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Ritu basant ki aayi pyaari

Posted on: January 30, 2019

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Today’s song is from an obscure film- Sansaar Naiya-1939. This film was made jointly by Paramount and liberty pictures, Bombay. Actually, both these film companies made only and mainly Action/Stunt and Costume films. Since this was a ‘Social’ film, may be they had to support each others as they were presumably not used to handling such ‘offbeat’ film, from what they were accustomed to produce !

Though the film was classified as Social, the cast of the film contained predominantly seen stunt film actors only. They were Navinchandra, Sarojini, Noorjehan(sr), Basheer, Dhulia, Mirajkar, Mansoor, Kanta Kumari and others of the same ilk. There is also one name ” Puri” in the cast. He seems to be S.L.Puri, who was a singer also. In this film he has 4 solo and 3 duets with Sarojini. This could be the reason why he was in this action film.

For many readers, the name Sarojini may be an unknown name. This is exactly and what generally happens, when siblings are working in Films at the same time. Yes, Sarojini was the elder sister of the more famous actress Indurani. Both were stunt film actresses and worked in around 15+ films only. In reality, it was because of Sarojini that Indurani was dragged into films. Sarojini did more number of quality films than Indurani and also acted in more social films than Indurani. Her career period was longer than Indurani and her daughter Azra became a Heroine in Hindi films.

In spite of all these ‘better’ things, Sarojini’s younger sister Indurani hogged all the limelight. Articles were written on her and even an independent book was published on Indurani in USA. No one wrote on Sarojini exclusively. She appears in Indurani’s book and also is mentioned in Azra’s interview on

This type of fate is experienced by few more siblings in Hindi film industry. here are some examples, which I remember off hand…. Every movie buff knows the stingy Kanhiyalal, made famous by his roles of greedy merchants, sahukars (moneylenders) and a comic villain. He became more famous after film ” Mother India-57 “, though he did the same role in the original film ” Aurat”-40. But how many readers know that his elder brother was Sankata Prasad , an actor who was a regular in Sagar Movietone films, and later in more that 65 films ? Actually Sankata Prasad was responsible to bring his brother Kanhaiyalal (Chaturvedi) in the film world.

The eldest son of Jaddan bai, Akhtar Hussain, a very talented actor and director fell back on fame and publicity compared to younger brother Anwar Hussain. I am not comparing him with his sister Nargis.

Among the Travancore sisters, Raagini and Padmini shone here, but Lalitha did not shine in Hindi films. Nasir Khan lived all his life as brother of Dilip Kumar and had not many famous films to his credit. Some more such cases are, Laxmi Roy (younger sister of Geeta Roy), Laxmi Kumthekar (younger sister of Vatsala Kumthekar ), Compser Basant Prakash ( brother of Khemchand Prakash) and many more.

This is what I call as Luck. I agree that Talent is an individual gift and not a family or a traditional handout, but when all things are equal, one sibling lagging behind due to external factors, is purely a matter of Luck.

Actress Sarojini- real name Roshan Jehan and pet name Rani- was born in Delhi to Parents Sheikh Imamuddin and Munawwar Jehan, in 1920. Both sisters were put in a mission school of Daryaganj, Delhi. In those days, children were not allowed to see films, but Sarojini was interested in films and used to read film magazines, unknown to family. She was bold enough to send a letter to an actress of Saraswati Cinetone, Poona. In few days, she received a reply with that actress’ photo. The company asked her to send her photo. Sarojini managed to get a photo and send it across. Soon the company wrote to her that she will be appointed as an actress for Rs. 300 p.m.. Those days, this amount was a windfall.

When her father came to know all this he first gave a sound thrashing to her. Then he started thinking. Due to gambling and addiction, he had lost his business and they were in financial distress. He thought of earning some money by employing his daughters as actresses. He took Sarojini and a very reluctant Indurani to Poona. That time Sarojini was in English 8th std and Indu was in 9th std. At Poona, both got job as actresses at Rs. 300 each, as promised. Plus arrangements for their training in acting, singing and dancing was also arranged. Their father took Rs. 1000/- as advance, gave them some money and returned to Delhi. He sent their grandmother as their guardian.

Sarojini, being the elder, started working in the films immediately with film Deewani-1934. Then came Shri Satyanarayan-35. After closure of Saraswati cinetone, they came to Bombay and stayed in Hindu colony, Dadar. For some time they were engaged by Minerva Movietone for Rs. 450 pm, but when Ramniklal Shah offered them Rs. 500, they joined his company, Mohan pictures. While Indurani worked with Ramniklal, Sarojini worked with Nanubhai Vakil. Eventually, Indu married Ramnik Shah and Sarojini married Nanubhai Vakil in 1943.

