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Main sadqe tere nigaahe muhabbat

Posted on: December 1, 2018

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Today’s song is from the film Sitara-1939.

About 4 years ago, I had run a series of songs from films with Artiste’s names. I had discussed songs from films like, Madhubala-50, Nargis-46, Veena-48, Usha kiran-52, Renuka-47, Madhuri-32, Hurricane Hansa-37, Zubeida-2000, Kamla-46 and Aasha-38 ( A to Z ). When the series ended discussing 10 songs, I found that I had few more songs from similar titled films like, Nirmala-38, Sitara-39, Vasanti-38, Poornima-38, Meenakshi-42 and Durga-39. Today’s song is from this collection.

Film Sitara was made and directed by Ezra Mir, under his own banner, Everest pictures Corporation. The music was by Rafiq Ghaznavi for songs written by Munshi Dil. The cast of the film was Ratanbai, Khursheed, Nazeer, Mubarak, K N Singh, Sunalini Devi, Violet Cooer, Mirza musharraf and many others. There was, however, no artiste of name Sitara in it.

Senior readers in the bracket of 55 to 75 years of age would recollect the Indian Documentaries made by Ezra Mir, shown before almost every film in the theatres. Indian News Reel and these documentaries on various subjects were actually used as a facility to enter the theatre late and still catch the whole movie from the beginning. These documentaries were made mostly by Ezra Mir and the voice over used to be that of Pratap Sharma usually. ( his younger brother Mahesh Sharma was my good friend in those days).

Ezra Mir was one of the rare persons who worked in the famous Hollywood studios for a considerable time, before he came to India and got involved in making films here. He was also a rare person who, despite being in great demand in the commercial cinema, chose to join a Government organisation and did a monumental significant work for the future generations. For a long time, I was thinking him to be a Muslim man, but at a much later date, I came to know that he was a Jew person.

Ezra Mir ( real name Edwyn Meyers) was born on 26-10-1902 at Calcutta. After completing his education, he joined Madon Theatres in 1921. In 1923, he left for Europe and America to work in film industry. After doing bit roles in Rudolph Valentino’s films in Long Island, New York and working for First National Biograph Studios, he joined the Universal studios as a ” Film Cutter ” and later as a Scenario writer. By his diligent and hard work he became the chief of story Department in United Artistes. In 1929, he wrote and directed a film ‘ Simbolisque ‘, which created a sensation in the film circle there.

With the advent of the Talkie, he came back to India , joined Imperial Film co. and made film Noorjehan-31 in Hindi and English. In 32-33, he joined Sagar movietone and directed Zarina-32, Pagal premee-33 and Farzand e Hind-34. Then Ezra went to Calcutta. After doing some films he came back and made documentaries on second world war. In 1940, he was appointed by the Govt. on Film Advisory Board. In 1942, when V.Shantaram left as its head, he became the head. From 1942 to 1946, he made 170 documentaries.

In 1951 he joined Films Division and in 1956, became its President. In his tenure here, he made 400 documentaries. In 1970 he got ‘ Padmashri ‘. Ezra Mir died on 7-3-1993. His Filmography is Noorjehan-31, Zarine-32, Pagal premi-33, Farzand e Hind-34, Mera Pyara and Rasheeda-35,Jeevan Sangram, Parivartan,Rajdulari and Shaitan ka pash-36, Rikshawala-38,Sitara-39, Beete din-47, pamposh-54 and Raju aur gangaram-64.

The Music Director of film Sitara-39 was Rafiq Ghaznavi, who was a multi faceted artiste. He acted in 18 films, directed 1 film, sang 30 songs in 15 films and gave music to 22 films and composed 191 songs, according to

Private life of a celebrity has always been a matter of curiosity for the common man and if the celebrity is from the show world like films ,then there are all attempts to dig out the ‘ behind the scene’ stories about the famous people.

In the early era, the female artistes were from the courtesan or the singing families. Most males too were not much educated. Thus there were many cases of illicit relationships and children out of wed locks. For the rich producers, having an ‘extra facility’ was a matter of a few thousands. In those days the social medias and the film magazines were not common, hence such matters hardly came into the open. The insiders, however, knew many stories. Few personalities like actor Shyam, Rafiq Ghaznavi, Prem Adeeb,C.Ramchandra were some of the artistes who were claimed to be involved in ‘ extra-curricular activities ‘. So were some Producers and Directors.

