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Ek hi rishtaa maa kaa

Posted on: May 8, 2016

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Today, May 8th 2016 is being celebrated as Mothers’ Day in many countries including India. Whether it is Mothers’ Day or any other day, whenever I remember my mother, I always recall the famous dialogue ‘mere paas maa hai’ written by Salim-Javed and delivered on the screen by Shashi Kapoor in the film ‘Deewar’ (1975). These four simple words say a lot about the importance of the mother. I used to wonder what gave Salim-Javed the idea to create this famous dialogue. I checked their profiles and came to know that both of them had lost their mothers in their respective childhoods. My own take is that somewhere in their sub-conscious minds, they missed their mothers and that was how this dialogue came about. In any case, this dialogue fitted well in the film. Shashi Kapoor had his mother as the only possession which he valued above materialistic possesions.

On Mothers’ Day, I also remember Nida Fazli’s Hindi poem depicting the portrait of a mother. Nida Fazli’s poems are mostly based on real life situations and this poem is no exception.I would normally have reproduced one or two couplets from the poem to draw a point. I, however, feel that the whole poem is worth reproducing. The sentiments expidentified by most Indians, especially those from rural and semi-urban areas:

Besan ki sondhi roti par khatti chatni jaisi maa
Yaad aati hai chauka, baasan chimta, phoonkni jaisi maa

Baans ki khurri khaat ke oopar har aahat par kaan dhare
Aadhi soi aadhi jaagi thaki dopahari jaisi maa

Chidiyon ke chahkar mein goonje Raadha- Mohan ali ali
Murge ki aawaz se khulti ghar ki kundi jaisi maa

Biwi, beti, behan, padosan thodi thodi si sab mein
Din bhar ik rassi ke oopar chalti natni jaisi maa

[Natni= Tribal lady specialising in performing stunts on a rope].

Baant ke apna chehra, maatha aankhen jaane kahan gayi
Phate puraane ik album mein chanchal ladki jaisi maa

There are many Hindi film songs dedicated to mothers. The first one which comes to my mind is usko nahin dekha hamne kabhi from ‘Daadi Maa’ (1966) in which the mother is compared with God. A more or less similar metaphor was used in Nida Fazli’s another poem:

Ghaas pe khelta ek bachcha paas maa muskuraati hai
Mujhko hairat hai kyon duniya Kaaba aur Somnath jaati hai

The earliest Hindi film song on mother I can locate on the Blog is maa pyaari maa god mein khela bachpan mera from ‘Aaina’ (1944). Hindi films have witnessed metamorphic changes in its contents over 80 years after the first talky film was released in 1931. But the songs on mother-child relations continue even today. After all, time will change but not the mother-child bonding. One of such songs which bring tears to my eyes is main kabhi batlaata nahin from ‘Taare Zameen Par (2007).

For the Mothers’ Day, I am presenting a forgotten song “ek hi rishta maa ka jag mein baaki rishte jhoothhe” from the film RISHTA (1954). Mubarak Begum sings this song beautifully on the words of Pandit Phani. The song is composed by K Datta.

Audio Clip:

Song-Ek hi rishta maa kaa (Rishta)(1954) Singer-Mubarak Begam, Lyrics-Pt Phani, MD-K Datta


Ek hi rishta aa
maa kaa aa
jag mein
baaki rishte jhhoothhe
rishte jhhoothhe
ek hi rishta
maa kaa
jag mein
baaki rishte jhhoothhe
rishte jhhoothhe
maa ki mamta ladi preet ki ee ee ee
maa ki mamta ladi preet ki
?? kabhi na toote
baaki rishte jhhoote
rishte jhhoote
ek hi rishta aa
maa kaa aa
jag mein
baaki rishte jhhoothhe
rishte jhhoothhe

maa ki meethhi lori sun kar
neend mein bachpan khele
maa ki meethhi lori sun kar
neend mein bachpan khele
maa ki aankh se amrit barse ae ae ae
maa ki aankh se amrit barse
maa kaa saath na chhoote ae
baaki rishte jhhoothhe ae
rishte jhhoothhe
ek hi rishta aa
maa kaa
jag mein
baaki rishte jhhoothhe
rishte jhhoothhe

maa jhoole ki dor pakad kar
maange laakh duaayen
maa jhoole ki dor pakad kar
maange laakh duwaayen
maa se bichhde wahi abhaagaa aa aa aa
maa se bichhde wahi abhaagaa
jiski kismet phhoote
baaki rishte jhhoothhe
rishte jhhoothhe
ek hi rishta maa kaa jag mein
baaki rishte jhhoothhe
rishte jhhoothhe

3 Responses to "Ek hi rishtaa maa kaa"

There was another similar song in the film >>
Maa Mar Jaaye Mare Na Mamta by the same singer

Pt. Phani also penned in
Aaina (1944)
Aurat Teri Kahani (1954)
Diwali Ki Raat (1956)


It is sad a great singer like Mubarak Begum is is ignored by Film Industry leaving her to live in below poverty state.


audio link:


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