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Main kabhi batlaata nahin

Posted on: April 1, 2015

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In Hindi movies, the lead actors are supposed to have feelings, whereas others viz villain’s, lesser actors, cabarat dancers etc are shown as people without feelings and emotions. But that is not the case, all human, whether they are ordinary or extraordinary, are emotional creatures.

And if one observes carefully, even animals have feelings. And I say that with first hand experience extended over several years and a dozen or so animals.

I am not the only one. Others who love animals also report the same behaviour.

I in this blog have discussed my pets several times and I intend to discuss them more seeing that the last time I discussed them was one year ago. But I will defer that discussion. I want to discuss another special animal in this writeup. I wanted to discuss him in late 2013, but somehow I was not able to do that at that time. So before wasting any more time, here I will discuss him.

A little background information is in order. I, and also Raja, are members of an internet cricket forum since 2005. That internet forum was started by Ravi, hailing from Chhattisgarh but working in USA at that time. Since then his changed family circumstances have forced him to relocate himself back to India.

Ravi has two kids, a son and a daughter. He decided to get them a pup and accordingly brought a pup home in 2008.

Ravi was no strangers to keeping pets though. He already had two dogs and two parrots with him at that time.

The pup was very very funny, very very cute and cuddly and was naughty as hell.. and hyper active and it was just 50 days old.

So after getting the pup into thehousehold, Ravi took it to a vet. That vet had years of experience in his field. He looked at the pup, did a few preliminary examinations and then asked Ravi, much to his surprise-“Where did you get “this” ?

” A friend of mine gave it to me seeing I needed it”-Ravi replied.

“Do you know the name of this animal? “-the vet asked.

“Tuffy”-Ravi replied.

Vet- “No not that name.. the genus.. or the species..”

Ravi- “Dog”.

Vet- “errrrr wrong.. try again..”

Ravi-“German Shepherd”.

Vet-“wrong again.. It happens to be, with all due respect to your knowledge of animal kingdom, a WOLF”.

Ravi’s jaw dropped naturally. After recovering from the shock, he enquired whether it was alright to keep it as a pet. The vet was not sure that it was a great idea.

Ravi told the doctor (that is what he claims)- “He is a baby. I cannot possibly let him go in a jungle. Other animals will kill him. He has no mother to protect him and I could convince another wolf-ess to adopt him as her baby but the problem is I do not speak wolf”ish”..I don’t know how to speak that language!!”..

The vet asked him to bring the pup to him every month and he would advice the future course of action at the right moment.

Ravi reluctantly agreed. Still he could not bring himself to accept that it was a wolf. He tried to convince himself that the vet was mistaken. The pup was so cute. He used to think Ravi was his mother. Ravi would feed him milk with a feeding bottle. The pup would come to Ravi for all his needs, be it drinking milk, to sleep or to play. Ravi took the pup to another vet for second opinion. The vet looked at it and looked at Ravi and pronounced that it was 60% dog and 40 % wolf. He stated that its mother was a German Shepherd (which Ravi also knew) and that its father was a wolf. This vet also advised Ravi to bring it to him every month.

In three months time, this pup grew bigger and stronger than the two adult dogs in the household and Ravi had to reluctantly concede that it was indeed a wolf and not a dog. It was obedient, but only to Ravi. It would play along with others but would not obey them.

The vet called time the next month. It was time for the wolf to be taken away. He was taken to the local zoo and kept there. A heartbroken Ravi shared his grief in the cricket forum with other regulars.

Time passed and with time Ravi forgot all about Tuffy.

Five years passed. One fine day in september 2013, Ravi was looking at old threads in the cricket forum and he came across the thread on Tuffy. His daughter happened to be nearby and she began to go through that thread. That brought back fond memories of Tuffy for her. She demanded then and there that she had to go and see Tuffy. And right then, no matter that it was 11 PM at night ! Ravi’s son too arrived on the scene and on realising what was being discussed, he too joined in the demand. So the motion was passed 2 votes to one and it was decided that they would go to the zoo first thing in the morning.