When careers are on the rise,talents are bright and the work is extraordinary, it hardly matters what the artistes do in their private lives. People are happy with their work. Yesteryear Actor,Singer and Music Director RAFIQ GHAZANAVI was one such person.

Rafiq was a singer from his school days and he became famous by the time he completed his Matriculation. He had learnt music from a blind expert. He was called by H.M.V. to Lucknow and several records were made of his songs. He completed his graduation. He was an expert in Hindi, Urdu, English, Punjabi, Pushtu and Afghan Persian languages fluently. He was a voracious reader of English books. He edited a magazine “Raavee”. His stage shows were always housefull. He was honoured by the American Art Society with a Gold Medal. He was famous in the art circles of Lahore.

His first film as a composer was ” Pavitra Ganga”-1932. Then came Prithviraj Sanyogita-33 and Deewaani-34 etc. He was a good friend of producer Director Mehboob Khan. The voice accompanying the Mehboob Productions Logo is that of Rafiq Ghazanavi, “Muddai lakh bura chaahe to kya hota hai, wohi hota hai jo manzoor-e-Khuda hota hai”. The famous Logo consisted of a Hammer and Sickle, indicating the socialistic inclination of Mehboob Khan, who was a great follower of Pandit Nehru’s idealogy. When 14 year old Nargis was offered the heroine’s role in Mehboob’s ” Taqdeer ” the music was entrusted to Rafiq Ghaznavi. Shamshad Begum was brought from Lahore specially to sing her first songs in Bombay for “Taqdeer” and Rafiq Ghaznavi was directing her songs.

Famous writer Saadat Hasan Manto, in his book “Stars from another sky “, had devoted a full chapter to Rafiq. Manto, in his inimitable style has described all his ‘extra ‘ activities in details,as he was an observer for most of them. Rafiq was tall and handsome and had the magical quality to attract women. Wine and women were his weaknesses. But there was much more to Rafiq than only running after lowly women. He was never a one woman man. He had married 3 sisters, one after another, but never remained faithful to any one of them. As far as his music was concerned, he was very strict and never mixed these two things. He always tried to give his best in every film. Here is a short Bio from a Pakistani, some years ago.

Born to an enlightened family in 1907, in Rawalpindi, Rafiq Ghaznavi was full of life since his earliest days. He passed his childhood amidst scenic, natural beauty, surrounded by mountains, valleys and lakes.

After receiving his matriculation examination degree, Rafiq Ghaznavi moved to Lahore. In Lahore, he completed his intermediate examination from Islamia College, Lahore. Then he graduated from the Punjab University.

During those days if a handsome, enthusiastic young man was endowed with acting talents, he was more inclined towards the glamorous movie business. Rafiq Ghaznavi was no exception. Let us go seventy-five years back in time and see how movies were made in that time period.

Those were the days of silent movies. Though the vocal film ‘Alam Ara’ was released in 1931, still silent movies were in vogue for quite sometime, just like black and white movies continued to flood the market after the advent of color movies.

Visionary movie director, Mian A.R. Kardar, is considered the discoverer or ‘Columbus’ of the Lahore film industry. Moved by Rafiq Ghaznavi’s powerful voice and good looks, Kardar signed him as hero for his silent movie, ‘Brave heart’, while the latter was studying in college.

Thus, Rafiq Ghaznavi debuted in the film ‘Brave heart’ in 1931 at the age of twenty-four. Soon Rafiq Ghaznavi began to outlive his town and his time while his companions were thinking what to make of their lives.

Director A.R. Kardar, on the other hand, made his first talking film, ‘Hoor Punjab’ in 1932. Later, he changed its name to ‘Heer Ranjha’ and it was released under the banner of Play art photo tone.

Handsome, as Rafiq Ghaznavi was, Kardar picked him up for the romantic lead role of ‘Ranjha.’ While actress Anwari played the lead romantic role of ‘Heer Seyaal’. Additionally, Rafiq Ghaznavi composed music and lent his impressive voice to all the songs. Hence, he was the hero-composer-singer in the film ‘Heer Ranjha.’ Since all the songs were pictured on him he was also the singing star.

