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Kaam haathon ka hai

Posted on: August 1, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

This is a song from a Raj-Nargis film Bewafa-52 and it is sung by Talat Mahmood.

It is not very common that Talat sang for Raj Kapoor. Raj was convinced that only the voice of Mukesh suited him, so in all the films that he produced or directed, he used to try using Mukesh for his songs. However,as a true Professional, if he were to work for some other producer or under a different Director, he followed the policy of strict Non-interference. So, in such films, we see other singers giving playback to Raj Kapoor, depending on the choice of the producer or director. Talat sang a total of ten songs for Raj Kapoor in 4 films, as following-

S No. Song Movie (Year) Director Music Director
1. Armaan bhare dil ki lagan hai Jaan Pehchan(1950) Fali Mistry Khemchand Prakash
2. Main hoon dil ek armaan bhara Anhonee(1952) K A Abbas Roshan
3. Mere dil ki dhadkan kya bole Anhonee(1952) K A Abbas Roshan
4. Sama ke dil mein hamaare Anhonee(1952) K A Abbas Roshan
5. Main paagal mera manawa paagal Ashiana(1952) B. Trilochan Madan Mohan
6. Mera qaraar le jaa Ashiana(1952) B. Trilochan Madan Mohan
7. Dil matwala lakh sambhala Bewafa(1952) M L Anand A R Qureshi
8. Kaam hathon ka hai Bewafa(1952) M L Anand A R Qureshi
9. Tu aaye na aaye Bewafa(1952) M L Anand A R Qureshi
10. Tum ko fursat ho meri jaan Bewafa(1952) M L Anand A R Qureshi

One can see from the above list that 7 out of the 10 Talat songs had been Hits-that is 70%- in those days and they are Talat lovers’ favourites even today. The last song, ‘Tumko fursat ho’ is my own all time favourite. In spite of this, Raj never preferred Talat ,may be he was not Shankar Jaikishan ‘s favourite. But then such are the ways of this Mayanagari !

Film Bewafa-52 was an eminently flop film of RK-Nargis. They worked in 17 films together, including both versions of Jagte Raho. This film had come at such a time when there was a wave ( or a fashion ? ) of Tragedy films. Saigal films had given a respectable status to Tragic films ( and songs) and actors like Dilip Kumar took them to greater heights. After a few initial films, Dilip kumar started dying in films. He had started his career with “jwaar Bhaata”-44, in which Agha was the Hero and Dilip played a side role. In later years the roles were reversed and Agha became a comedian and played side roles in films when Dilip was the Hero.

Starting with Jugnu-47, Dilip, habitually died in films like Nadiya ke paar-48, Mela-48, Shaheed-48 and Andaz-49. Then again he ‘died’in Devdas-55 and Musafir-57. He became famous as a Tragedy King, but a wrong message went to producers/directors that if the Hero dies, the film becomes a hit. This started a ‘killing spree’. Probably this was taken too seriously by Director M L Anand in film Bewafa-52 and in film Bewafa-52, he ensured that all the 3 main characters of the film die one after another ! Perhaps this was too much for the audience to take and they too killed the film turning it into a grand flop !!

So much has already been written about Raj and Nargis that to repeat that here may result into a tragedy for me !

Raj Kapoor( 24-12-1924 to 2-6-1988) started in 1935 as a child artist. He did child roles in 4 films. He first became a Hero in Neel kamal-47. He acted in 69 films and sang 188 songs on screen. He also directed 10 films.

Nargis ( 1-6-1929 to 3-5-1981 ) too started in 1935 as a child artiste and she did 8 child roles, before she became a Heroine in film Taqdeer-43,at the age of just 14 years. She acted in 62 films and sang 203 songs on screen.

Surprisingly, both Raj and Nargis sang 3 songs in 3 films for themselves. ( All stats from Muvyz)

The cast of the film Bewafa was Raj Kapoor, Nargis and Ashok Kumar with many others in smaller roles. The film revolves around these three characters only. The film was produced by Nargis herself ,under the banner of her company ‘The art centre-Bombay’. The entire film was filmed in RK studio. The songs were written by Sarshar Sailani and Shams Azimabadi. The Music Director was A R Qureshi aka Alla Rakha, the famous Tabla Maestro and father of Tabla wizard Zakir Hussain. There were 9 songs in the film. Today’s song is the 6th song to be discussed here. The story of the film was-

RUPA’S(Nargis) life began in a Chawl. She led a miserable existence with her uncle who was a drunkard, who ill treated and tortured her. RAJ (Raj Kapoor) her neighbour had always playful attitude towards Rupa He even sympathised on her pitiful state and preferred only to help her which she used to accept, though reluctantly. One day she was forced to leave the chawl and wanted to put an end to her life but Fate had decreed otherwise. She met Ashok ( Ashok kumar), a poor and unsuccessful artist who lived in a humble room in the neighbourhood. Ashok with a connoisseur’s eye thought Rupa an ideal model for his paintings. This proved true. Ashok and Rupa became rich overnight. Rupa forgot her miserable past and was happy in her present rich environment with Ashok.