Now that the memory of Tuffy had come back to him, Ravi too was eager to know what happened to Tuffy during these years. Did it survive the zoo life, did it adjust to it or god forbid did it perish ?

They went to the zoo and met the vet. He told them that Tuffy was very much around. He took them to the place where he was kept. He asked Ravi to call him by name.

Ravi shouted his name “Tuffy”. This was a voice that Tuffy had last heard five years ago. As the voice rang in his ears, his ears perked up, he wondered from where this familiar voice was coming. He turned his head. When he saw Ravi and kids, he dropped whatever it was doing at that time and darted towards them like a bullet, till it was stopped by the fence that sepatated him from the visitors.

The vet isolated him in a separate enclosure that they used when they have to attend to them. He asked Ravi whether he and kids wanted to go meet him. Seeing Tuffy so excited and dying to meet them, the three of them agreed.

They went inside the enclosure. Tuffy, who had seen them for the first time in five years jumped up on them in excitement. As it stood on his rear legs and put its front paws on Ravi’s daughter, all his weight (he is huge) caused the young 14 years old girl weighing just 35 KG to fall back on her rear with Tuffy over her. People around them shrieked and skipped a heartbeat or two thinking that the wild animal had attacked the girl, but she got up laughing and that made everyone breathing again. Seeing his sister going down against the weight of Tuffy, the younger boy wisely chose to sit down on one knee so that Tuffy did not feel the need to jump on him to greet him. Ravi just about managed to survive Tuffy’s wolf hug without going down.

Tuffy expressed his feelings the best he could, by licking Ravi’s hands and face, by running around him excitedly. He was besides himself with happiness. He would place his fore limbs on Ravi’s shoulders. And it would whimper on being given a hug.

Tuffy’s affection overwhelmed Ravi into shedding a tear or two. He sat down. Tuffy came and kept its head on Ravi’s lap. Ravi talked to him. Occassionally . It would go to the partition door and make some noises at other wolvs and they would come up to the partition door (closed) and behave bizzare and whimper. It was as if he was trying to introduce other wolves to his long lost human family.

Ravi’s daughter had stopped enroute and bought a pack of biscuit it used to love then. She initially was scared a bit but overcame her apprehensions and the son too became relaxed and started chasing it around. She offered tuffy a biscuit. It so tenderly and thankfully took the morsel and ate it. And then ate the rest.

It was time to part.. and Ravi felt a pang of guilt. He had so conveniently forgotten the poor animal and it remembered them so clearly and recognised them immediately just on being called by his name, and welcomed them with all its heart.

The other visitors to the zoo there were watching all that in awe, amazement and amusement. A few walked up to Ravi asking all sorts of questions. Were you not afraid, were the kids not afraid, why did the wolf go berserk.. etc etc.. Ravi had had no answers for them. Who was going to belive him in any case!!

Ravi asked the vet how come it was not a good pet. He gave Ravi a brief explanation. The long and short of that explanation was that (in the wildlife expert/vets words), “while as a pup it will accept you as the leader, a fight for position is inevitable with wolfs and therefore it might attack anyone including owners and certainly children. Today is different it does not have to challenge you for leadership position so it is as docile as a domesticated dog. Do not how ever completely trust it and always keep eye contact with it. It is never certain when its wolf behavior will kick in and then it will become difficult to pacify it”. Ravi did not find Tuffy showing that aggression.. but then what did he know.

Ravi made a resolution that he would visit it as often as he could with his kids..

By the way it is supposedly the leader of the pack there and has atleast 3 generations of offsprings in that cage!!!

It was healthy and happy (he guessed so) and well fed and was being taken good care of. THe only change he could see in it was that it has a big scratch/scar mark on its hind leg (perhaps aresult of a fight for position or it may have got hurt somehow) and its eyes seemed a tad redder in shade to Ravi. But otherwise it pretty much the same (albeit much stronger and heavier than in 2008 when he had left it in the zoo. The last time Ravi had handled it, it was not an adult. It was only 5 or so months old at that time. Now it was nearly six years old.

