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Dil jo diya kehne lage aaj naa

Posted on: November 29, 2018

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Today’s song is from the film Safar-1946. This was a film made by Filmistan, directed by a comparatively new person-Bibhuti Mitra. The lyricist was G S Nepali and composer was C.Ramchandra.

This was C Ramchandra’s first film after joining Filmistan. His friend, Kavi Pradeep, who was close to S Mukherjee of Filmistan, had brought C Ramchandra to this company. Now it was imperative for C Ramchandra to make his first film a musical hit, to establish himself, impress the owners and earn respect.

The working conditions at Filmistan were much better than what they were at Jayant Desai’s company, C Ramchandra’s earlier job. This was because, here all the people-atleast the most important ones- were from Bombay Talkies and Discipline and commitment were built into their work pattern. The planning was good and good facilities were provided to its workers.

The cast of film Safar-46 was Shobha, Kanu Roy, V.H.Desai, Haroon, Chandrika, Mumtaj Banu etc etc.

When I talk about film Safar-46, I invariably remember the film ” Maine Pyar kiya”-89. There are many similarities in both films.

First, both films were made by Big banners like Filmistan (Safar-46) and Rajashri (Maine Pyar Kiya-89).

Secondly, the lead pair in both films were unknown and New comers. It was just the second film of Salman Khan-his First film as a Hero. His Heroine Bhagyashree (Patwardhan) was making her Debut with the film Maine Pyar kiya-89. In Safar-46, the Heroine Shobha was totally unknown and she was making her a Debut as a Heroine here. For Kanu Roy, this was the first film as a Hero.

The name Kanu Roy is generally confused with composer Kanu Roy. Actor Kanu Roy was a different person.

Kanu Roy (the Actor) was in reality a name for Nalini Ranjan Roy, born on 9-12-1912 at Jabalpore. He was very fond of acting and so landed at Bombay Talkies, a company started by two Benagalees- Himanshu Roy and Devika Rani. Those days many people from Bengal used to come to Bombay Talkies, but only the capable ones like Amiya Chakravarty, Shashadhar Mukherjee or Ashok Kumar etc could make their careers here.

Kanu Roy started his acting career from the film Basant-1942. His name Nalini was sounding like a Girl’s name in Bombay ( there were already half a dozen Nalinis working in films those days), so it was changed and he opted for Kanu, his pet name in the house. Thus Kanu Roy came into films. Due to his good looks, he even became a lead actor in a few films. Nazrana-46 (UR) was one such film where he was working opposite Kamini Kaushal.

Kanu Roy worked in about 40 odd films from 1942 to 1983 ( Kisi se naa kehna). Kanu Roy also left Bombay Talkies along with S.Mukherjee and others and joined Filmistan. He was in many Filmistan films like, Munim ji, Nastik, Naagin, Jagriti etc. He acted in a Bangla film ‘Samar’ too in 1950.

Kanu Roy (the Composer) gave music to very few films like Uski Kahaani-66, Anubhav-71, Avishkar-74, Tumhara Kallu-76, Grih pravesh-79, Mayuri-81 and Shyamla-79 which was re-censored in 1981 as Woh phir naa aayee. Some people and sites describe him as Geeta Dutt’s brother, but he was not her brother. Her brother was Mukul Roy. Kanu Roy, the composer died in Bombay on 20-12-1981.

Thirdly, the Director of Maine Pyar Kiya, Sooraj Barjatya was making his Debut with this film. ( Later on he made Hits like, Hum apke hai kaun and Hum saath saath hai etc.). For film Safar-46, the Director was Bibhuti Mitra-an import from Calcutta.

It was just his second film. His first film ‘ Angoothi’-43 was a resounding Flop. Actually Ashok Kumar was its Hero and when Angoothi was released Ashok’s film Kismet was making records all over India. Film Angoothi ran only for 3 days and it was then withdrawn from theatres. Normally, in Film Industry, an unsuccessful Director is not touched even with a barge pole, but S. Mukherjee selected him as a Director. ( C Ramchandra has written in his autobiography that this Bibhuti Mitra had a nasty habit of interfering in Music Director’s work, which irritated him. He tolerated him, because this was C Ramchandra’s first film in Filmistan. Anyway, after this film was done, Mitra went back to Calcutta….only to come back again to Filmistan to direct Shabistan-51, for which C Ramchandra was the Music Director. This time, C Ramchandra was ready. When Mitra started his interference, C Ramchandra not only left the film halfway, but also left Filmistan.)

