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O pardesi chhora chhaila gora gora

Posted on: June 9, 2016

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

This post could be considered the Pakeezah of this blog. No, not for its quality but for one aspect alone. It was started on the 7th of November 2015 and is being completed now, in June 2016!

I can now imagine, to a very small extent, how Kamal Amrohi must have felt, making Pakeezah. It is very difficult to have continuity in any project that has a long time-frame. One of the biggest casualties becomes the freshness of content, as times change. And though this blogpost is nothing compared to making a film, it suffers from this issue of freshness.

But I had promised Atul a long time ago that I would write this up – and I intend to keep my word, even if the outcome is likely to be far from satisfactory. This has been bothering me right from that day in November last year – and I have to get closure on it.

It’s a write-up on the “gangout” that was organized in Bengaluru on the 7th of November 2015. We had the gangout at my place – and the very same evening, when everyone had left, I started writing about it. But I never got around to finishing it. And that was that. After that, it just remained in incomplete state, on my computer. And I’ve been feeling guilty ever since. Peevisie’s Mom did do a write-up of her own on the event when mine wasn’t forthcoming – but I still felt guilty.

So this write-up is as much about my getting rid of my guilt, as anything else. I hope you will therefore tolerate the post, though most of it is dated.

Thankfully, the song I had in mind that day has still not been posted. So I get a chance to post it even now.

Lalitha summed it up best on the day when, during our video conference, she said “Music, friends and food – what more does one need?”.


After the gangout in Bangalore in October 2014, where some of us Atulites managed to meet for the first time and had a wonderful time together, as we got into the second half of 2015, there was the “gangout itch” making its presence again. Those who had met earlier were happy to meet up again – and there was hope that those who couldn’t make it for the first one, would make it this time.

So, sometime in August 2015, the idea of another Bengaluru gangout was floated. Picking a date is usually the first task. After some discussion, we firmed up on Saturday, 7th November, as the date, since that was when Ava, otherwise an outstation Atulite, would be in town. As at that moment, there were not many who felt that date would be an issue.

Similar to the 2014 Bengaluru gangout, I offered to host this one too at my place.

As usual, there was a lot of discussion via e-mail on attendance and planning. We were hopeful of getting many more attendees this time than we had managed in 2014. That first event had been organized almost at the last moment, without much advance notice.

But as luck would have it, even the advance notice this time did not help very much. Unfortunately, closer to the event, a lot of expected attendees had to drop out for one reason or the other. At one time, seeing the rapidly shortening attendee list, I began feeling a sudden sense of empathy with the Congress leadership in the country. 🙂

But that’s how things go. Although the news of cancellations did disappoint us, one just has to accept that there are other events happening in people’s lives – these demand their time and attention too. If they can make it for the gangout, great. If they can’t, it’s a pity – but it’s also motivation to arrange another gangout in the near future and try to meet at that one.

Of course, it doesn’t mean we cannot have fun, trying to guilt-trip those cancelling. 🙂 When Sudhirji informed me, a few days before the event, that he and Bakshishji wouldn’t be able to attend, I sent him an e-mail loaded with melodrama just for fun, saying

Ek dil ke tukde hazaar hue, koi yahaan gira, koi wahaan gira….
Dilli ke raaste mein, jaate jaate, agar aapko koi chhoti si cheez dikhe, to gaur se dekhiyega…mere dil ka ek tukda hi hoga….
Is kadar toda mera dil, kya mera dil dil na tha…
mere toote hue dil se, koi to aaj ye poochhe, ki tera haal kya hai…

It was all for fun, of course. And Sudhirji, like some others, did get in touch that day, keen to be part of the event, even if not physically present onsite. In fact, that was one of the nicest things that day. Many Atulites were actively sending us messages on whatsapp, calling up on the phone, doing video calls with us. So even if they were not there in person, they were very much there in spirit. We, who did manage to attend, really appreciated that.

Now to the event itself.

The attendees, apart from me, were Aparna, Ava, Peevisie’s Mom, a Peevisie friend (Peevisie couldn’t make it but her friend could), Gajendraji (a new Atulite, with an amazing knowledge and collection of old Hindi songs) and Shenoyji. I had also invited one of my Bangalore-based friends over, with his wife and son. They are also into old Hindi songs.

