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Kal talak ham thheek thhaa aaj hamen kya ho gaya

Posted on: June 4, 2016

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Today’s song is from a ( supposedly) crime thriller, ‘Detective'(1958).

The second half of the 1950s and the first half of the 1960s saw a host of crime, murder, mystery and ‘whodoneit’ type films. Hindi film industry is famous its “herd mentality” where trends get established after the success of films of certain genre. Once films of certain genre becomes a hit, most producers seek to make films on similar themes and stories.

one can actually check with the kinds of films made in various eras to prove this point. According to my observation, 1931 to 1936/37 saw the trend of making films on Parsi Fantasy stories or Mythology. Then from 1937 to almost 1947, it was the turn of Social films- with some message to the Indian society. From 1947 to 1957, the trend was to make Musical Comedy films. From 1957 onwards up to almost 1970, it was a period for films having mystery, crime, murder, and court scenes in their stories.

After 1970, films became unpredictable and the only Genre seemed to be “a Hit at any cost”. Stories tended to have everything (and anything) thrown in the mix, viz. mystery, love, comedy, stunts/fights, tragedy,hill stations, hugh villas, songs and dances on open grounds like doing some kind of exercises or group drills of 50 to 100 extras were included in the film stories and so on. Heroes started doing the comedy,action/stunts, singing,dancing, fighting, love scenes and mouthing dialogues in between. The Heroines wore 50-100 sarees/dresses in a 3 hour film, sang,wept,looked cute and spoke like dolls-with keys on the back !

The tribe of the specialised comedians disappeared and songs were restricted only for the lead pair. In earlier films, the character artistes, comedians or even the junior artistes sang songs. Directors like Guru Dutt gave songs to unknown artistes and southern Hindi films specialized in background songs. All this became a history after 1970 onwards, generally.

One thing was good about the Mystery films. If the story was powerful, or the director was an expert, then the lead pair was immaterial. Expert directors lie Shakti Samanta, Raj Khosla, B R Chopra, K. Amarnath, N A Ansari, Guru Dutt, Vijay Anand and few others made successful Detective/mystery films. Music was to supplement the theme and comedians were there to release the tension of the movies by introducing some light moments.

Fim “Detective “-58 was produced by Ranjit Kumar under the banner of Ameya Chitra. The film was directed by Shakti Samanta and the music was by Mukul Roy.

Now, the name Mukul Roy is not a very famous name. Not many readers may have even heard his name or know the fact that Mukul Roy was the elder brother of singers Geeta Dutt and Laxmi Roy. They had a younger brother Babul, who went to USA in 1960 and settled there. I had on E Mail contact with him till recent past.

MUKUL ROY(16-8-1926 to 8-11-2009) was the elder brother of Geeta Roy(Dutt). Born in Fareedpore in East Bengal(Bangla Desh) he learnt music from Haren Nandi,the famous classical singer. He came to Bombay in 1941.

In 1949,he gave music to BHED and DO BAHADUR, but their songs did not click. In 1956,he produced SAILAB, directed by Guru Dutt. He gave music in it and a song sung by Hemant and Geeta(separately)-“Hai ye duniya kaun si, ae dil mujhe kya ho gaya” became popular. Another song sung by Laxmi Roy, sister of Geeta Roy,-“baje dil ki taar,kare ye pukaar” was also popular.

His luck in Hindi films ended with DETECTIVE-1958, whose songs proved hit, but he did not get any films after this.

He gave music in two Bangla films, “Grihpravesh” and “Kay hiner kahini” in 1973. He also gave music in one Gujarati film.

In 1980 he produced “Patita”with Mithun Chakrawarty, but the film was a flop. From 1948 to 1999 he was settled in Poona and then he shifted to Nashik in Maharashtra. He lived a bachelor’s life. He suffred from slip disk and he died unsung on 8th Nov 2009.

The cast of the film ‘Detective ‘-58 was Pradeep Kumar, Mala Sinha,Johnny Walker, K N Singh, Dhumal, Krishnakant, Bimla Kumari, Bhagwan Sinha, Shetty etc etc. Famous Magician A C Sarkar also appeared in the film as a Guest Artist. There were 8 songs in the film and today’s song will be the 7th song on this Blog. This song is sung by Rafi and Geeta Dutt and is filmed on Johnny Walker and Bimla Kumari.

Bimla Kumari is a case of Same Name Confusion. There was another Bimla Kumari- actress and singer- in the 1930s and the 1940s. She had acted in films like Double cross-38, Baaghbaan-38,Zambo ki beti-39, Prem Nagar-40. The junior Bimla Kumari became famous after the film Barsaat -49 song which was picturised on her.

