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Main pal pal tumhen rijhaaun

Posted on: October 6, 2017

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing

Today we will discuss about a song and the film ” Meenakshi”-42, made by New Theatres, Calcutta in two languages-Hindi and Bangla.

In the early years of Talkie era, New Theatres (NT) was a force to reckon with in the Indian film industry. Top class Directors like P C Barua, Premankur Attorthy, Debki Bose, Hem Chunder, Nitin Bose etc, First grade actors like K L Saigal, Prithwiraj kapoor, K C Dey, Pahadi Sanyal, Asit Baran etc and actresses like Uma Shashi, kanan Bala etc and the Music Maestros like Punkaj mullick, R C Boral, K C Dey etc were from NT. In the studio system New Theatres was undoubtedly the Numro uno, in those years.

However, the second World War outside and the war of king size egos within the company destroyed the Institution in early 1940s. One by one , its artistes, on whom NT had so much pride, left the company and headed for the Alibaba’s cave,i.e. Bombay. By 1945, New Theatres was in deep trouble and on the downhill.

One more reason- and I feel it was equally important- of NT’s diminishing popularity in the Hindi belt was its inability to cope up with the changing scenario in the Hindi film industry. Lahore had brought in the Punjabi music to films, Bombay Talkies led the Cinema dialogue language to be what the common Indian man spoke like and the acting became natural, giving way to theatre style,slow dialogue delivery. None of these changes were adapted by NT. May be, the traditional excessive Regional pride , love for Robindra Sangeet and the typical stubbornness of the land, prevented them from accepting and adapting to newer changes. I have always carried an opinion that people from Bengal take pride in things 50 year old and are not ready to let go of them.

Prabhat films and later Rajkamal of Shantaram changed their Marathi influenced Hindi in their films, Lahore changed its chaste Urdu into Hindustani, but New Theatres Dialogues and songs hovered around ” Prem” and “Preet”, while the rest of the world enjoyed Pyar and Muhabbat.

K C Dey was one of the prominent composers and singers of NT. Meenakshi-42 was his last film with New Theatres. He too shifted to Bombay. However, first his singing style and then his Music style was rejected by the Hindi film audience of Bombay. In Bombay, he gave music to only 4 films ( after shifting there that is.) and sang in only 8 films,which included his own 4 films.

Pankaj Mullick was also losing his sheen. His older NFS and film songs were still very popular but his new songs were not becoming popular. Till end of his career, he was very loyal to New Theatres. Neither he ever deserted it- although he was not very happy there- nor did he shift to Bombay like R C Boral, K C Dey or his other NT mates. After Meenakshi, Pankaj Mullick sang in only 7 films.

Though they had fallen on hard times, New Theatres still had some stars with them like Sadhona Bose, Menaka Devi, Radha Rani, Bharti Devi, director Modhu Bose etc. They also had a newly found star- Jyoti prakash Bhattachaya. Jyoti Prakash Bhattacharya was born in Sridharpur village in Jessore district of undivided Bengal in 1916 in an orthodox Brahmin family. Jyoti Prakash’s father Jyotindra Nath Bhattacharya was an engineer by profession although he passed away early. The actor was raised by his uncle Debendra Nath.

His schooling was in Calcutta at Padmapukur School and he passed the Entrance Examination in the first division. Later he had a brief stint at Ashutosh College and Presidency College and also at Shantiniketan. Before joining films he took training as a commercial pilot and on successful completion of training, started to work as a pilot. He was most interested in films and did not continue in the job and decided to join films as an assistant to Debaki Bose. Soon he was offered a small role in Parajay (1940) ( Hindi version Jawani ki reet) and almost immediately played the hero in the Bangla version of films Doctor (1940), Meenakshi (1942), The Court Dancer- Raj Narkati (1941), Chowrangee, Paper Pathey and other films.

Despite being married he dared society in those days and got married to actress Sheela Haldar, his lady love.This generated a good deal of public interest. He had to convert to Islam to marry for the second time and his Islamic name was Yusuf. The romance had a most unfortunate end when Sheela Haldar died soon after childbirth. The shock caused a serious mental disbalance in the man and he committed suicide on the 16th of December 1942. He lived for twenty six years only but during his brief association with films could become one of the most sought after heroes of the Bengali screen.