Based on the 2014 experience, Arunji (who had tried google hangout with us in 2014, and had had problems) suggested we should have an agenda, to have some sort of structure for the day. A very good suggestion. But sadly, one that we didn’t follow well enough.

I did have a rough agenda in mind which was as follows :
(a) brief introductions (b) video conferencing with other Atulites (c) lunch (d) each person to propose a song of his/her choice for all to listen (e) a quiz (f) each person to sing a song (or even dance 🙂 ). But this was only in my head – I didn’t share it with others. Maybe that was a mistake.

As it turned out, we ran so much out of time that we didn’t get to (e) and (f) at all – although I am sure some didn’t mind at all. 🙂

After losing a bit of time to technical issues, by the time we got the introductions round done, it was already past noon.

We then did a video conference with Khyatiben, for whom it was already rather late in the US. But she was still very enthusiastic and we had an enjoyable antakshari session with her. 🙂

We then got Lalitha into a video conference. Lalitha was supposed to join us for the gangout but had to drop out at the last minute. She and Pradeep were supposed to come over from Chennai but unfortunately Pradeep fell ill and Lalitha’s plan fell through too. But she said she’d be available on video conference, so we managed to have that one. (A few weeks later, Lalitha and her husband did visit Bangalore, so we managed a meet-up at my place, together with Peevisie’s Mom and Dad).
By the time the video conferencing got over, it was past 2.00 p.m. Lunch was planned at a nearby restaurant, so we all went over and had lunch there. By the time we returned, I think it was already close to 3.00 p.m, so we were running out of time.

We then started item (d) of my agenda, where each person proposed a song of his/her choice and we all listened to it / watched the video. This took all the rest of the time, because there were plenty of songs to listen to. Some of us suggested multiple songs. It was informal anyway – the point was to share, and listen to, songs. I listened to many songs for the first time that day, especially the ones played by Shenoyji and Gajendraji. Shenoyji, who had till then only commented on posts but never written one himself, promised to write up a song for the blog – and came good on his promise soon after.

All good things come to an end, and our gangout was no different. We had a fair bit of fun – and it was really wonderful to meet in person – but it was time to call it a day. Shenoyji had to go for a meeting. We did manage to get an evening video conference with Sudhirji, Bakshishji and Srinivasji (who were together in Dilli) though. They couldn’t hear us, we could hear them (or was it the other way round?) – it made for a comic situation.

All in all, it was a fun day. And though it is 8 months since the event, I have fond memories of it. Since I am writing from memory, I might have got the odd fact wrong – kindly excuse. I am just happy to have managed to complete this post. 🙂

And now, for the song itself.

This is from Savera (1958). We already have four songs from this film on the blog, but surprisingly this one isn’t posted yet. It’s a song I came across a while ago on one of my routine youtube searches for songs I’d never heard before. It is a catchy tune and I fell in love with it the very first time I heard it. And it’s not just the tune, but the dance too. Just so lively.

The connection of this song with this blogpost is that, during the gangout, when each of us was presenting a song for others to listen to, I presented this song.

It is picturised on Sheila Vaz, who does the lip-synching. Ashok Kumar and Meena Kumari can also be seen watching the dance which happens on a boat.

The song is written by Shailendra and composed by a less-known composer, Sailesh. I know nothing about him, so I thought I’d check other songs of this film on this blog. But I can’t find anything – I request knowledgeable readers to give us more information about him. A person who is capable of such a catchy tune surely deserves to be better-known.