It was a happy reunion and Ravi looked forward for more such reunions. It was a priceless moment and he would not miss such an experience for all the wealth in this world.

This account of Tuffy moved many of us. Regulars asked Ravi for a photograph of Tuffy. He said that he did not take a photograph, but would take it the next time he visited him. He took a photograph and shared it with us. What a remarkably good looking beast it was.


Then, I too forgot all about Tuffy. Then in January 2015, I remembered him again, and enquired from Ravi about him. Ravi replied (after keeping me in suspense for one day) that he had visited Tuffy a few weeks ago and it was alright. It still behaved like a pet towards him.

In our wisdom, dogs are considered safe to be kept as pets but not wolves. The observations made about wolves were for wild wolves. Studies have not been made of wolf pups brought up like a dog. Who knows, if they can be brought up among humans then they may become as domesticated as German Shepherds. In fact wolfs look like German Shepherds. German Shepherds have in fact evolved from wolves. The fact that mating of a wolf and german shepherd could lead to pups is a proof that these two animals are genetically close.

In Phantom comics, Phantom has a wolf called Devil as his companion. Taking cue from Phantom, we began to call Ravi as Phantom of Bhilai and began to urge him to wear his underwear over his trousers, Phantom style. 🙂

Writing about Tuffy is the easy part. The difficult part was to select a suitable song to go with the writeup. It is unlikely that I can find a song about a dog or wolf in Hindi movies. After a wait of some two months, I came across a song that is close enough for the topic. This song is from “Taare Zameen Par”(2007). This is the story of a differently abled child who cannot lead the life of a normal child and he is sent to a boarding school meant for differently abled children.

Substitute “normal child” with a pet dog, and a “differently abled child” with a wolf, and substitute “boarding school” with a “zoo”, and we have a song for the occasion. This song is picturised quite movingly. The differently abled kid is dropped at the boarding school and the mother goes away. The child watches her leave and his feelings get expressed in the form of this song.

This song, which I heard for the first time only now is sung by Shankar Mahadevan. Prasoon Joshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Shankar Ehsan Loy Barwe.

It gives me great pleasure to present this special writeup on a special anipal namely Tuffy.

Song-Main kabhi batlaata nahin per andhere se darta hoon main maa(Taare Zameen Par)(2007) Singer-Shankar Mahadevan, Lyrics-Prasoon Joshi, MD-Shankar Eksan Loy Barwe


main kabhi batlaata nahin
par andhere se darta hoon main maa
yoon to main dikhlaata nahin
teri parwaah karta hoon main maa
tujhe sab hai pata
hai na maa
tujhe sab hai pata
meri maa

bheed mein yoon na chhodo mujhe
ghar laut ke bhi aa na paaun maa
bhejna itna door mujhko tu
yaad bhi tujhko aa na paaun maa
kya itna bura hoon main maa
kya itna bura
meri maa

jab bhi kabhi
papa mujhe
zor zor se jhoola jhulaate hain maa
meri nazar dhoondhe tujhe
sochoon yahi ee
tu aake thaamegi maa
unse main
yeh kehta nahin
par main seham jaata hoon maa
chehre pe aane deta nahin
dil hi dil mein ghabraata hoon main
tujhe sab hai pata
hai na maa
tujhe sab hai pata
meri maa
o main kabhi batlaata nahin
par andhere se darta hoon main maa
yoon to main dikhlaata nahin
teri parwaah karta hoon main maa
tujhe sab hai pata
hai na maa
tujhe sab hai pata
meri maa

32 Responses to "Main kabhi batlaata nahin"

I met him again a couple of weeks ago.. he seems as well as before and fairly active and a “chipku” as usual.. He for some reason finds it funny to sit between my legs with his head peeping at whoever I might be talking to.. And I learnt another thing.. when he “nods” his head with a “gruff” harrumph sound, it means follow me.. or chase me.. (or at least that is what it seemed to mean). He apparently was a bit unwell having eaten something disaggerable but he looks fine.. Ate like 5 packs of biscuit (till the vet stopped me from giving him more). Oh well he is enjoying life only I wish he was in the wild and free instead of in that cage.

