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Aa gayi aa gayi aa gayi re

Posted on: January 30, 2017

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s song is from the film Sailaab-56. The film was produced by Mukul Roy under the banner of his own company “M.R.Films”. The film was directed by Guru Dutt and its music was given by the producer Mukul Roy himself.

Indian Film Industry and Indian Political system have one thing common in them. They both try to promote their kith and kin into their own profession, where they have succeeded. One can understand if children are handed over the reigns of family business, which is run by many Generations. But Political Leadership or Acting or Singing is surely not a ‘business’. Their position is earned by doing hard work or by individual Good luck. Most of the people forget this and they try to passing on their place to their kith and kin as if it is a mantle or the Olympic Torch. they try to install their children in the seat which they have earned through hard work. The result, most times, is disastrous, because without hard work or extraordinary luck,it is difficult to succeed in these two professions.

We have seen many such cases in Politics as well as film line. Successful Actors or Actresses tried to promote their sons/daughters, but most of them were flops. Barring a few cases of successes like Sanjay Dutt and few others, there are hardly any new generation successes. Kishore Sahu ( Naina), Leela Chitnis (Ajit), Balraj Sahni ( Parikshit Sahni), Raaj Kumar ( Puru ), Vasant Joglekar ( Meera), Hemen Gupta (Archana), Kidar Sharma (Ashok) and many more examples establish the fact that only a successful parent or a sibling is not enough to guarantee succeed in film line for their descendents.

Same is the case with Music too. Just because the parent or a sibling was a known Musician or a Singer was not a guarantee to succeed. Cases of Amit kumar (Kishore Kumar), Basant Prakash(Khemchand Prakash), Chandru Atma (C.H.Atma), Khalid Mehmood (Talat Mehmood), Varsha Bhosle( Asha Bhosle) are some known examples of Kin failures.

We must add two more names Mukul Roy and Laxmi Roy- Brother and Sister of Geeta Roy-Dutt, to this list. In film Sailaab-56, Mukul Roy was the producer and the Music Director, while Laxmi Roy sang one song. Mukul Roy was Geeta’s elder brother and Laxmi Roy was younger sister of Geeta Dutt. When Mukul Roy became a composer with his first film Bhed-50, he gave Laxmi Roy her first film song to sing. She was not a very good singer or her voice was not an extraordinary one. So no major composers noticed her. Chitragupta gave her one song in Bhakta Puran-52 and 2 songs in Nayaa Rasta-53. Composer Vinod tried her with one song in Aag ka Dariya-53. S.N.Tripathi gave her two songs in Nav Durga-53 and lastly she sang one song for Mukul Roy in Sailaab-56.

Pramod Chakravarty, who became a wellknown Director and producer later on, was working as assistant to Guru Dutt in Sailaab. During its making Laxmi and Pramod got married and Laxmi’s singing career came to a close ! In all she sang 8 songs in 6 films.

MUKUL ROY(16-8-1926 to 8-11-2009) was the elder brother of Geeta Roy(Dutt).Born in Fareedpore in East Bengal(Bangla Desh) he learnt music from Haren Nandi,the famous classical singer.he came to Bombay in 1941.

In 1949, he gave music to BHED ( released in 1950) and DO BAHADUR-( released in 1953),but its songs did not click. In 1956,he produced SAILAB. First the director was Ravindra Dave, but after 4 reels, he was removed and the film was directed by Guru Dutt.Mukul Roy gave music to it and a song sung by Hemant and Geeta(separately)-Hai ye duniya kaun si, aye dil mujhe kya ho gaya became popular. Another song sung by Laxmi Roy, younger sister of Geeta Roy,-baje dil ki taar,kare ye pukar was also famous.

His luck in Hindi films ended with DETECTIVE-1958,whose songs were hit,but he did not get any films after this.

He gave music to 2 Bangla films, Grihpravesh and Kay hiner kahini in 1973. He also gave music to one Gujarati film.