I hope you enjoy this song too. I quite like it and am happy to be able to post it here.

song-O pardesi chhora chhaila gora gora (Saweraa)(1958) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Shailesh Mukherji


O pardesi chhora
chhaila gora gora
O pardesi chhora
chhaila gora gora
Bha gaya ji dil mein aa gaya
O pardesi chhora
chhaila gora gora
O pardesi chhora
chhaila gora gora
Bha gaya ji dil mein aa gaya

Hamen kya khabar thhi
baat badh jaayegi
Aadhi aadhi raat hamen
nindiya na aayegi
Hamen kya khabar thhi
baat badh jaayegi
Aadhi aadhi raat hamen
nindiya na aayegi
Kaisa rog lagaa gaya
O pardesi chhora
chhaila gora gora
O pardesi chhora
chhaila gora gora
Bha gaya ji dil mein aa gaya

Roz mulaaqaat ho
kuchh na kahoon main
Meethhe meethhe dard ko
hans ke sahoon main
Roz mulaaqaat ho
kuchh na kahoon main
Meethe meethe dard ko
hans ke sahoon main
Dil bhi haath chhudaa gaya
O pardesi chhora
chhaila gora gora
O pardesi chhora
chhaila gora gora
Bha gaya ji dil mein aa gaya
O pardesi chhora
chhaila gora gora
O pardesi chhora
chhaila gora gora
Bha gaya ji dil mein aa gaya

An-gin taaron mein
chaand jyun akela
Meri ankhiyon mein sainyaan albela
An-gin taaron mein
chaand jyun akela
Meri ankhiyon mein
sainyaan albela
Dekho rang jamaa gaya
O pardesi chhora
chhaila gora gora
O pardesi chhora
chhaila gora gora
Bha gaya ji dil mein aa gaya


21 Responses to "O pardesi chhora chhaila gora gora"

Hullo rajaji
Glad that pakeezah has finally seen the light of the day. Congratulations to that. 😉 but in between you also released a quickie for your Mohd Rafi’s birthday. And both gr8 songs!

Is blog ke liye Pakeezah hi to hai ye, nahin? I don’t think any other post, having been started, has been delayed for so long. 🙂

Yes, I did post one song for Rafisaab’s birthday – how could I not? 🙂 But still, not keeping my word to Atul was bothering me. Am SO relieved now. I can come out of hiding and finally face him again. 🙂

This Pakeezah is every bit as good as Kamal Amrohi’s Pakeezah. We are missing a Meena Kumari but maybe Peevesie’s Mom would like to stand in for her. Aap to shayad Raj Kumar ka role bada acha nibha sakte hain.

This brings back memory of that wonderful day. Thank you for putting it down on ‘paper’ figuratively speaking. I had even maintained a list of songs that we played. If I find it somewhere, I will put it down here. I had suggested “Chand zard zard hai.” Gajendraji had shared a beautiful Shamshad Begam number with Kamini Kaushal in it (His favorite) Peeveesie had suggested a new song. If we list all the songs we had suggested it can be compiled.

Bakshishji is a distant cousin of mine and I was keen to meet him again. In fact, I wanted to bring my mother along, but she got busy with other guests.

We can’t thank Raja enough for being such a good host. I remember the delicious lunch we had at the diner close to his house. Atulites are such wonderful people. I am not saying this just for form. I work in an office and I have to interact with a vast array of people. Most of them would willing stab you in the back in a jiffy. So it is nice for me to meet people who are genuinely caring and good.

Oh: before I forget, the song is nice too. 😉

It was really nice meeting everyone that day, though I wish I’d planned it better. Even last night, when I was writing it up, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to be describing the events of that day. By the way, I still have that piece of paper on which you listed all the songs of the antakshari. 🙂

AHA! The bit of paper I have lists our ‘choice’ songs. Now that I want it, I am sure it will disappear. 😦

Raja ji,

First I thought that you were writing about our January 2016 meeting at Bengaluru, but soon I realised that I was reading a Historical document.
Actually, two points have been achieved. One, you have stood by your promise to Atul ji, about writing the post and secondly, History will record that you have kept your word and detailed the meeting proceedings.
“Better late than Never”.
But seriously, the post is quite readable and interesting . I learnt how the meeting went about despite dropouts from North and South, as if to counterbalance…that too, two each side !

Thanks for your post.