At this juncture Raj arrives on the scene-a completely changed Raj dressed like a gentleman with aristocratic behaviour and habits. Rupa was very pleased to meet Raj after such a lapse of time. She introduced Raj to Ashok-who though had not met each other before but had heard of each other. Ashok was not well impressed with Raj nor Raj with the former. Raj’s intimacy with Rupa grew more and more every time they met. Ashok did not approve of this association as he thought that Raj was not good enough for Rupa and that he was more after her money. Raj on the contrary gave all the assurances to Rupa that he only cared for her and nothing else mattered to him in the world. All these developed into a conflict and misunderstanding amongst the three Rupa, Raj and Ashok.

Actually Raj was a gambler and owed large amounts to creditors,who were after him for money. He only pretended to love Rupa. He wanted her money and not her love. She could not understand this. Ashok tried to tell her to keep away from Raj,as he understood his intentions. One day after an argument with Ashok,over Raj,she leaves her house and goes to Raj. They stay in a hotel. Raj’s creditors are after him to get money fro Rupa. He steals her bag and starts running.
People think he is a thief and follow him. His creditors think he is running away with the booty and they fire at him. Meanwhile Rupa follows Raj. She is completely disillusioned to see her love being so bewafa and greedy. Raj dies of bullet injuries. Rupa returns to Ashok,but Ashok too takes poison and dies as he had loved her. Seeing this Rupa collapses and dies. Seeing all this the audience also faints !

Here is the sixth song from “Bewafa”(1952). It is sung by Talat Mehmood. Sarshar Sailaani is the lyricist. Music is composed by A R Qureshi.

Song-Kaam haathon ka hai (Bewafa)(1952) Singer-Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Sarshar Sailaani, MD-A R Qureshi


haan aan aan aan
kaam haathon ka hai ae ae ae
milne ki duaayen karna aa aa aa aa aa
kaam haathon ka hai
milne ki duaayen karna
sar mila aap ke kadmon pe jhukaane ke liye
sar mila aap ke kadmon pe jhukaane ke liye
ho o jhukaane ke liye
sar mila aap ke kadmon pe jhukaane ke liye

haan aan aan aan
husn ki aankh mein aen aen aen aen aen aen
aansoo nahin dekhe jaate ae ae ae ae ae
husn ki aankh mein aansoo nahin dekhe jaate
ishq taiyyaar hai har naaj uthhaane ke liye

haan aan aan aan
haaye aate hi ye ae
jaane ka taqaaja kaisa
aa aa aa aa aa
dil mila dard ko mehmaan banaane ke liye
aankh bakhshi hai kahin aankh ladaane ke liye
ho ladaane ke liye
aankh bakhshi hai kahin aankh ladaane ke liye

8 Responses to "Kaam haathon ka hai"

Arun Sir,

Many Thanks for the trivia and the stats.
Above song from Anhonee not included in your list I suppose. Kindly check.



Mahesh ji,

Yes,indeed. Sorry for the lapse. It is very much there.


Mahesh ji,

Here is what muVyz replies to my query on this issue-

” Arunkumar Deshmukh- What about the Talat song from Anhonee- “Samaa ke dil mein hamare”? Was it not sung for Raj Kapoor ?
Like · Reply · 4 hrs

Vintage.MuVyz- Sama Ke Dil Mein Hamare song was either never filmed or at least no video available anywhere. On Atul-Song-a-day blog, an assumption is made that since Raj Kapoor was the hero, it must have been filmed on him. But in our case, we dont make such assumptions and rely on concrete evidence, which is the actual song video ”

ps- the write up has been amended now.


Thank you very much, Deshmukh Sir, for bringing back memories of a lively song.
As I had commented on a previous post, I like ‘Bewafa’ chiefly for 2 reasons: (1) A rare if not unique combination of Ashok Kumar + Raj Kapoor(Was it the only time they were seen together in a film?), and, (2) one of my most favourite Talat songs: “Dil matwala lakh sambhala…” .
Avadh Lal


Thanks, Arunji.
I happened to see this film only a few days ago. I was intrigued by the love-triangle angle it offered (I liked Andaz a lot, though the end was a bit disappointing). Besides, I am a big Ashok Kumar fan.

The end here also was disappointing. Besides, the storyline was way too predictable. Maybe the film could have done with a better director – a Mehboob Khan might have got more juice out of it.


Thanks for a very amusing write-up, though I feel guilty of deriving so much mirth from so many deaths!


Talatji,sar mila aapke kadmome zukanekeliye.


Enjoyed this song so much and interesting blog Arun Saab. I was wondering Do Ustaad Film . Raj Kapoor , Madhubala and Sheikh Mukhtar all songs were by Rafi Saab wondering how many songs Rafi saab sang for Raj Kapoor in total ..


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