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Chinchana papul chinchana papul

Posted on: November 16, 2015

This article is written by K Satish Shenoy, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a new contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

When I & my siblings were school going kids , we used to make it a point to listen to a program called ‘Anokhe bol’ on Radio Ceylon. Even now we recall those days and laugh our hearts out, because traces of a child will always be in there within us at all times. It finds an outlet especially when we play with our children & grand children. (And also, if I may say so, in our unguarded moments)

Children learn a language initially speaking in ’anokhe bol’. They pronounce it to the extent they are able to twist their tongue, generate sound from correct location in their mouth, and as heard by their ears. We adults enjoy listening & speaking/repeating to the children in their ‘anokhe bols’. My parents used to tell me till my adolescence, my ‘anokhe bols’. Until a time, I used to feel good that I was an object of entertainment for them in my baby days, but later on I started feeling uneasy when it was mentioned to guests for their amusement!

In my school days, given the poor fidelity of sound system, including that of valve radio (battery operated, no electricity in our town till 1956), and given poor knowledge of Hindi in south India (from where I come), many words in the songs got converted into ‘anokhe bol’ in our rendering of the song !! As children we used to sing ‘Barsaat me …tumse mile hum… barsat me, duggee duggee.”( instead of thak dhin na dhin’).

Another aspect is, until you realise that the other person is speaking in an alien (established) language, you find his utterances ‘anokhe bol’. Even as a college student I thought ‘ish libe deesh’ (Sangam) was an ‘anokhe bol’ till I came to know it is German for ‘I love you’. Probably, early on, north Indians might have considered ‘Ramaiah Vasatvayya’ an ’anokhe bol’

I have not made any study or read in- depth how languages evolved, but it would not be wrong to state that what we have come to accept as an official sound was eons ago an ‘anokhe bol’. In modern days ’anokhe bols‘ are generated/written for mere tickling or comic effect or the rhythmic effect in songs & not to establish a new meaningful word.

‘Anokhe bol’ immediately brings to my mind(probably to all minds) Kishore Kumar. ‘Di rata dirata dirata doo..’ ; ‘Bum chik bum chika…’ both from ‘Begunah (Shankar Jaikishan). In more recent times ‘aka chiki lakee chikee’ from “ Mr India” regaled all of us.

Turning to today’s song, it is one of my recent finds. (7/8 years old find may be). It was revealed to me by my friend from SJ-Yahoo group, Mr Shashibhushan Hegde.( I hope he follows ASAD, and is reading this). It was love at first hearing. It is a song bringing ’joi de vivre’. It is from movie ‘Baaghi Sipahi’(1958).

I found out to my great surprise that this movie has not opened an account in ASAD, especially when it comes from the renowned golden pair Shankar Jaikishan. As an icing the lyrics are by Shailendra.’ Baaghi Sipahi’ starred Ranjan, Madhu Bala, Nishi, Purnima, Chandra shekar. & was directed by Bhagwandas Verma .

Listen to this nice uplifting song. It opens with a gong. So I guess it is a group dance in some royal durbar. Given the accompanying lovely chorus I have a hunch it is picturised on Nishi and may also be Purnima (both wild guesses).

Enjoy Asha Bhonsle as romantic as ever and Manna Dey at his boisterous best. This song, to me, is akin to ‘Ujala‘ song ‘Chum chum lo suno chum chum…’

I presume ‘Chinchana papul..’ is in fact an ‘anokhe bol’ & is not an established expression in a language alien to me 🙂

Song-Chinchana papul chinchana papul (Baaghi Sipaahi)(1958) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


chinchanaa papul
chinchanaa papul
chinchanaa papul
chhuyi muyi main
chhoo na lenaa
mujhe chhoo na lenaa
chhoo na lenaa
mujhe chhoo na lenaa

aa aa aa
aankh se aankh mili
jaam pe jaam chale
muft badnaam huye hum
m m m
m m m
aa aa aa
teri ye shokh nazar
thhandi aahon kaa asar
tujhe pehchaan gaye hum m m

chinchanaa papul
chinchanaa papul
chinchanaa papul
leke meraa dil jaan lenaa
mujhe chhoo na lenaa
chhoo na lenaa
mujhe chhoo na lenaa

aa aa aa
aa aa aa
log samjhaake thhake
raah jatlaaake thhake
phir bhi main haar gayi dil
il il il il
il il il
aa aa aa
badaa naadaan jahaan
koi kyaa jaane yahaan
pyaar bhi hai koyi mushkil

chinchanaa papul
chinchanaa papul
chinchanaa papul
leke meraa dil jaan lenaa
mujhe chhoo na lenaa
chhoo na lenaa
mujhe chhoo na lenaa

ho o o
thhodaa-thhodaa-thhodaa thhodaa-thhodaa-thhodaa
hote-hote pyaar badhaa
tujhpe meraa mujhpe teraa
dheere-dheere-dheere rang chadhaa

aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
nayi-nayi-nayi nayi-nayi-nayi
main(?) nayi champe ki kali
lehki abhi
mehki abhi
bhole-bhaale mere dil ki kali

aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa

chinchanaa papul
chinchanaa papul
chinchanaa papul

yaa yaa yaa
chhoo na lenaa
mujhe chhoo na lenaa

aa aa
chhoo na lenaa
mujhe chhoo na lenaa


9 Responses to "Chinchana papul chinchana papul"

welcome with your second presentation.
This song has a special personal attachment to me.
Let me explain:
My late dear wife’s nick-name was ‘Bakul’ and to my ears those words of this song sounded, as ‘chinchanaa bakul’. In teasing mood I often used to sing, in her presence, those lines for years. The other song, very dear to me was ‘Nain Deewane’ by Suraiyya from film ‘Afsar’, as there was a line ‘ Preeti phool phoole, zoola zule, chaheke wan bulbul, meheke man ke BAKUL’.
Thanks for the revival of my personal pleasant memories.

I note your sentiments associated with the song.

Satish ji,

I am late,but it is ‘better late than never’, which comes to my rescue. I was out of Mumbai for some time,hence the delay.

I welcome you in the Contributers’ group of the Blog.

Your style is different than others,hence readable at first sight itself. We look forward to many more postings from you,in coming period. All the best to you.


Thanks Arun Ji, for kind words

Shenoy ji, you write so well. Wonder I why you didn’t do it earlier. Better late than never, keep them coming 🙂

i totally agree with you Aparna….let the trickle become a deluge Shenoyji

Why I did not write earlier?. It needed a nudge from Raja, Aparna & Nalini.:) Thanks all

and Avaji and Gajendraji

Yes, Yes.

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