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Kahin se shaam hote hi sitaare aa hi jaate hain

Posted on: December 31, 2015

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It is the evening cum night of 31 december 2015 right now. In a matter of hours, 2015 will be history and a new year 2016 will take its place. This is the time for us to take stock of the year 2015 vis a vis the blog.

The last song of year 2014 was song number 10616 for the blog. The song under discussion is song number 11716. So we have added exactly 1100 songs in the year. On its own, it may look like an impressive figure, but when we compare it with the figure for the previous year, we notice that 1400 songs were discussed in 2014, 1916 songs in 2013 and 2070 songs in 2012 which was an all time high for a year for the blog.

We may have slowed down, but the good thing is that we have not stopped. From six to seven songs a day, we have come down to three songs a day, but seeing the circumstances under which we all have to work, the very fact that we are going on and for over seven years is something that we could be proud of.

What we have missed out numerically have been compensated by some impressive achievements in other areas. For instance, we have come a long way in covering all songs of movies. We had around 570 YIPPEED movies in the blog when the year 2015 began. Now the tally stands at 735. So 165 movies were YIPPEED in the year 2015.

On the other end of scale are movies that made their debut in the blog this year. From “Anyaay”(1949) on 2 january 2015 to “Labelaa”(1966) on the last day of the year, songs of over 200 “new” movies found representation in the blog in the year 2015. The total number of movies that are represented in the blog at present stands at 3304.

The oldest song in the blog is from 1914 and the newest song is from 2014, so this blog covers full one century of songs. If one looks at the decadewise spread of the song then most songs in the blog are from the decades of 1930s to 1970s. The decades prior to 1930s and after 1970s have very low representation in the blog, mainly because most songs from these decades by and large fall outside our consideration. Right now, we have 379 songs from 1930s, 2156 songs from 1940s, 3861 songs from 1950s, 3065 songs from 1960s and 1628 songs from 1970s. If some mathematically inclined person decides to plot a decadewise curve, then we would get what is called a bell shaped curve in statistics.

The most well represented years in the blog are 1960 (444 songs) followed by 1959 (441 songs), 1949 (423), 1950 (402 songs) and 1953 (400 songs) in that order. To put things in perspective, 852 songs were created in 1960 and 802 songs in 1959, so we are well in our way to ensure that most available songs of certain years will be found in the blog in near future.

Regulars may have already noticed that Sudhir ji has taken it upon himself to post songs from movies of 1960s that are as yet unrepresented in the blog.

Regulars may have also noticed that we also have a series of posts going on where we cover statistics of songs related to particular years. Till now we have covered the first few years of 1930s, but we hope to cover all the years of the golden era. During this discussion, we also mention the number of songs available in those years vis a vis songs covered in the blog. One will notice that a vast majority of available songs of early 1930s are already posted in the blog.

There are some major artists who now have less than one hundred of their songs left to be covered in the blog. So it is a matter of time before all their songs (that are available) will be covered in the blog. Naushad, S D Burman, O P Nayyar, Shailendra are some of these names.

WordPress, who hosts this blog, also comes up with its own annual round up for blogs. Here is the wordpress yearly round up for 2015 for this blog.

On this occasion, here is a song from “Shatranj”(1956).

“Shatranj”(1956) was written, produced and directed by Gyan Mukherji for Revati Productions. The movie had Ashok Kumar, Meena Kumari, Nanda, Rajendra akaRajendra Nath,Yakub aka Lala Yaqoob,Jagdish Sethi, Misra aka Leela Misra, Vijay Laxmi,Nana Palsikar etc in it.

Four songs from this movie has been discussed in the past. This is the fifth song from the movie.

This sung is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by C Ramchandra.

The song is picturised on Vijaylaxmi, with Ashok Kumar also visible in the picturisation.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.

Audio (full)

Video (Partial)

Song-Kahin se shaam hote hi sitaare aa hi jaate hain (Shatranj)(1956) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

kahin se shaam hote hi sitaare aa hi jaate hain
kahin se shaam hote hi sitaare aa hi jaate hain
sahaara dhoondhne ye be-sahaare aa hi jaate hain

na jaane din ko tanhaayee mein rote hain kahaan jaakar
na jaane din ko tanhaayee mein rote hain kahaan jaakar
magar raaton ko ye saathi hamaare aa hi jaate hain
kahin se shaam hote hi sitaare aa hi jaate hain

ye sunte hain mohabbat mein kabhi aisa bhi hota hai
ye sunte hain mohabbat mein kabhi aisa bhi hota hai
ke khud lehron talak chal kar kinaare aa hi jaate hain
kahin se shaam hote hi sitaare aa hi jaate hain

4 Responses to "Kahin se shaam hote hi sitaare aa hi jaate hain"

Thanks PC for the soft, lovely and romantic song.


Beautifully sung by Asha


Atul Ji, Very interesting review of ASAD’s journey through 2015. Thanks for all your efforts & that of other contributors.
Looking forward to more milestones during 2016.



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