And I yet again have a parrot. This one fell from the sky.. looks domesticated and escaped and could not fly much far. Now he is with me.. and free.. never keep him in a cage except at night when he has to sleep (and he has to be safe.. given cats come into the house). He speaks a log. “Mittu..”.. “Mittu baby”.. “Mittu ko khaana de na”.. “Ravi” and if ignored “RAAVIIIIIII”, “Kyaa hua be?”, “hahahahahaha”, ‘hmmm”..

And learning.

Nice write up about tuffy Atul. Loved it.


Thanks for the comments and for the update on Tuffy. I am happy to note that you have decided to visit him again this sunday. Do take photos if you can.


Excellent one Nitin (if I may address you so). One more point. A dog and especially a wolf dog hates being constrained.. It makes them very aggressive. You tie them up they will be very furious and they will take it out on something or someone who is available at their mercy the very next time. I actually hate to keep pets of the exotic kind (i.e the ones that should be in the wild and free. Not because I have to take care but because that is imprisoning them). So as much as I can I avoid it and only do it if it is the last/best thing for them to do. These parrots that I have had have come to me after injury/sickness etc and after recovering were quite unfit to join their regular duties in the wild. So I just let them be. And never have kept any of them in cages (except for their safety).

All these pets I have had over the years, had a unique personality and signature actions that make them unforgettable. And having them around is like an anti-depression. You can be angry or sad, but when they come to you and start playing with you or showing their affection in some way, it just acts as a medicine.


Atul bhai, I am quite “at home” with animals. I have been brought up with tons of them around me.. from Birds, Monkeys, Donkeys, Horses, Cows, Sheep, Dogs (various breeds).. and somehow, I seem to get along with them well.

Some time ago I had a strange visitor. (I had it in our thread there). Here it is for your blog.

It was quite a colorful crawler but I had to untangle it first and before I could think of taking a snap.. it was gone.., I was a cute little one..about 2 to a bit longer feet long.. with greenish-orange random patterns on a grey/brown color skin about three forth inch diameter thick. It had a narrow “stretched ovalish” head…was very quick and evil tempered but it was sorta snagged so perhaps was (understandably) annoyed with itself to entertain/exchange pleasantaries from a stranger (me).. how it got so entangled and so got its proverbial underwear in knots I have not a clue, but poor thing was quite well knotted between two plants and had iffy ideas about how to untangle/unknot itself and accepted assistance only unwillingly. Once free it just crawled like lighting and vanished in the thick plants/shrubs around and did not even wait to thank me.,, oh well… I have never seen that one before even though many of its ilks are daily visitors/residents in my backyard garden.. so dunno this fellows vices or virtues and if/even perhaps it is well behaved under more comfortable circumstances..


And given it was all knotted.. the apt song could be

That part from “chatur naar”

Ek chatur naar,
Badi hoshiyaar
Apne hi jaal,
mein phasat jaat,
Hum marat jaat,
Are oo..oo.

From “padosan”.


Atul ji,

Only an animal lover can write this heart touching article on Tuffy with equally heart touching song. Tears of happiness rolled down from my eyes as I read that part of the article when Tuffy recognised Ravi after 5 years and hugged him. And the tears of saddnes after listening to the song which is very apt for the article.

I was contemplating writing an article on this song on ‘Mother’s Day’. But it was good that this song got discussed in a gem of the article.


Thanks for the appreciation. I too have shed tears many times when I have gone through the tale of Tuffy. I am very happy that Tuffy, despite living in a zoo for seven years has not forgotten his human family and loves them just like a pet dog.


Tuffy’s tale was very moving, made me shed tears. And the song too, very apt for the occasion. Thanks Atul ji.


Thanks for the appreciation.