Incidentally Jyoti Prakash was the selected hero for the 1943 superhit film Jogajog opposite Kanan Devi. His sudden untimely death left the entire unit of Jogajog shattered, more so because almost two thirds of the film was completed and great interest was generated in the new screen pair of Kanan and Jyoti Prakash. The film was shot again with jahar ganguly as the hero and became a run away hit. (adapted from the mini bio by Dr. J.P.Guha, with thanks).

Though Jyoti Prakash gave way to actors like Najmul Hussain in the Hindi versions of his popular bangla films, he did work small roles in the Hindi films like Jawani ki reet-39, Doctor-41, Meenakshi etc etc. When I take a broad look at the Indian Film History, I do not find any other example of a successful and much in demand Hero or Heroine, who died in the age group of late 20s, like Jyoti prakash Bhattacharya. Only one example I can remember is that of the actress Mushtari of the early 30s, who suddenly died while still in her teens, after doing lead roles in few films only.

Film Meenakshi-42 was a story of a beautiful girl having attractive eyes ( that is why the film’s name was Meenakshi- Eyes like a Fish ) and her love. The cast of the film was Sadhona Bose, Najmul Hussain, Ahindra Chaudhari, K C Dey, Panna Devi etc etc. It was directed by Modhu Bose- husband of Sadhona Bose, the film’s heroine. All the songs were written by Pt. Bhushan and the music was by Pankaj Mullick. The story of the film was….

Amitabh ( Najmul Husain) was a bachelor, living in his own flat all alone. One day,after coming home, he finds a girl Meenakshi( Sadhona Bose) in his house. She thought it was her relative’s house- not knowing that now it was purchased by Amitabh. She has run away from her tyranical uncle Radha Govind, who fixed her marriage to an old doctor for a consideration of Rs. 5000/- only. After some time her uncle comes there to find her. Amitabh hides her, but uncle sees her bag. he goes away to bring police. Amitabh and meenakshi got to the sea shore. He starts loving her.

Back again, uncle comes back and is ready to fix their marriage for Rs. 5000. Amitabh feels cheated and gives the money and throws them out. She returns his money and goes away, hurt.

Minakshi takes up a job in Kartikpur, which is Amitabh’s native place. She stays with his mother,unknowingly, as a paying guest. once Amitabh comes visiting his mother. The lovers meet again and decide to get married, but meenakshi’s eyes give problem and she feels she will become blind.

Amitabh brings her to a Eye doctor in Calcutta. He happens to be the same doctor with whom her marriage is fixed. Doctor repents and assures the couple that he will operate on her. The operation is successful and she is cured for ever.

All is well and the lovers unite happily.

Film Meenakshi had 6 songs. 4 songs are already discussed. This is the 5th song. Now only one song is remaining. Today’s rare song has been provided by our friend shri Deepak Choudhari ji, from his collection. The singer is Bela Mukherjee-wife of Hemant kumar. Enjoy the song…..

Song-Main pal pal tumhen rijhaaun (Meenakshi)(1942) Singer-Bela Mukherji, Lyrics-Pt Bhushan, MD-Pankaj Mullick


main pal pal tumhen rijhaaun
main pal pal tumhen rijhaaun
par preetam kahaan bithhaaum
main pal pal tumhen rijhaaun

aankhon mein bithhaaun
aankhon mein bithhaaun to dar hai
aankhon mein bithhaaun to dar hai
aansoo na baha le jaayen
sapnon mein
sapnon mein basaaun
to sapne ??
kahin le jaayen

main man mein tumhen bulaaun
praanon ke andar paaun
main man mein tumhen bulaaun
praanon ke andar paaun
main pal pal tumhen rijhaaun
main pal pal tumhen rijhaaun

man mohan
man mohan madan muraari
main pooja karoon tumhaari
man mohan
man mohan madan muraari
main pooja karoon tumhaari
tum murli madhur bajaao
?? pyaari pyaari
raadha raadha
raadha raadha ka swar goonje
aur main usmein kho jaaun
main pal pal tumhen rijhaaun
main pal pal tumhen rijhaaun


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