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Zara ruk ruk ke zara thham thham ke

Posted on: June 9, 2016

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Hullo to everyone in Atuldom

Its been long since I had any idea that inspired me to write. But 9th June is one date which I just cannot let go without writing something about.

Before I give the importance of this date here are some stray thoughts that came to me. I am sure all of us have many friends as we journey through life. I am also certain that they will be in categories like building (Housing society) friends (meaning friends who lived with us in the apartment we grew up in), school friends (this will cover all the friends we had in school be they junior or senior to us), class friends or classmates as we choose to call them. Then further in life we have college friends and office friends. Now for people in Mumbai there would be an additional set of friends –train friends and I have personally witnessed the kind of masti (fun) these people have to and from their work place. I have seen that in the general compartment the groups of friends will play cards or have bhajans etc. They also celebrate peoples’ birthdays and other happy occasions in the journey that can be anywhere between 45 minutes to one and half hour depending on where the last person gets off.

I have also seen similar parties in the ladies compartment of the Mumbai local. Added to this the ladies will be discussing (no not only mother-in-law) office gossip, TV serials, cleaning coriander, and actually preparing vegetables for the evening meals. {Bit of info for non Mumbaikars –journey from CST or VT as it used to be called to the last station Kalyan/ Karjat/ Kasara is almost two hours and so is the case on the western line from Churchgate to Virar/ Vasai etc.}

So I spoke of building friends; school friends; class friends; college friends; office friends and train friends. Now to this list I have added (in my life atleast) blog friends. And one of them has a birthday today.

Before I go any further another thought has erupted in my mind. And I think this is true of many in this blog who I feel are in the same age group as me. I am sure as younger people (I will not say youngsters because all of us are still youngsters) we were in the habit of addressing our elders as Kaka, Mama, Tauji, Phoofa etc (terms showing relation with the said adult male) and any other non-related male used to be called UNCLE. And if one was from the south and talking in the local lingo we would still put a MAMA tag to any male (related or unrelated) and never ever address anyone by their first name. And I found a similar system in Mumbai where unrelated males were habitually addressed as KAKA.

Now people should not ponder as to where I am heading. I will explain. Two years ago I had the opportunity to meet a learned person whom we all know as our in-house encyclopedia. ARUNKUMAR DESHMUKH. He was okay to my addressing him as Arunji. But on realizing that he is much senior I got on to the UNCLE stage with him to which he took objection for the simple reason that he is mentally younger than all of us. (I am sure Rajaji will agree with me as also Gajendraji and Shenoy Sir). So in the short time that I chatted with him I landed on the term GURUJI for him as he is really teaching us a lot in terms of info on Hindi Film music. So here on his birthday I present a song by his favourite music director C. Ramachandra.

The movie is the 1957 release Asha. Lyricist is Rajinder Krishan and Lata Mangeshkar is the singer. It is Vyjayanthimala’s stage dance with Kishore Kumar, Pran and Jagdish (inspector) Raaj in the audience.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Guruji. May we always have your good morning messages on our Whatsapp group first thing in the morning in addition to all the good forwards that you bestow on us. And your detailed informative write ups here on the blog.

Song-Zara ruk ruk ruk ke zara thham thham ke (Asha)(1957) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra


zara ruk ruk ke
zara thham thham ke
main to dwaar chali sakhi baalam ke
main to dwaar chali sakhi baalam ke
zara ruk ruk ke
ho zara thham thham ke
main to dwaar chali sakhi baalam ke
main to dwaar chali sakhi baalam ke

meri ankhiyon mein dhaar hai kaajal ki
dhaar kaajal ki
meri zulfon mein lehar hai baadal ki
dhaar kaajal ki
meri paayal mein sur hai sargam ke
meri paayal mein sur hai sargam ke
ho zara ruk ruk ke
ho zara thham thham ke
main to dwaar chali sakhi baalam ke
main to dwaar chali sakhi baalam ke
ho zara ruk ruk ke
ho zara thham thham ke
main to dwaar chali sakhi baalam ke
main to dwaar chali sakhi baalam ke

mere dil mein lagan jab teri hai
mere dil mein
mere dil mein lagan jab teri hai
phir gham kya jo raat andheri hai
meri bindiya
ho meri bindiya to sainyya cham cham chamke
main to dwaar chali sakhi baalam ke
main to dwaar chali sakhi baalam ke
ho zara ruk ruk ke
ho zara thham thham ke
main to dwaar chali sakhi baalam ke
main to dwaar chali sakhi baalam ke

maine dekhi hai jhalak ik saajan ki
ik saajan ki
ab pyaas bujhi meri ankhiyan ki
meri ankhiyan ki
jali jyot khushi ki
gaye din gham ke
jali jyot khushi ki
gaye din gham ke
ho zara ruk ruk ke
ho zara tham tham ke
main to dwaar chali sakhi baalam ke
main to dwaar chali sakhi baalam ke


23 Responses to "Zara ruk ruk ke zara thham thham ke"

Arun ji,

Wish you many many happy returns of the day.