After working in ‘Heer Ranjha’, Rafiq Ghaznavi migrated to Bombay and worked diligently for the Bombay film industry. Rafiq was a multi talented man. He acted in 18 films. He directed 1 film-Prem pujari-35. He sang 30 songs in 15 films and he gave music to 22 films, composing 191 songs. (all statistics from

Dwelling on his personal life, Rafiq Ghaznavi married film actress Zehra and had a daughter, Shahina, from her. Shahina grew up and made her mark as an actress in movies like ‘Beli’, ‘Nigar’, ‘Aankh ka nasha’, ‘Bharosa’, and ‘Intiqaam.’

Rafiq Ghaznavi also had a son, Murad, from his first wife, Zehra. In due course of time, Rafiq Ghaznavi divorced Zehra. She married director A.M. Mirza and was known as Zehra Mirza.

Actress Anwari was the second wife of Rafiq Ghaznavi with whom he had a daughter, Zarina Agha. Later, Zarina changed her name to Nasreen and worked in director A.R. Kardar’s movie, ‘Shah Jehan’ and Daud Chand’s movie, ‘Aik Roaz.’
After Rafiq left Anwaribai, she married Jugal Kishore Mehra ( Raj kapoor’s Mama), who converted to Islam and became Ahmed Salman. He was also the director of Radio Pakistan. He adopted Nasreen and got her married to Agha Liyaqat Gul Tajik. He settled in London doing Diamond business.

Further, Nasreen Agha’s daughter, Salma Agha, achieved great name and fame as a singing star.

Actress Anuradha, whose real name was Khursheed Akhtar, was the third wife of Rafiq Ghaznavi, with whom he had a son, Ayaz Mehmood. Furthermore, one of Rafiq Ghaznavi’s daughter married popular writer-director, Zia Sarhadi. Zia Sarhadi’s two sons, Khayam Sarhadi and Bilal Sarhadi attained fame in show business.

Interestingly enough, all three wives of Rafiq Ghaznavi were real sisters and they hailed from Amritsar.

Rafiq Ghaznavi, who was such a charismatic figure, a talented composer of the highest grade and a visionary, passed away on 2-3-1974, in Karachi, at the age of sixty-seven.

Today’s song is sung by Rafiq himself. In those days, films used to have many songs. Even this film had 13 songs. There were 5 singers who sang these songs. I first heard few songs of this film and I selected this song as it is better than the other songs.

Song- Main sadke tere nigaahe muhabbat (Sitaara)(1939) Singer- Rafiq Ghaznavi, Lyrics- Munshi Dil, MD- Rafiq Ghaznavi


main sadqe tere ae
nigaahe mohabbat
main sadqe tere ae
nigaahe mohabbat

banaaya mujhe baa
banaaya mujhe baa
banaaya mujhe baa
aadshaah e muhabbat
main sadqe tere ae
nigaahe mohabbat
main sadqe tere ae
nigaahe mohabbat

taaron ki hansi hai meri
taaron ki hansi hai meri
kaliyon ki khushi hai meri
kaliyon ki khushi hai meri
phoolon ki pari hai meri
phoolon ki pari hai meri
ye jungle hai aaraamgaah e muhabbat
ye jungle hai aaraamgaah e muhabbat
main sadqe tere ae
nigaahe mohabbat
main sadqe tere ae
nigaahe mohabbat

banaaya mujhe baa
banaaya mujhe baa
banaaya mujhe baa
aadshaah e muhabbat
main sadqe tere ae
nigaahe mohabbat
main sadqe tere ae
nigaahe mohabbat


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Ezra Mir is an unforgettable name for me, having watched innumerable documentaries. I did not know he also directed feature was interesting to read his journey going from strength to strength..
Yes documentaries did give buffer time for ‘normally late’ cine-goers. :))
I, for one, considered documentaries & cartoons as bonuses to ticket price.
Thanks for the post

Thank you for your comments.

I really appreciate the detailed and invaluable information.Thanks for getting us acquainted with such a gem of article.

Thank you Manohar Lal Dave ji.

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