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Pardesiya tere des mein

Posted on: October 6, 2015

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Today (6 october 2015) is the 69th birth anniversary of Vinod Khanna (DOB 6 october 1946). The dashing actor of 1970s was the only real competitor of Amitabh Bachchan for the top slot in 1970s. Just when it looked like Vinod Khanna was going to launch a serios bid for the top slot, he got disillusioned with life and turned spiritual, only to get disillusioned with his spiritualism again and he came back to acting again. It was too late for him by that time of course.

On this occasion, here is a song from “Garam Khoon”(1980). This movie was produced by Tez Nath Zar and directed by A Salaam. the movie had Vinod Khanna, Sulakshana Pandit, Bindu, Ajit, K.N.Singh, Nazir Hussain, Dhumal, Keshto Mukherjee, Brahmachari, Ram Avtaar, Satish Kaul, Helen, Uma Dhawan, Johnny Whisky, Hercules, Shivaraj, Imthiaz Khan, Chand,Shashi Puri, Rajan Haksar, Sulochana Latkar, C.L.Shah, Dog Tiger, Kamal Roy, Komila Virk, Master Raja, Nilofer, Master Rana, Pratibha Sinha, Ratan Gaurang, S.Mauji, Sabi Oberoi,Sheel Kumar, Shetty, Shyam etc in it.

The song is sung by Sulakshana Pandit and Rafi. the song is picturised as a community dance song, where the dance is watched by community dignitories. Ram Avtar is one of the dignitories viraajmaan seated on a khatiya. The dance itself is being performed by Chaand and Shashi Puri, while Sulakshana Pandit is seen wooing Vinod Khanna (playing a bystander) in the picturisation. Another Vinod Khanna (yes there re two of them) is searching for this bystander Vinod Khanna, and a magnificent looking dog (Tiger the dog) is also seen searching for something/ someone. The song ends with the searching Vinod Khanna shooting at the bystander Vinod Khanna who is shown diving after the shot fired and still getting saved.

This song is the first song (out of five songs) from this movie to appear in the blog. This movie had three lyricists. The main lyricist was Singhaar who wrote three songs, including this one. Nothing is mentioned about this lyricist in HFGK, but the uploader of this song in YT mentions that Singhaar was same as singer Sharda, a favourite of Shankar who happens to be the music director of this movie under the old brandname of Shankar Jaikishan, though Jaikishan had expired one decade ago. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on this lyricist called Singhaar.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.

Audio (Full )

Video (Partial)

Song-Pardesiya tere des mein (Garam Khoon)(1980) Singers-Sulakshana Pandit, Rafi, Lyrics-Singhaar, MD-Shankar Jaikishan

Lyrics( of audio version)(Provided by Prakashchandra)

pardesiyaa aa aa
tere des mein ae ae
dil is tarah aa
miltaa hai kyaa
batlaa zaraa aa aa
tere des mein ae ae
pyaar iss tarah aa
miltaa hai kyaa
meri jaaniyaa aa aa
tere des mein aen
teer iss tarah aa
chaltaa hai kyaa aa
batlaa zaraa aa
tere des mein ae
roop iss tarah aaa
khiltaa hai kyaa

pardesiyaa….aaa aaa

naak mein nathni ee ee
hho kaan mein baali ee ee
bindiyaa ka ye taaraa
resham ki ye ae ae
hho ghaghraa choli
dekte hi dil haaraa

arrey rang hai teraa aa
aisaa niraalaa
kuchh kaalaa kuchh goraa
jaadoogar hai ae ae
haayye aankhein teri
tu hai ek luteraa
ho lalalalla laa

pardesiyaa… aa aa
tere des mein ae ae
dil iss tarah aa aa
miltaa hai kyaa
meri jaaniyaa…aa aa
tere des mein ae
teer iss tarah aa aa
chaltaa hai kyaa…

pardesiyaa… aaaa

mausam bheegaa aaa aa
mehkaa mehkaa
mast pawan lehraayee
arrey chori chori ee ee
chhooke sajan ko
arrey leke sandesaa aayee
main hoon deewaana aaa
hho behkaa behkaa aa
masti anokhi chhaayee
kaanon mein keh de ae ae
hho kyaa kehti hai
tujhse pawan purwaayee

hey laalaalaaalalaaaa…..
meri jaaniyaa…aaaaa…
tere des mein ae
teer iss tarah aa aa
chaltaa hai kyaa…

batlaa zaraa aa aa
tere des mein ae ae
pyaar iss tarah aa aaa
khiltaa hai kyaa
meri jaaniyaa…aaaaa

munh pe paseenaa aa
haayye bikhre gesoo
laagi kis ki lagan hai
ang tere kyun
haayye kaanp rahe hain
aakhir kyaa uljhan hai

tezz huyee hai ae
saans ki dhaaraa
dhak dhak kartaa mann hai
tu kyaa jaane ae ae
inn raahon mein
chaaron oar agan hai
hey lalalaaalalaaaa

pardesiyaa aa…aa
tere des mein….ae ae
dil iss tarah aa
miltaa hai kyaa…aaaa
meri jaaniyaa aaa aaa
tere des mein ae
teer iss tarah aa aaa
hhh chaltaa hai kyaa

batlaa zaraa aa aa
tere des mein ae ae
pyaar iss tarah aa…aa
khiltaa hai kyaa
meri jaaniyaa aaa aaa aaa

3 Responses to "Pardesiya tere des mein"

You may be right about Sharda being Singaar and Shanker helping her.
According to Nandu Chawatheji (violinist of SJ).all songs by Dattaram were actually Jaikishen’s compositions. Dattaram was a novice according to him. This is serious allegation and requires corroboration from our experts.




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