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Mujhe huzoor tumse pyaar hai

Posted on: August 2, 2015

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We in this blog celebrate all important musical landmarks that we reach. This writeup was supposed to celebrate a major landmark namely the 500th song of Naushad as a music director in this blog. It turns out that my calculation was long and Naushad had reached his 500 mark a few days ago in a writeup that I erroneously counted as 499th song for him. Nevertheless, I will use this 501th Naushad song as an opportunity to discuss the details of his songs composed during his 64 years long career.

There are artists who have many more centuries to their credits, but this century is important for Naushad because this was his final century in the blog.

Thanks to HFGK and other sources, I have compiled a song by song and movie by movie breakup of all Naushad compositions in HFM. According to my calculations, Naushad has composed a grand total of 593 songs in 64 Hindi movies. The full details containing names of the movies, number of songs in those movies, and also the number of songs from these movies covered in the blog are given in the table that follows. One can see that as many as 41 out of these 64 movies are already YIPPEED. So now we have 92 songs from 23 movies that are left to be covered in the blog. If we go at our normal pace then I hope that we will be able to cover all remaining and available Naushad songs by the end of this year.

There are publications that put the number of Naushad compositions in the region of 640 or so. But in light of the moviewise breakup of songs that I have presented here, I seriously doubt that there are another 50 odd Naushad compositions that HFGK and other sources have failed to unearth. Even the authors of these books may not be able to tell us what are these missing 50 odd Naushad compositions. So we can safely take the figure of Naushad compositions to in Hindi movies to be 593. There may be some error in counting the number of songs in movies later than 1980, because HFGK only covers movies upto 1980. I have relied on other sources for counting the number of movies released after 1980. I have in fact found some error even in HFGK. For instance, HFGK mentions only 11 songs in “Dillagi”(1949). I find that this movie had 12 songs. The 12th song was female solo version of “Tu mera chaand main teri chaandni”, which was sung by Geeta Dutt and it was lip synced by a lady (I guess Sharda) while Suraiyya looks on. In fact it is this song that caused calculation mistake of one song for me.

I request our knowledgeable readers to point out corrections, as well as additions/ deletions to the list as applicable.

PS-Later I was told that I omitted counting a song of Kanchan (1941) where he was Gyan Dutt’s assistant. This song too is discussed in the blog with due credit given to Naushad. So this song is Naushad’s 502nd song in the blog.
Later on, I have received a list of around ten songs from incomplete movies of Naushad sent by Mr Harish Raghuwanshi. I will discuss that list in another article.

Here is the moviewise break up of Naushad compositions in Hindi movies.

S No Movie Name (Year) Songs in blog Songs in movie Remarks
1 Prem Nagar(1940) 10 13
2 Darshan(1941) 10 13
3 Kanchan(1941) 1 1 Gyan Dutt credited this song to Naushad, his assistant in this movie
4 Maala(1941) 2 10
5 Nayi Duniya(1942) 8 11
6 Sharda(1942) 10 10
7 Station Master(1942) 8 12
8 Kanoon(1943) 8 8
9 Namaste(1943) 6 9
10 Sanjog(1943) 9 9
11 Geet(1944) 10 10
12 Jeewan(1944) 6 7
13 Pehle Aap(1944) 11 11
14 Rattan(1944) 10 10
15 Sanyasi(1945) 10 10
16 Anmol Ghadi(1946) 12 12
17 Qeemat(1946) 9 9
18 Shahjahaan(1946) 10 10
19 Dard(1947) 10 10
20 Elaan(1947) 10 10
21 Naatak(1947) 10 10
22 Anokhi Ada(1948) 13 13
23 Mela(1948) 12 12
24 Andaaz(1949) 12 12
25 Chaandni Raat(1949) 10 10
26 Dillagi(1949) 12 12 Tu mera Chaand had a Geeta Dutt solo version too which finds no mention in HFGK
27 Dulaari(1949) 12 12
28 Baabul(1950) 12 12
29 Daastaan(1950) 9 9
30 Deedaar(1951) 10 10
31 Jaadoo(1951) 10 10
32 Aan(1952) 11 11
33 Baiju Baawra(1952) 13 13
34 Deewaana(1952) 9 9
35 Amar(1954) 10 10
36 Shabaab(1954) 16 16
37 Udan Khatola(1955) 12 12
38 Mother India(1957) 12 12
39 Sohni Mahiwal(1958) 5 11
40 Kohinoor(1960) 10 10
41 Mughal e Azam(1960) 12 12
42 Ganga Jamuna(1961) 8 8
43 Son of India(1962) 8 9
44 Mere Mehboob(1963) 8 8
45 Leader(1964) 8 8
46 Dil Diya Dard Liya(1966) 8 8
47 Saaz Aur Aawaaz(1966) 9 9
48 Paalki(1967) 5 10
49 Raam Aur Shyaam(1967) 6 6
50 Aadmi(1968) 6 6
51 Saathi(1968) 8 8
52 Sangharsh(1968) 7 7
53 Ganwaar(1970) 4 6
54 Paakeezah(1971) 1 3 other songs were composed by Ghulam Mohammad
55 Taangewaala(1972) 2 7
56 Aaina(1974) 2 5
57 My Friend(1974) 1 4
58 Sunahra Sansaar(1975) 2 6
59 Chambal Ki Raani(1979) 1 4
60 Dharam Kanta(1982) 1 5
61 Love and God(1986) 1 10
62 Teri Paayal Mere Geet(1989) 0 1
63 Aawaaz De Kahaan Hai(1990) 0 8
64 Guddu(1995) 0 7
65 Taj Mahal(2005) 0 8
Grand Total 502 594