In 1980 he produced “Patita”with Mithun Chakrawarty, but the film was a flop. From 1948 to 1999 he settled in Poona and then shifted to Nashik.
He settled in Nashik,in Maharashtra and lived a bachelor life. He suffered from slip disk till he died unsung on 8th Nov 2009.

With due respect to his talents, Mukul Roy depended too much on outside inspirations, rather than forming his own tunes.

Mukul Roy got some inspirations from Western songs. The song “Do Chamakti Aankhon Mein” itself is almost a direct but pleasant adaption of the Herry Belafonte hit “Jamaica Farewell”.

There is a very good Rafi song “Chhodiye Gussaa Huzoor, Aisi Naaraazi Bhi Kya” that borrows its main body and interlude from “Bimbo” – a 1950’s Jim Reeves song.

And then there is yet another Rafi-Geeta song “Aa Ja kar Lein Muqaabla” that leans on the Spanish standard “Red Bull”. The Spanish original was made popular all over India because it was the Binaca Geet Mala signature tune all through the life of that programme.

The film Sailaab-56 had the cast of Abhi Bhattacharya, Geeta Bali, Bipin Gupta, Smriti Biswas,Helen, Uma Devi etc. The story of the film was….

Gautam (Abhi Bhattacharya), a rich young man goes to Assam to visit his father’s tea plantation. The plane in which Gautam is travelling is forced to make an emergency landing due to bad weather. Gautam gets hurt and suffers from amnesia. He falls in love with a young woman Kanchan (Geeta Bali) who responds to him even though she is part of a religious community that doesn’t allow its members to marry. Gautam’s father takes him back to Calcutta. Gautam’s mother dies and the shock of her death brings back Gautam’s memory. But as his memory returns he forgets Kanchan. Kanchan comes to Calcutta in search of Gautam and sees that he fails to recognize her. She returns to her community deciding to renounce the world. In time Gautam is able to recollect his association with her and he goes after her to Assam. The lovers are reunited.

Today’s song “Aa gayee aa gayee” is a copy of a Bangla film song tune. Nevertheless, it is a good song, sung by Geeta Dutt who sang 7 out of 9 songs of the film.

Song-Aa gayi aa gayi aa gayi re raat rang bhari aa gayi (Sailaab)(1956) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Mukul Roy


aa gayi aa gayi aa gayi re
raat rang bhari aa gayi ee
aa gayi aa gayi aa gayi re
raat rang bhari aa gayi
bachpan ka haath chhoota
apnon ka saath chhoota
bachpan ka haath chhoota
apnon ka saath chhoota
lekin tum mil gaye
samjho ke main sab pa gayi ee
aa gayi aa gayi aa gayi re
raat rang bhari aa gayi ee
aa gayi aa gayi aa gayi re
raat rang bhari aa gayi

sach bataao
kyun chale aaye thhe mujhko chhod kar
tumko aakhir kya mila
ye sheesha e dil tod kar
ghir ke baadal jo barsen
mere armaan tarsen
ghir ke baadal jo barsen
mere armaan tarsen
tum na aaye
tumhaare dar pe main khud aa gayi ee
aa gayi aa gayi aa gayi re
raat rang bhari aa gayi ee
aa gayi aa gayi aa gayi re
raat rang bhari aa gayi

laakh shiqwe
par nahin hain ye shikaayat ki ghadi
ye ghadi apne milan ki
ye mohabbat ki ghadi
poonam ka chaand chamka
hat gaya saaya wo gham ka
poonam ka chaand chamka
hat gaya saaya wo gham ka
gulshan mein chaandni
chupke se ras barsa gayi ee
aa gayi aa gayi aa gayi re
raat rang bhari aa gayi ee
aa gayi aa gayi aa gayi re
raat rang bhari aa gayi

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Baaje Dil Ki Taar Kare Ye Pukar Mukul Roy Hasrat Jaipuri Sailaab (1956)

Mukul Roy
Detective (1958)
Bhed (1950)
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My, my!! What a write-up on Mukul Roy and the two sisters>

Aruji, I have a query for you. I have posed this question in many forums but got no reply. Who is the Mandolin player in the photo that accompanies this song? Is it Sajjad Sahab?


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