We had heard dogs had sharp 5 senses. The above heart-rending real story was just a corroboration of the same.
Various sources from Internet>>>

There are several wolfdog breeds around. The best known are:
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog from Czechoslovakia
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Tamaskan and others such as: Kunming Wolfdog, Northern Inuit Dog, Lukanish wolfdog, Canadian Eskimo Dog, Sulimov Dog, Coydog and so on.
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A small knife is still a knife.


Atul ji,

Trust Atul ji for writing so emotionally about Pets,his or others’.
I was reading every word and was suitably impressed with how Animals never forget their benefactors. It was a great story and my hats off to people like Ravi.
After reading this story I rememebered one actual incident to which I was a witness.
It was somewhere around 74 or 75 and I was based in Poona. I had hired a Bungalow in the outskirts of Poona residential area. My house was actually the last and we could see the hills and the sheep grazing on them etc. We had a brave single lady staying in a house opposite to our place. We saw her working in her Garden many times.
One night that lady got up hearing some sounds. She came out. She found a Dog stuck in some bushes. The more it tried to come out,it was getting entangled more. There was enough moonshine,so she helped him release from the bushes. Injured,poor fellow could not walk away. She dragged him holding his ears and tied it with a rope to a pole,planning to look after it in the morning.
Next morning,when she went to see the dog,she had a shock of her life. It was not a Dog. It was a Wolf !. Seeing her it stood up and indicated that it thanked her for the help.
Soon the news spread like wild fire and Newspaper men came with cameras. By evening,the Poona Evening papers carried the photos of the wolf and story of “The Brave Lady,who tamed a Wolf”
We too went there and saw that wolf.
Thanks for a very touching story of Ravi and his Pet


Thanks for your appreciation as well as the for the tale of the wolf. Such real life stories are so heart warming to read.


Mr. Arun.. a really fascinating one there.. Actually one thing about animals need clarification. NO animal will attack someone/some other animal unless a) It is part of its menu and it is hungry (animals believe in having fresh food and the best way to ensure its food stays fresh is to let it live cos they do not have a fridge you see). b) If they are a threat to it or its community/clan/children. Rest of the time, they prefer a non confrontational approach and just leave them alone (and in return are extended the same courtesy). This wolf the woman saved, knew two things a) The woman had no ill intent for she had her at her mercy and should have killed her if she harbored such intent.. and so NOT a threat. b) She was not its regular food. So once those two things are removed, throw in her benefactor role. That in their dictionary means unquestioned loyalty and friendship. Just one act of kindness is all it takes. Be it a single morsel when it was hungry and desperate and or saving from a certain peril/death. It was very beautifully depicted in that classic story “Androcles and the lion” which we all must have read in our school days.

Kudos to that woman.


Atul ji,

Very moving post indeed.
I could not help remembering the movie ” Wolf ” 1994 starring Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer, though it was not at all about domestication.


Is “Wolf” a movie about wolf? If it is then I will be interested in watching it.


Its got to be.. it cannot be about Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer!!!


Ah, what a wonderful post this is, Atul! Am so glad you got the idea of bringing the story of Tuffy and SL (I’ve always called him SL, never Ravi, so hard to change 🙂 ) into this blog. More people need to know about the special relationship that can be forged between humans and animals if only humans understand animals better.

Reading this brought back memories of SL’s posts about Tuffy. It’s amazing how Tuffy remembered events that happened 5 years earlier and responded accordingly.

This is a wonderfully heartwarming post, Atul. And written with a lot of heart too. Thanks a lot. And a lot of thanks to SL too, for not just Tuffy but in general helping dispel some myths about animals. And all first hand, from his personal experience.


Thanks a lot. I was thinking about writing this article from 2013, when I first came to know about him from SL. It is only now that I have been able to get it posted when things finally fell in place.


@ Atul ji- simply great !! It touched me a lot and I have no words to express how I feel reading this story (same as the feelings of Tuffy, which could not be expressed in words).
@ Ravi ji (SL) – best wishes to you, and your pets !! Long live this relationship forever …


Thanks. Here is the case of a wolf that wants to live with humans, but it cannot. It is a heart rending situation.


