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Mhaare Rajasthan maa

Posted on: March 20, 2019

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2009-19) – Song No. 19

Today’s song that I am presenting here is a very special song for me as it is about Rajasthan, a place that I am quite fondly attached to thanks to my stay at Kota, Rajasthan.

I had considered this song under my series ‘Desh Ki Mitti Ki Khushboo’ earlier but that could not materialise.

When I took up this series, I though of discussing songs dealing with folklore, talk about folktales, folksongs, culture, traditions, customs of our Country, patriotic songs, songs be based on historical events and yes geographical settings of our country too.

Even songs based on art and crafts of our country, if any are suitable candidates for inclusion in this ‘Desh Ki Mitti Ki Khushboo’ series. So far three songs have been covered under that series and hopefully I will try to bring more in future.

Coming back to the song of this, it falls under another series namely ‘blog ten-year challenge(2009-2019)’.

Songs from following movies were posted ten years ago on 20.03.2009 on the blog;

‘Sahib Bahadur-1977’
‘The Great Gambler-1979’

Out of the abovementioned six movie half of them i.e. three have already been covered with all of their songs posted on the blog viz. ‘Kaaliya-1981’, ‘The Great Gambler-1979’ and ‘Shahjahan-1946’.

The other three movies thus ‘qualify’ for the ‘blog ten-year challenge’. Today I am presenting a song from ‘Lamhe-1991’.
I also like songs from ‘Manpasand’ and ‘Sahib Bahadur’ and wish I could have presented a song from each of them as well 🙂


My working life started at the age of 17, with a small company (Nagpur based), at Parli-Vaijnath (Marathwada-Maharashtra) at a Thermal Power Station. When the contract of this company was completed, my boss had ensured that I get a job in a Delhi based company, so that I could continue working and get settled in my professional life.

I have mentioned i in one of my earlier post that the first thing that came to mind on the mention of Delhi was that I will get to see Delhi and other places of our great country. It actually happened and I got the chance to visit New Delhi many times thereafter and travelled a lot to different places due to my postings and official work.

I was enjoying all the travel, even though they were sometime troublesome and uncomfortable, as I was interested in seeing important places of historical and other significance. I was also getting the opportunity to observe the rich historical and cultural heritage our country hase, observe people of diverse areas who spoke different dialects and followed different customs and traditions. That interest and enthusiasm continues even now and I think that I have yet to cover a lot of ground as far as visiting different places in India are concerned.

My first ‘out of Maharashtra’ posting was at the company work site at Kota, Rajasthan.

Here I would also like to mention that fortunately I got site postings at places which were nearer to a city e.g. Phulpur near Allahabad, Aonla near Bareilly etc.

On Nov 30th 1988 late evening, I landed at Kota and stayed there till 14th Aug 1996, when I left for Phulpur-Allahabad.

I have many fond memories of my stay at Kota (and would like to share them in future posts as possible, as they cannot be concluded in just one post here).

While I enjoyed my working life, I did my studies as wello and completed my graduation through IGNOU there.

During my stay there I was always on the lookout for opportunities to visit historical places and tourist destinations, and in the process would buy books on tourism, atlas, maps etc etc.

Though I visited some of them; still many places continue to remain on my wish list till today.

When I rummaged through my travel books in my collection, I came across a book titled ‘Paryatakon ka Swarg- Rajasthan’, which I think I must have bought around 1989-90. Though the date of purchase is not marked there, I find some interesting notes on the index page of this book.
The index page mentions fifteen important places, which have separate chapters in the book, containing pictures and information of these places.

Out of these, Chittorgarh was my favorite and I visited the fort as many as three times in April & August’1992 and Nov’1993. I also travelled to the interior village Nimbaheda near Chittorgarh and stayed there with my friend, while visiting Nimach (MP) once.

I visited Jaipur in July 1990 and Udaipur and the fort at Bundi in August 1992.
(I remember that I visited Jaipur once again in 1994, but that was for an interview and not for sightseeing. So, this does not get into the list 🙂 )

Modern-day Rajasthan was formed on 1st November, 1956. Earlier it was known as ‘Rajputana’ the name given by the Britishers and it was formed on 30th March 1949 (ref – wiki)
It is also known as the ‘Princely State of India’ (Rajputana comprises as many as nineteen princely states (as per wiki).
Rajasthan is divided into thirty-three districts with seven Divisions viz. Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Kota and Bharatpur.
By area it is the largest state of India followed by Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Rajasthan has its glorious history, culture and traditions and so we have many festivals that are celebrated with huge grandeur and enthusiasm.