Bimla was a starlet in Bollywood films from late 40s to early 50s. She will always be remembered as the “Lal Dupatta” girl because that famous song “Hawa mein udta jaayey” from Barsaat (1949) was picturized on her. Besides Barsaat, another memorable role of hers was in Albela (1951) as Bhagwan’s sister. Other notable films of her include Sunehre Din (1949), Sargam (1950) andShrimatiji (1952). She left Bombay in 1954 to work for Vauhini Studios in Madras. Later, she came back and worked primarily as a dancer in more Hindi films including Do Ustad (1959) and Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam (1962) before disappearing into oblivion.

She worked in Barsaat-49,Sargam-50, Sunehre din-49, Albela-51, Anand math-52, Shrimati ji-52, Sheesha-52, Gorilla-53,Inaam-55, Detective-58, Guest House-59, Do Ustad-59, Bazigar-60, Angulimal-60, and Sahib Bibi aur ghulam-62.

The details of the film ‘Detective’-58 are as following:

DETECTIVE-1958 was famous due to its songs,otherwise the story had nothing new and the Director Shakti Samanta also could not do much. The screenplay was by the story writer Nabendu Ghosh and Dialogues were by B H Bukhari.

Sukhdev(Krishnakant) is a criminal from Singapore, who flees to India after killing a Police officer there. Loon Pe, a Police officer from Singapore comes on his trail to catch him. His daughter Mashin(Mala Sinha) is also with him. On the ship they come to know Raja(Pradeep Kumar),who is a magician, and his 8 yr.old son Master(Daisy Irani).

Sukhdev contacts Gonsalves(K N Singh),a hotel owner and a smuggler of Narcotics. He notices the striking resemblance of Sukhdev with Mr.Lal, a shipping magnate. He kidnaps Lal and Sukhdev takes over as Lal. Lal’s wife is kept captive in the house.

Loon Pe comes to know this exchange and he prepares a report. He is shot dead before he could send the report,while Raja’s magic shows are on. Before dying, he tells Mashin about the location of the report. Gonsalves and his gang are now after her. Raja and Master foil many attempts on her life. They develop love.

The criminals then kidnap Mashin and Master and threaten him that unless they get the report, they will kill the two. Raja takes the help of his Magician friend A.C.Sorcar(the world famous Sorcar himself has done this role), who mesmerises the gangsters. Mashin and Master get rescued with the help of Police.

Gonsalves and Sukhdev/Lal are arrested after a few twists, fights and turns, but the end, as expected is sweet and happy.
With the criminals behind bars, Raja and Mashin are free outside to sing songs and Enjoy life !

Enjoy this typical comedy song of Johnny Walker from “Detective”(1958).


Audio (Full)

Song-Kal talak ham thheek thhhaa aaj hamen kya ho gaya (Detective)(1958) Singers-Geeta Dutt, Rafi, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Mukul Roy


laa lalallalalaa
laa lalallalalaa
laa lalallalalaa

kal talak hum thheek thha
aaj hamen kya ho gaya
kal talak hum thheek thha
aaj hamen kya ho gaya
dil bhi hamko chhod ke
kya paraaya ho gaya
kal talak hum thheek thha
aaj hamen kya ho gaya

ye machalti raat aadhi
mausam bekaraar
chhup gaya kyun chhed kar tu mere dil ke taar
mere dil ke taar
mere dil ke taar
hum idhar hai jaagta
tum udhar kya so gaya
hum idhar hai jaagta
tum udhar kya so gaya
dil bhi hamko chhod ke
kya paraaya ho gaya
kal talak hum thheek thha
aaj hamen kya ho gaya

hum to kab se dil ko thhaame baithe thhe janaab
jhoom uthhe
aa gaya jab aahon ka jawaab
aahon ka jawaab
aahon ka jawaab
hum tumhaare khwaab mein
tumse pehle kho gaya
hum tumhaare khwaab mein
tumse pahle kho gaya
dil bhi hamko chhod ke
kya paraaya ho gaya

kal talak hum thheek thha
aaj hamen kya ho gaya

chaand se keh do
ab na jaaye
ab na beete raat
hamko dekhe aur jhoome
taaron ki baaraat

taaron ki baaraat
taaron ki baaraat

log jalte hain jalen
hum tumhaara ho gaya
log jalte hain jalen
hum tumhaara ho gaya
arre waah
dil bhi hamko chhod ke
kya paraaya ho gaya

kal talak hum thheek thha
aaj hamen kya ho gaya
arre kal talak hum thheek thha
aaj hamen kya ho gaya

2 Responses to "Kal talak ham thheek thhaa aaj hamen kya ho gaya"

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Samajh Na Duniya Ko Ghar Khushi Ka
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Baaje Dil Ki Taar Kare Ye Pukar
Lakshmi Roy Mukul Roy Hasrat Jaipuri Sailaab (1956)

Ritu Pyar Karne Ki Aayi
Lakshmi Roy Mukul Roy Madhukar Rajasthani Bhed (1950)
any more?



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