Peevesie Mom,

Ditto about local train journey.

Sadanand ji, thanks a lot.

Peevesie’s Mom ji,

Thanks a million for being so nice to write a post specially for me.
It is love of you friends on this Blog that motivates me to continue writing.
Thanks once again for your good wishes and your kind words.


Thank you guruji for appreciating all that I write. Hope you liked my song selection too!

Good Morning !!
Wishing you all the best on your birthday. Happy Birthday, Arunji !

Manju Amarnath Das

Thanks,Manju ji…(my daughter’s name is also Manju)

And my husband’s name is Arun !!!! All lovely names 🙂
All the Best to you !! Have a wonderful celebration!

Many many hearty Aashirwads on your B-Day.
Giving Aashirwads, as being senior in age reminds me of our family anecdote.
My elder brother had a unique sense of humor and whenever any young family member bowed down to him on any occasion, he would tell him to wait for minute or two before bestowing him with his Aashirwads. He would explain this delay by telling that to give Aashirwads, one must have some reserve of ‘punya’ with him for the Aashirwads to be effective. Since, he would say, that his balance of “punya’ was almost nil, how would he dare give Aashirwads? In the minute or two, he would say, he earned some ‘punya’ chanting silently Gayatri mantra a few times. Then with that new ballanse created, he would gladly give Aashirwads.
Arunbhai, I also is poor with my balance of ‘punya’, but have arrangements with almighty for overdraft facility, so my Aashirwads are fully assured to give full results.

Bharat ji,

Thanks for your Ashirwads. I am sure they are effective.

Arun ji

Janam din ki haardik shubhkaamnaayein…..


Prakash ji,

Thanks a million.


Deshmukh sir….My best wishes to you on your birthday. I know u only thru this blog and have grown great respect for you, your team members,,, all dedicated to one cause, contributing relentlessly. This project will be a great treasure to next generations, I am sure. After the sad musical demise of Annasaheb significantly with post-Bahurani (1963), Latadidi’s vow to end his career ended the former in black clouds. Anna disconnected himself from his friends, producers, avoided going to filmi-parties, and thus slowly vanished. TV channels, Radio stations ( esp. VividhBharati), neglected his creative treasure. Music lovers believed no music director existed before RD Burman and LP. Those who are in 60s now, grew up with Shankar Jaikishan, Kalyanjee Anandji and scarcely remembered Anna. Very sad. However, rasikjan like you know the greatness and exclusiveness of CR, his unparalleled range of compositions… I am delighted that Anna’s song is a befitting gift to you today.

shrirammoghe ji,

Thanks for your kind words.
Lata’s greatness was partly because of her supporting composers too, which she and people forget. CR was undoubtedly a great composer.

Happy Birthday. May God give more strength to your arm so you can write more and more posts.

Nitin ji,
Thanks for your wishes.

Happy Birthday Arunji and wishing many more such days!! You got an apt treat from Naliniji.
Hope you would write one too on the occasion. With your vast knowledge, you should be able to come up with one in a jiffy.

Thanks Aparna ji, for your wishes.

I like the term Guruji also. I have learnt so much from this blog that I want to call you all Guruji, but Arunji has a special level of expertise.

Many many happy returns of the day Guruji.

Thanks, Ava ji.
with so many people calling me Guruji, I have already started feeling like Dronacharya…..

You can never be old enough,as your birthday is nau june (NAVA AJUN).
“Many happy returns of the day” is my one wish. Another wish SHE (Manju’s Maa) should have been there.
BTW did you read Pyarelal’s article in Loksatta’s Chaturang supplement last saturday? He opened the ZAKLI MUTH of SAV VA LAKH behind Dosti’s success at Filmfare awards. Some thing like that might be taking place at Binaca Geet Mala also. What to believe ?

D Samant

D Samant ji,

Thanks for your Birthday and the ‘other’ wish.
With Shankar-Jaikishen and L-P at the game almost openly, all awards looked suspicious in those days and lost credibility.

Oh, how come I missed this post! What a sweet post this is by Peevisie’s Mom! Totally agree with her sentiment about Arunji. Indeed he is Guruji – and not just for his encyclopaedic knowledge but also as an inspiration in general.
Once again, wishing you a very happy birthday, Arunji!

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