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Do din ki zindagi mein ik baar muskuraa lo

Posted on: January 3, 2018

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Blog Day : 3456 Post No. : 13862

Today is 3 january 2018 and we are into the early days of 2018. This is that time of the year when most people feel extremely resolutionary (not to be confused with revolutionary). One regular of our blog commented in our whatsapp group that it is not safe to go on morning walk in these early days of the year as the streets would be full of this highly resolutionary early morning walkers. It is however expected that things would be back to normal after the first week. 🙂

Unlike many who keep away till midnight on new year eve, I went to bed early and when I woke up on first january 2018, it was 5:45. It was late by my standards, but I realised that there was no electricity. The state Electricity Board was letting people in my locality down for the second morning in a week. Previous morning was a sunday, but this first day of the year was a working day.

As is my wont, I took Chhote, an extremely enthusiastic early morning walker with me. When I came out, I noticed that it was extremely dark and foggy weather outside. It was nearly 6 AM, but I was unable to see much ahead in the pitch dark. Undeterred, we began our walk groping my way out in dark from memory. It was a cold ang gloomy new year morning and it was unlikely that the early morning sun would be visible. No soul, whether any humans or even street dogs or tree monkeys could be seen. Resolute new year morning walkers are conspicuous by their absence. In any case, I have realised by now that most people staying in this locality (supposedly the top people in the organisation) are not noted for any great determination as far as early morning walking is concerned. They all wait for fair weather before deciding to come out and such fair weather is rarely available in these days. In other words, I failed to come across any new year resolutionaries on my morning walk on the first day of the year.

By the time I brought Chhote back, the visibility had improved and then I took Bhole with me on his morning walk. For us, it was just another day of morning walk, where I felt a bit let down because I started my morning walk some half an hour later than planned.

After I came back with Bhole, the next phase of my morning activity takes place in the kitchen. As soon as I go towards the kitchen, I am greeted by the persistent meowing of Pixie, a black cat, who was a tiny kitten a few months ago but now she has grown into a huge fat cat, weighing some 5 KG. This is the time when I prepare the meal of the dogs. I have become a good dog chef by now. Even the cat expects me to feed her every time she sees me. I have kept two tiny pots in the courtyard where Pixie roams around after coming out from a small abandoned room opening to the courtyard that she has occupied. I pour milk on one of her pots but she is more interested in the other stuff in my other hand that is her version of kurkure. I would throw a piece away at a distance. She would grab that piece and would come near me. It has become a ritual with her that she would bring that piece back and then eat the first piece standing near me. When I throw the next piece, she goes near the peace and eats it there. That gives me the opportunity to go back to the kitchen. After every piece, she demands for the next piece. This continues as long as I am in the kitchen.

After putting Bhhole-Chhote’s cooker on the oven, I went towards my room and switch the computer on. It is then that I had my first look at the blog, some two hours after I am done with my pets. Unlike in the previous days, when I would start preparing for the first post, I had already ensured posting of two songs after midnight, even when I was asleep.

As mentioned earlier, there was no electricity. I was managing my light and computer requirements through inverter. But geiser cannot work on inverter. In other words, there was no hot water for taking bath. It is the first day of the year, and even if it was not, one had to take bath. I reminded myself that I used to take cold water bath in winters in my younger days including during my stay at Jabalpur. So I had done it in the past and I could do it again. So I willed myself and took cold water bath. 🙂 One always feels nice after taking bath. The fact that you did something that very few people would even dare to do also made me feel good about my mental strength. It is all in the mind, I keep reminding myself as well as others. 🙂

Then I went to office. Today was the first day of the week as well, so it was a day of meeting for us. It was a new year day and people were in a mood to greet each other rather than work. Still we managed to get our work done reasonably well. Most people did not seem too much into new years resolutions though. So I was alone in feeling quite enthusiastic about the new year.

In other news, I was following the Ranji Trophy final between Delhi and Vidarbha quite keenly. I was supporting Vidarbha, the underdogs, as I had lived in Nagpur for two years in the past. I was quite pleased when I found Vidarbha rout Delhi by nine wickets to become Ranji trophy champions on the first day of year 2018.

As for the blog, we covered four songs on the first day of the year and also on the second day. The regulars have got active and they are contributing a good number of writeups. This has ensured that we are meeting our resolutions of posting “debutant” movie songs and YIPPEE movie songs everyday. Let us see how long this resolution holds for us.

Starting from second day of the year, we have started to provide blog day number as well as post number with every writeup. This was a new year resolution by Sudhir Ji. 🙂

Incidentally, Sudhir Jee reminds me that today (3 january 2018) is the 3456th day for the blog and that is a “honky tonk” number for the blog. 🙂

What did we do on the other four digit honky tonk days for the blog ? 1234th day fell on 4 december 2011. Dev Anand had passed away the previous day so that day was the day of tribute to Dev Anand in the blog. Three out of six songs posted that day were about Dev Anand. 2345th day fell on 19 december 2014. Three songs were covered on that day including a new song of 1991 discussed by the seniormost contributor of the blog in his raagmala series. 🙂

So we see that these honky tonk numbers have fallen around december-january. And I notice that I was based in three different places in three different states when the blog achieved these “honky tonk” number days.

The song under discussion is neither a debutant movie song nor a YIPPEE song. It is an in between song, so to say. Unless we cover songs from movies that have several songs left, we cannot take them towards their YIPPEEhood. This song from “Ajeeb Ladki” (1952) is the sixth (out of ten songs) from the movie to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Rafi, Shamshad Begam and G M Durrani. Shakeel Badayuni is the lyricist. Music is composed by Ghulam Mohammad.

I have not been able to get a few words right in the lyrics. I request our readers with keener ears to help fill in the blanks/ suggest corrections as applicable.

Only the audio of this song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.

Song-Do din ki zindagi mein ik baar muskura lo(Ajeeb Ladki)(1952) Singers-Rafi, Shamshad Begam, GM Durrani, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Ghulam Mohammad


do din ki zindagi mein
do din ki zindagi mein
ik baar muskura lo
ik baar muskura lo
parde mein tum hansi ke ae ae ae
parde mein tum hansi ke
dil ki lagi chhupaa lo o
ik baar muskura lo
ik baar muskura lo

dil ki nazar se dekho
duniya mein kya nahin hai ae
ulfat ki zindagi bhi
sab kuchh yahin kahin hai
nikla khushi ka sooraj
andaaz aap daalo
ik baar muskura lo
ik baar muskura lo

o o o
o o o
o o o
aankhon se hum na dekhin ee ee ee
dushwaar dil ki raahen
manzil bhi dekh lete
hoti agar nigaahen
dil maanta nahin hai
dil ko zara sambhaalo o
ik baar muskura lo
ik baar muskura lo

do din ka zindagi mein
o do din ka zindagi mein
yak baar muskuraa lo
ko che yak baar muskuraa lo
wai am bhi aaj gaaoon
yak daa
wai am bhi aaj gaaoon
wai tum bhi aaj gaa lo
yak baar muskuraa lo
yak baar muskuraa lo
yak baar muskuraa lo
yak baar muskuraa lo
ek baar muskuraao amaare waaste baaba

fasl e bahaar aayi
dil se dil miley hain
fasl e bahaar aayi
dil se dil miley hain 
jeene mein ab mazaa hai
kaane ka ab mazaa hai
ye shasta daam pista
akhruza aaj kha lo
wai chilgoza aaj kha lo
yak baar muskuraa lo
yak baar muskuraa lo
yak baar muskuraa lo
yak baar muskuraa lo

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