Sarojini worked in 17 films in all- Deewani-34, Shri Satyanarayan-35, Bharat ki beti-35, Sundari-36, Son of Alladin -39, Sansar naiya-39, Madhu Bansari-39, Sanskaar-40, Jadui kangan-40, Hatimtai ki beti-40, Deepak Mahal-40, Taj mahal-41, Jadui bandhan-41, Farmaan-42, Naya Zamana-43, Son of Hatimtai-45 and her last film Cicus King-46. The sisters worked together in 3 films, Hatimtai ki beti and Jadui kangan of 1940 and Tajmahal-1941.

Sarojini had 2 daughters. The elder one Azra became a Heroine of many Hindi films. She married and retired. She stays in Bandra, Mumbai. The younger one Rehana, worked for an Airline, retired, widowed and stays in USA. Sarojini died in 1993. Her husband died in 1980.

Film Sansar Naiya was directed by Nanubhai vakil and MD was Damodar Sharma. All songs were written by Pt. Anuj (Sampatlal Shrivastav).

The Hero of this film was Navinchandra.

Navinchandraa’s full name was Navinchandra N. Joshi. He was born in 1907 at Jambusar and belonged to a Gujarati Bramhin family. When he was studying Intermidiate, his dream was to do M.Sc. and become a Professor. He was very much interested in body building and was a weight lifter.He was expert in Long jump, High jump and Malkhamb too, along with yogasanas. This made his body solid. Fair and handsome physique was noticed by one of the seniors in his Gym and he was taken to Bombay to meet produced director Indulal Yagnik. He offered him a Hero’s role in a stunt film. Thus Navin entered the film line with first silent stunt movie “The fall of Pawagarh”-1928. It was produced by Indulal Yagnik and directed by Nagendra Mujumdar. His first Heroine was Iris Crawford. He worked in more than 20 silent films and was famous as the Hero of Stunt and action films.

His first Talkie film was Kala Pahad-1933 in which his Heroine was Gauhar Karnataki ( sister of Amirbai karnataki and wife of Marathi stage artiste Bal Gandharv). The film was made by Sharda Movietone and directed by Baburao Apte (brother of actress Shanta Apte). Navinchandra acted in 33 talkie films, mostly stunt and action films. When the attraction of stunt films waned, he stopped getting roles, because stunt films were not being made now on roll. His last film was Jadui Putli-1946.

His age also caught up with him and he stopped getting films. He started doing small uncredited roles like an extra. The last information about him was when he was working as a Production manager in Imperial Film company, where now the studio was rented to other producers for shooting their films, by Irani’s heirs. One peculiar thing about Navinchandra was that except for the film’s required costume, he was always seen in Dhoti and Kurta only.

Today’s song is a rare song. The film had 11 songs (4 duets and 4 solos of Puri and 3 solos of Sarojini) The tune and style of the song is typical of the 30s period and quite a slow one, with long music prelude. With this song, film Sansar naiya-39 and singer Sarojini will make their Debut on the Blog.

( Thanks to shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji, Sadanand Kamath ji, ‘Asli Naqli chehere’ by Vithal Pandya, ‘ Silent cinema’ by Dr. Varma, MuVyz, HFGK and my notes, for information used hereabove.)

Song-Ritu basant ki aayi pyaari (Sansaar Naiyya)(1939) Singers- Sarojini, S L Puri, Lyrics- Pandit Anuj, MD- Damodar Sharma


ritu basant ki aayi pyaari
ritu basant ki aayi pyaari
kaisi phool rahi phulwaari
kaisi phool rahi phulwaari
ritu basant ki aayi pyaari
ritu basant ki aayi pyaari

shaakhon pe baagh ke jhoolo
shaakhon pe baagh ke jhoolo
bulbul ban gulon ko chhoo lo
bulbul ban gulon ko chhoo lo

titli ban ke phool phool mein
titli ban ke phool phool mein
jaaun waari waari
jaaun waari waari
ritu basant ki aayi pyaari
ritu basant ki aayi pyaari
kaisi phool rahi phulwaari
kaisi phool rahi phulwaari
ritu basant ki aayi pyaari
ritu basant ki aayi pyaari

bhanwra ban ke main ud jaaun
bhanwra ban ke main ud jaaun
kali kali ka ras le aaun
kali kali ka ras le aaun

kunj kunj mein prem ki beena
kunj kunj mein prem ki beena
bajwaaun(?) sukh gori
bajwaaun(?) sukh gori
ritu basant ki aayi pyaari
ritu basant ki aayi pyaari ee

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