hain din
Lambi hoti jaati hai ratiyaan
Teri ankhiyaan meri ankhiyaan
karne lagi hai aapas mein batiyaan
teri ankhiyaan

Man ki baaten karni ho to
chup rehna padta hai
Na kuch sun’na padta hai
Na kuch kehna padta hai
jab sun leti hain yeh ankhiyaan
sab keh deti hain yeh ankhiyaan
teri ankhiyaan meri ankhiyaan
karne lagi hain aapas mein batiyaan
teri ankhiyaan

saara jeevan saath rahe jo
de ja aisi nishaani
mere man pe likh de apni
man ki prem kahaani
tere mukhde pe main likh doon
apni vyaakul prem ki patiyaan
teri ankhiyaan meri ankhiyaan
karne lagi hain aapas mein batiyaan
jaane kaise din guzrenge
jaane kaise beetengi ratiyaan
teri ankhiyaan

Kishore Kumar solo version
La La La
La La La
La La La
Hmmmm Hmmmm
teri ankhiyaan meri ankhiyaan
karne lagi hain aapas mein batiyaan
jaane kaise din guzrenge
jaane kaise beetegi ratiyaan
teri ankhiyaan

jabse tere nainon se ja uljhen naina mere
khoya khoya sa rehta hoon
main yoon shaam savere
chhote hote jaate hain din
Lambi hoti jaati hain ratiyaan
teri ankhiyaan meri ankhiyaan
karne lagi hain aapas mein batiyaan
teri ankhiyaan


2 Responses to "Teri ankhiyaan meri ankhiyaan"

One of the rarest songs….I remember one cd(released by Univesal music india ltd) containing Pancham (rare songs from flop movies)songs of Nafrat,Ujala hi ujala,Katil Kaun & Aaj Raat ko( another name when this particular movie was released is Faisla). Kaash Mere haath lag jaatha ye CD………

Yes, this song is rare despite being from a recent movie.

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