Lastly, the Music Director for Maine Pyar kiya-89 was Ram-Laxman, hardly a known name at all. For Safar-46, C Ramchandra was selected. He had done 10 C grade films and just 5 social films till then and his name had not yet become famous. In spite of this, S.Mukherjee took the risk and trusted his talent, which he had judged correctly. S.Mukherjee was known to judge person’s capabilities accurately. In only one case- that of Lata- he went flat wrong.

Despite the Actors, MDs, Director and the lead pair being either Unknown, making a Debut or less known, both the films became Hits- only because of Music. Both Music Directors, C Ramchandra as well as Ram-Laxman became famous overnight and this became virtually the starting point of their ascent to the Top of HFM. What happened first with Safar-46 repeated itself after 43 years in the success of Maine Pyar Kiya-89 !!!

Besides this similarity, I feel the story of Safar was inspired by a Hollywood film of the year 1934- ‘It happened one night’. Directed by Frank Capra, the film had Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in the lead. This film had become popular wherever English films were shown in the world. In turn, film Safar-46 inspired many films made in later years, in many languages. Two names come to the mind- Raj-Nargis film Chori Chori-56 and Amir Khan-Pooja Bhatt film ‘ Dil hai nki manata nahin’-1991. Of course in every such film some changes to suit the public taste were made.

Today’s song is sung by Naseem Akhtar. The history of Hindi Films and Music is replete with unsolved mysteries, disputes, misinformation, riddles and puzzles as well as half or wrong informations. Fortunately, there are few dedicated workers who constantly dig out correct information and few matters are thus straightened. Though delayed, at least the true information is available for the future workers.

There was the case of who actually sang the song Dilli se aaya bhai Tingu from film EK THI LADKI-1949. For almost 50-60 years it was believed that Honey O’Brion, who lip synched this song in the film had sung this song herself-though there was no history of her singing any songs anytime. And then the interview of singer Binota Chakraborty (nee Vinita Amladi ) was published in July 2007 issue of the Listeners’ Bulletin of Hamraz ji, and it was revealed that it was she who had actually sung this song !

Similarly, the name of MD Mohan Junior (Ajamil-48 and Dana pani-52) was treated as the cover-name of MD Madan Mohan. After about 60 years, it was proved that Mohan junior (Real name- Mohan kanoji Rajpoot) was a Gujarati composer and a different person-and NOT Madan Mohan. Even mMadhubala Jhaveri who sang for him also confirmed this in an answer to a Telephone call made to her.

It was commonly believed that the MD pair of “VASANT-RAMCHANDRA” ( Kalakar, Suhagan of 1954) was short forms of Vasant Desai and C Ramchandra. The myth of almost 65 years was busted when it was revealed that C Ramchandra himself had said, that it was not him, but they were Vasant Prabhu and Ramchandra Vadhavkar.

One more example is that of Child actor Shashi Kapoor. It was popularly believed that Shashi Kapoor (Deewar, Trishul, Dharmaputra fame) had acted as a child artist in about 25 films. This misinformation was cleared when the real child artist-Shashichand Kapoor gave an interview on Cineplot and Maitri Manthan, explaining that it was him who had acted in 21 films as child actor (Bhakta Prahlad-46 etc). Shashi Kapoor (Deewar wala) had actually done only 5 child roles-in Aag-48, Bhakta Bilwamangal-48, Patanga-49, Sangram-50 and Aawara-51.

In case of today’s singer-Naseem Akhtar also, the same thing is happening. It was popularly believed that Naseem Akhtar is the sister of Sardar Akhtar( wife of Mehboob Khan) and Bahar Akhtar( wife of A.R.Kardar),but it is NOT TRUE !