The song is sung by Geeta Dutt, who is an unusual choice for Naushad. Naushad used Geeta Dutt only TWO times. The first time was in ‘Dillagi”(1949) where Geeta Dutt sings the solo version of “Tu mera chaand main teri chaandni”. This song was very much picturised but this song finds no mention in HFGK. The fact that this is an additional song in “Dillagi”(1949) meant that my count went by one and so Naushad already has 500 of his compositions in the blog.

The song under discussion is the second and last time that Naushad used Geeta Dutt’s voice in his Hindi movie compositions. Naushad using Geeta Dutt only twice in his career ! Strange but true.

This song is a rare song on several counts. This song is from “Son of India”(1962) which is one of the few upYIPPEED movies from the heydays of Naushad. This song is unusual in the sense that this is not a folk music based composition. Rather it is a western movie based composition. Only the audio of this song is available. from the sounds of it, the song appears to be a club song where the singer is singing in the manner of “Aage bhi jaane na tu”, which incidentally was yet to be composed by that time and would come three years later.

This song caught the fancy of some Potruguese ad makers and this song has been used in a Portuguese ad.

Only the audio of this song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.

Here is this song, which is penned by Shakeel Badayuni. Now that is one of the very few unsurprising things about this song.

Audio (Full)


Song-Mujhe huzoor tumse pyaar hai (Son of India)(1962) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Naushad


mujhe huzoor tumse pyaar hai
tumhin pe zindagi nisaar hai
mujhe huzoor tumse pyaar hai
tumhin pe zindagi nisaar hai

mere kareeb aake dekh lo
aa aa
mujhe galey lagaa ke dekh lo
aa aa aa
huzoor aazma ke dekh lo
nazar ka teer dil ke paar hai
mujhe huzoor tumse pyaar hai
tumhin pe zindagi nisaar hai
mujhe huzur tumse pyaar hai
tumhin pe zindagi nisaar hai
mujhe huzoor tumse pyaar hai
tumhin pe zindagi nisaar hai

khushi ke saaz hain chhide huye
dilon ke raag hain khule huye
sabhi hain husn per lute huye
zamaana aaj bekaraar hai
mujhe huzoor tumse pyaar hai
tumhin pe zindagi nisaar hai

bani hai pyaar ki kahaaniyaan
ye raat ek yaadgaar hai
mujhe huzur tumse pyaar hai
aa aa
tumhin pe zindagi nisaar hai
aa aa aa
mujhe huzoor tumse pyaar hai
aa aa aa
tumhin pe zindagi nisaar hai

idhar ye raat ki jawaaniyaan
aa aa aa
udhar tumhaari meharbaniyaan
aa aa aa
bani hai pyaar ki kahaaniyaan
ye raat ek yaadgaar hai
mujhe huzoor tumse pyaar hai
aa aa
tumhin pe zindagi nisaar hai
aa aa aa
mujhe huzoor tumse pyaar hai
aa aa aa
tumhin pe zindagi nisaar hai

8 Responses to "Mujhe huzoor tumse pyaar hai"

The song is picturised on Lilian. The song appears to have been partly used in the picturisation. Kamaljit Singh and Kumkum dances among others on this song. The song starts @12:30 in the video clip given below:


M Kumar with Kum Kum


Who is singer singing GD song


Atul ji,

As per, Naushad has been accredited for one song from the film KANCHAN (1941) which is not included in your list. The song has already been covered in the Blog with Naushad being given the credit as MD. The song is:


Thanks Atul ji
for the detailed break up table of Naushad movies…..and for the rare song…



Humility is the key thing in life. Look at Harmandir Singh Hamraaz Ji. So much work done for bollywood music but never an iota of arrogance or ego. Always polite and graceful in all his interactions.

Pretty sure researchers out there have spent a lot of time and energy to compile and publish their data. So instead of doubting their work and bashing them in ur blog, if u work just a little harder, a simple google search will tell u that Teri Payal Mere Geet (1989) – entry 61 in ur table, has 10 songs and not 1 as u have listed. So there, here’s 9 out of 40-50 odd songs that u cant figure out…

If u be nice to others, who knows, maybe kinder folks would help u in finding the rest of the missing songs that u dont have.

good luck.


Atulji has acknowledged initially itself
“Thanks to HFGK and other sources, I have compiled a song by song and movie by movie breakup of all Naushad compositions in HFM”
Yes there are 9 songs in Teri Paayal Mere Geet(1989).
HFGK is not supreme nor ASAD is. With over 100,000 songs there are bound to be discrepencies.
Pointing out mistakes cannot be termed even remotely as bashing.
Surprisingly you have not offered your comments on decrepancies pointed out in HFGK
We are all here to compile as accurately as possible the ocean of data. If there are any mistakes please point out and if found okay will be gracefully and gratefully accepted and implemented.


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