Lovely story Atul (and Ravi!!!)…incidentally I had a dog named Tuffy when I was a kid 😉 He is lucky to have both a wolf and a human family. Anyone who lives with animals know they feel and think as much as humans do (and way more than some humans).


Thanks for visiting and commenting. I was sure that you would love this tale. Now my next anipal tale will be about my own dogs. I have not written anything about them since ages. 🙂


There is a weekly column in Mumbai Mirror, a Times of India publication titled Pet-Puja. Mind you it has nothing to do with pet(stomach).All pet lovers will be better off reading it weekly.


Ah, finally you got around to writing about Tuffy. What a lovely song you chose to go along with it.

What an amazing wolf-dog Tuffy is. It teaches us that the worst animals on the planet are humans. We subjugate all other creature and think we are the most superior ones around.

Ravi, May you have many many more happy meetings with Tuffy.


The little guy below. His style of asking me “kyaa hua be.. Hmm?” is precious. And today he decided to shorten his name.. I call him.. “Mittu kutty” (kutty means little one in tamil) and he has shortened it to “Mittu eeee”.. (ku-T part are too many syllables for that lazy fellow). The pic shows him perched on my mother’s lap (my mom has a thick blanket on her lap because his nails are really sharp and easy pierce her saree and then her skin).

I am not sure if IMG tags work.. but what the heck I will try.

Liked by 1 person

And thanks everyone for all your kind words and wishes.


Excellent write up and introduction of our new member “Tuffy”. During my high school years we had few cats in our house and now my son has one. (He is bringing her to my house tomorrow and she is going to stay with us for ten days 🙂 )These pets make humans more emotional and sensitive with their unconditional love.
Thanks Raviji for sharing your stories about Tuffy.


Nice to see your comments again.


Dear Atul Ji,

It was such a pleasure to have read the lovely story of Tuffy and his owner Ravi Ji.

As an ardent dog/cat lover and current pet owner, I am in a unique position to endorse most of the things witnessed and mentioned by you, Ravi Ji and all other commentators above and feel exactly the same emotion run through my mind and heart as each one of you have felt.

Currently, our two girls, Tala (Alaskan Malamute) and Nikki (Siberian Husky) are almost 5 years of age. If Tuffy was part wolf, as mentioned, then Ravi Ji will have heard him howl, instead of bark, as our girls do. s you had mentioned in one of your song posts {(Mohobbat Bhara Koi Paigam De – Humrahi (1974)}, Nikki, the besuri starts barking at (urging) Tala to start howling and then later joins her. Each episode lasts for about 3 – 5 minutes and can happen anytime between 8 – 10 times a day).

One of the best movies featuring Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies, which was quite emotional, was “Eight Below” – a 2006 American family drama adventure film. There are there two Alaskan Malamutes and six Siberian Huskies featured, with many exciting scenes and excellent photography.

I strongly recommend it’s viewing by all the dog lovers.

Here’s to the humanity’s best friends.


Satyajit Rajurkar


It is great to read your comments and your views on this topic which is dear to me. Reading your comment, I gather that Tala too is part wolf and she is living happily with you. So may be part wolfs do have a future as far as their prospects of living with humans is concerned.

And I think that it is good for the emotional stability of dogs if they have company of other dogs as well, in addition to human company. So the two of your dogs have company of each other. Same is the case for my two dogs as well.

Most dog experts would like us to believe that all dogs behave the same way (and likewise that all wolves behave the same way). I find that dogs have individualities of their own and no two dogs have exactly the same nature. Everyone differs in his nature, habit, behaviour etc.


Atul Ji, I came across this, prompted by todays post from you . It was a fascinating post. I was speechless by the whole account. Thanks.
The song is one of my all time favourites.


Thanks a lot. Writing this post was a highly satisfying experience for me. I felt like I could bring up the sentiments of that wolf dog for us humans to appreciate.


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