Both Sardar Akhtar-known as Daari and Bahar Akhtar-known as Bahaaro were tawayafs of Hiramandi Lahore. When A R Kardar eloped with Bahar Akhtar and married her, Sardar Akhtar registered a Police complaint of abduction. Kardar and his family were arrested and put in lock up. It was only after Bahar’s statement that she married Kardar on her own choice, they were released. Sardar Akhtar herself later married Mehboob Khan.

Naseem Akhtar’s father was a Sarangi player. They were originally from Kashmir. She was born in 1924. She started singing on Lahore Radio. Impressed with her singing style, composer Pt. Amarnath gave her a break in Nishani-1942. Till then she used to sing at rich persons functions and mehfils etc. after Nishani, she came to Bombay to sing for Khooni Laash-43. She never acted in any films. She sang in Bhai, Ek din ka Sultan, 40 karod, Flat no.9, Pehli nazar, Ratnavali, Dharma, Sanyasi, Tadbir, Shahjehan, Nek Parveen, Safar, keemat, Sohni Mahiwal, Bhanwar, Ek Roz, Doli, Parai aag etc. She sang for Naushad, Ghulam Mohd, Anil Biswas, Shyam sunder, Ghulam Hyder, Rafiq Gaznavi, Govind Ram, Sajjad Hussain, Firoze Nizami and C.Ramchandra. She sang 67 songs in 38 films.

She left for Pakistan after Partition and sang in few films,but was not successful She got married to Rauf Maula, a Producer and settled as housewife. It seems, she died in Lahore on 11-5-2007.

Out of the 10 songs of film Safar-46, 6 songs have already been discussed. This is the 7th song. The song is quite good, however some other songs of this film had more melodious tunes and catchy rhythms.

Song-Dil jo diya kehne lage aaj na(Safar)(1946) Singer- Naseem Akhtar, Lyrics-G S Nepali, MD- C Ramchandra


dil jo diya
dil jo diya
kahne lage aaj naa
dil jo diya
kahne lage aaj naa
mujhse mil ke gaye bhole bhaale saajna
o mere
o mere saajna
saajna aa
mujhse mil ke gaye bhole bhaale saajna
dil jo diya
kahne lage aaj naa
mujhse mil ke gaye bhole bhaale saajna

daal milee daal se ae ae ae ae
phool mila phool se
phool se
daal milee daal se ae ae ae ae
phool mila phool se
ham bhee mil gaye kaheen pe raaste kee dhool se
kahne lage ae ae
maan jaao
ek maheena
main kah naa sakee naa
taar mere
taar mere dil ke uthhe jhanjhana
mujhse mil ke gaye bhole bhaale saajna
o mere
o mere saajna
saajna aa
mujhse milke gaye bhole bhaale saajna
dil jo diya
kahne lage aaj naa
mujhse mil ke gaye bhole bhaale saajna

mere prem ke kumkum
khilo tum hanso tum
aise hee mere baag mein uss roz bhee khilna
jis roz hamaara ho kisee kunj mein milna
aise hee mere baag mein uss roz bhee khilna
jis roz hamaara ho kisee kunj mein milna
nain miley jinse hamaare
jinse hamaare
ab unki
abb unki yaad mein hai jaagna
mujhse mil ke gaye bhole bhaale saajna
o mere
o mere saajna
saajna aa
mujhse mil ke gaye bhole bhaale saajna
dil jo diya
kahne lage aaj naa
mujhse mil ke gaye bhole bhaale saajna


7 Responses to "Dil jo diya kehne lage aaj naa"

Naseem Akhtar also sang a number of non-filmi songs in both Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi that some people have thankfully shared. In Pakistan, she sang about 14-15 known filmi songs for HICHKOLAY (1949), MUNDRI (1949, Punjabi), AMANAT (1950), SHAMMI (1950, Punjabi), EID (1951) a.k.a. REET (1940s), and NAVELI a.k.a. KARWATEN (1952).