😉 historical document!!! 😁👍

*Historical* to ho hi gaya! Ab to wo baat history ho gayi 🙂

“Haan, ab to hum itihaas ka hissa ban gaye hain. Maazi ka ek panna.” in a deep-throated Prithviraj Kapoor voice. 🙂

Thank you, Arunji. Indeed, better late than never. Or like they say in Urdu, der aaye, durust aaye. 🙂 I feel much relieved now – ab Atul ko phir “munh dikha sakta hoon”. 🙂

Later I realised I should have heeded your advice on gangout structure and timings better. You did warn me about it. Without some control on timing, items get extended and some get compromised. Maybe we needed to spend more time just discussing amongst ourselves – like we did at the later meet with you at Gajendraji’s place.

Anyway, learning for the next one. 🙂

The cancellations were evenly balanced (not counting those who expressed their inability up front):
– North: Sudhirji & Bakshishji
– South: Pradeep & Lalitha
– West: You & Avinashji
– Central (if you consider UP as such): Atulji.

But, like I said, it’s all part of the game. And everyone was there in spirit, messsaging and all, even if not physically able to make it. That gives a big boost as well.

Just noticed that Atul himself did a write-up of the Jan 2016 meet but none of the attendees did? Bahut na-insaafi hai. Aap likhenge? Or should I do another Pakeezah? 🙂 It won’t be as exhaustive as one written by you but I could give it a shot. 🙂

Btw, any info you have on composer Shailesh Mukherji? Clearly he had a very brief career. Wondering why.

Surprisingly Shailesh Mukherjee also scored in just 3 movies
Suhag Sindoor-1953
any more?

Indeed, surprising. Would like to know why he had such a brief career. Could it be that other priorities in life took over? Or was he sidelined? I quite like this song – and am therefore curious to know more about this composer.

Just realised that Savera (1958) was directed by Satyen Bose – and it happens to be his death anniversary today. Maybe I should have mentioned this fact in the post but am glad at this serendipity. 🙂

ok we seem to have many coincidences today.
this song from Satyen Bose and today is his anniversary
the next song posted today is by Lyricist Asad Bhopali and it is his anniversary too today

A good post that is eminently readable. Makes one long to be part of a group of such great music enthusiasts. It is these kind of social interactions that relieve the stresses of day to day life… meeting genuine people who are selfless or even hearing about them is such a blessing.. otherwise the kind of people we encounter every day – manipulative with hidden agendas and political machinations of their own…
I do not know about Sailesh but I read about Sheila Vaz. Looks like she got married quite early – in the 60’s and she quit dancing to settle down to matrimonial bliss. I even saw her recent photo… she has aged so gracefully. Sheila is also known for the peppy number – Leke Pehla Pehlya pyar from CID that was shot in Worli sea face.

Thank you, Bhavanaji. Indeed, music provides bonding like nothing else, cutting across all barriers enforced by geography or society. 🙂 And, as you say, it also relieves a lot of stress of day to day life, especially when we discuss music with other like-minded music lovers.

We must thank Atul (founder of this blog) for this excellent platform to be able to share and discuss music. It has brought many of us, from across the world, close together.

Raja swaminathan ji,

I am sending an E Mail to you about Sailesh Mukherjee. It also contains info gained from his Daughter in law.

Got the mail, Arunji. Thank you SO much. As usual, a wealth of information. I feel I know much more about the person who till now was just a name to me. Please thank his daughter-in-law also from my side.

It is a pity he didn’t get more chances in the industry. Our loss. But then, he moved on to a different career – and seems to have been just as passionate in it.

By the way, I have seen Miya Biwi Raazi – and I quite liked it. It has some nice songs by SD Burman. I especially love the folk tune of “bahut buri hai ye bimari pyar ki”.

Sir, I am from Mysore. In Mysore too we have many old hindi film music lovers and once in a way we do meet and have our discussions. It will be nice for Mysore and Bangalore to join together and have a “gala meeting ” either in Mysore or Bangalore sometime in the near future. Please let me have your opinion Sior.

Sure, Ratnamji. Very good idea. The next time we plan to have a meet-up (or gangout, as we call it) in Bangalore, we will definitely contact you. Always happy to meet more old hindi film music lovers and add to the Atulite family. 🙂

Thank you Sir. But, I will be away in the USA from 20th July to 10th Nov 2016. Before or after these dates, I will be available.

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