Hindi films have from time to time included stories and songs based on Rajasthani culture and traditions.
(And since more songs – based on Rajasthan- can be included in this series in future posts I have numbered this post as #Rajasthan-1#)

I watched ‘Lamhe-1991’ at Kota and again twice at Indore when I was travelling for Parli-Vaijnath via Indore-Purna junction. It was after three years that I was going to home since I landed at Kota in 1988. (my parents visited me once in between).

The ‘metre-gauge’ train travel also is one other subject that I wish to cover in another post, so many memories coming back to mind now …
I liked the movie ‘Lamhe’ very much then and also its songs which brings back many memories for me. The film has been shot at many fascinating and beautiful locations of Rajasthan.

So, here is a song from this film ‘Lamhe-1991’ composed by Shiv-Hari and sung by Mohiuddin. Lyrics are by Anand Bakshi and this ‘folk based song’ is composed by Shiv-Hari. If we listen this ‘magical’ composition again and again it fills us with pride and make nostalgic about the ‘glorious’ past of the ‘princely’ state Rajasthan.

I am unable to recollect now when this song appears in the movie. However I think it is a background song. As of now only the audio of this song is available.

Earlier I could not get right words at few places so I contacted one of our senior guest members whom I met during the Mumbai Gang out in 2016 – Shri. Mahendra Bafna ji and he immediately responded to my request and guided me about the correct words in the lyrics.

Enjoy the song while remembering the glorious and colorful part of India- Rajasthan.

So far three songs from this movie have been posted on the blog.


Song-Mhaare Raajasthan maa (Lamhe)(1991) Song-Mohiuddin, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Shiv Hari


Aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
Mhaare Rajasthan maa aa aa aa
Sarson ka nahin khet
Sone si chamke pan
Registaan ki ret

Itni prem kahaaniyaan aa
Kitney ae yuddh sangraam
Rajasthan ke naam se ae ae
ho o
Judey hain binke naam

Laal jyaada hain bahot
Ho o o
Apne khoon ka rang
Ho o o
Pyaar kiyaa to pyaar kiyaa aa aa
Jang kari to jang

Jaise pyaar mein dil diyaa aa aa aa
Yuddh mein di yoon jaan
Ho o o o
Kyun na ham par garv kare ae ae
Saaraa Hindustaan

(Note: jude hai binke naam – unke naam – binke is a word in Rajasthani folk for ‘unke)

Devnagri Script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)
आ आ आ आ
आ आ आ आ
म्हारे राजस्थान मा आ आ आ
सरसों का नहीं खेत
सोने सी चमके पण
रेगिस्तान की रेत

इतनी प्रेम कहानियां
कितने युद्ध संग्राम
राजस्थान के नाम से ए ए
हो ओ ओ
जुडे है बिनके नाम
लाल ज्यादा है बहोत
हो ओ ओ
अपने खून का रंग
हो ओ ओ
प्यार किया तो प्यार किया आ आ
जंग करी तो जंग

जैसे प्यार में दिल दिया आ आ
युद्ध में दी यूं जान
हो ओ ओ
क्यूँ न हम पर गर्व करे ए ए
सारा हिन्दुस्तान


2 Responses to "Mhaare Rajasthan maa"

‘Paryatakon ka Swarg- Rajasthan’ i completely agree.
i have been a tourist in Rajasthan from childhood. my parents have taken me to Mount Abu, Udaipur- Ranakpur- Chittorgarh etc. and recently i have visited Jaisalmer, Jaipur with my family. i am not tired of the state. infact last year i revisited Udaipur-Ranakpur- Chittorgarh- Kumbhalgarh with my husband and played guide to him. only this ytrip i actually pointed out spots that are filmmakers’ favourites.
i have seen this movie a few times and if i remember right this song happens when sridevi (senior) plays guide to Anil Kapoor. i need to see the movie again for confirmation


I remember when the movie was released, the movie didn`t do well in theatres,
many scenes/partial song sequences are edited out, in order to attract more audiences to the theatres,
I think the above song must have been used as a background song, that too partially for a few seconds………
I fail to recollect for which scene the song was used, eventhough I have watched the movie many times,
(unn dinon the story plot of the movie used to be close to my heart ……………….)


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