In the above excerpt, it mentions that she sang for DHARM (1945) and EK DIN KA SULTAN (1945). There are a few songs from DHARM (1945) posted on YouTube, but the “Naseem” credited in them does not sound like her. One song “Meri banari ki godi hari” from EK DIN KA SULTAN (1945) was credited to her by someone some years ago, but it is clearly Miss Kalyani singing. I’m not sure if the “Naseem” from KHOONI LAASH (1943) was her, either, but she seems to have more than 67 songs for 38 films.

To add to the same-name confusion, there were at least two other later singers in Pakistan who also went by the name Naseem Akhtar. I had also read somewhere that there was also an actress by the name of Naseem Jr. (not Naseem Bano) in the 1940s, but I’m not sure if she sung for herself. Any clarifications for anything mentioned here are welcome.

Shalin ji,
Thanks for your additional information.
As far as complete and accurate information of ANY artiste of yesteryear is extremely difficult. With new revealations from different sources, the history gets updated every now and then, which I welcome. Experts like you are really doing great service for the history of old film music.
As far as Naseem Jr. is concerned, she never sang any song in any film. Here is a short note on her-
Naseem Jr. or Miss Naseem Jr. was younger sister of actress Shameem. She was born in Lahore on 8-2-1930. Her father had a shop and he was a General merchant. She was educated in Islamia Girls school, Bombay where she was staying with her actress sister Shameem. After Matriculation, she too wanted to become an actress. While in school she did many dramas. At the age of 13, she did an uncredited small role in film Salma-43.

Her first major film was Jwar Bhata-44- also the first film of Dilip kumar and Mrudula. Her second film was Manorama-44. She acted in few more films Sanyasi-45, Zeenat-45, Door Chalen-46, Amar Raj-46, Jeewan Sapna-46 and Mera Geet-46.

She had a hot temperament and could not get along with co stars and the Directors. Soon the offers diminished. She got married and returned to her hometown-Lahore along with her husband. She did only few films, but it was enough to cause confusion. Her films Jeewan Swapna-46 and Door chalen-46 are generally credited to Naseem Sr.’s filmography.(Film Directory-1947)

Shalin ji and Arun ji,

Let me add my 2 cents to the discussions on Naseem Akhtar.and Naseem Jr.

1. The song ‘mere banri ki godi hari’ from ‘Ek Din Ka Sultan’ (1945) has been accredited to Zohrabai Ambalawali who sings for Amir Bano. She has sung one more song for Amir Bano in the film. The voice in the song does not sound like that of Kalyani Bai. Furthermore, as far as I know, Kalyani Bai did not do playback singing at least in 1940s.

2. In ‘Dharm’ (1945), Naseem Jr. had a supporting role. One can see her in a photograph of a scene from the film with Ratanbai in December 1945 issue of ‘Filmindia’ magazine.. It is quite possible that the song accredited to Naseem in the film may have been picturised on Naseem Jr.. But I have no idea as to whether she herself had sung the song or some other singer had given the playback to her. The late Khwaja Sultan Ahmed ( brother of music director, Khwaja Khurshid Anwar) in his comments on had ruled out Naseem Akhtar as the singer for the song discussed in the link..

3. Naseem Jr. died in Bandra, Mumbai on November 17, 1946 due to Typhoid. She was only 17. This was reported in December 1946 issue of ‘Filmindia’ magazine. So the question of her migrating to Pakistan does not arise.

Sadanand ji,
Thanks for your comments.
No one said Naseem jr. migrated to Pakistan.
After marriage she went to Lahore.
As she died in Bombay, obviously she must have come back again to Bombay.

Thanks for the information on Naseem Jr.

The “Khwaaja ajmeri” song (also picturized on Amir Bano) from EK DIN KA SULTAN (1945) is definitely by Zohrabai Ambalewali but the “Meri banari ki godi hari” song is by Kalyani. As far as her playback is concerned, I can think of a few late-1940s songs where she provides playback, so I wouldn’t be surprised by the existence of a mid-1940s song.

Perhaps the DHARM (1945) songs were picturized on Naseem Jr. and therefore credited as sung by “Naseem.” It most certainly is not Naseem Akhtar, and as the comment suggests in the link posted, there is some similarity with Hamida Bano’s voice.

As usual,treasure trove of information.

Thanks a lot.

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