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Chaand ne kuchh kahaa taaron ne kuchh suna

Posted on: October 17, 2019

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Today’s song is a lovely duet by Lata and Hemant Kumar, from film Daaka-59. The film was made by Starland productions, Bombay for Hasmukh Kheda. The film was directed by Nanubhai Bhatt and the 6 songs of the film were written by Majrooh Sultanpuri (2 songs) and by Prem Dhawan (4 songs). Their music was composed by the King of Melody – Chitragupta. Dilip Dholakia was his assistant for this movie.

The cast of the film was Ashok Kumar, Nirupa Roy, Pran, Maruti, Smriti Biswas, Badri Pershad, Balam, Kesari, Kathana etc.etc. Songs of this film were recorded in 1956, but for reasons not known to us, the film was censored only in 1959 (25-11-1959). The length of the film was 12,698 feet and was in 14 reels.

Why I gave the details of the length and number of reels is that during the period of 50s, I remember how the films used to begin in the theatres. In Hyderabad city, once the show time was up, the theatre would be plunged in darkness and advertisements would start with slides or shorts. After this, usually there would be Indian News Reel or a Documentary of the Films Division. The Indian News reel was interesting and when some Cricket match was being played, here or abroad, some shots of the match would be shown. By this time, all the audience used to be in their seats. The first scene of the start of the main film was showing its Censor Certificate. It was at this time, when 99% audience used to read loudly in chorus, “14 Reels”, as if they had discovered some top secret ! Perhaps, it gave them an idea whether the film was a long one , normal or a short one.

Ashok Kumar (13-10-1911 to 10-12-2001) the Hero of this film, always surprised me. I wonder how much energy this man must have had. If you see his Career graph,it is most unusual. I am saying this because, normally an actor is at his best Performance level when he is young. As the age increases, his level diminishes and after a certain period, he is away from the Silver screen. In case of Ashok Kumar this is very different story. See the following chart and you will realise what I mean.

Period in years Aproximate Age No. of films done in the decade
Decade 1 (1936-1940 ) 25-30 years 12 (First film- Jeevan Naiya-1936)
Decade 2 (1941-1950 ) 30-40 years 23
Decade 3 (1951-1960) 40-50 years 55
Decade 4(1961-1970) 50-60 years 62
Decade 5(1971-1980) 60-70 years 85
Decade 6 (1981-1990) 70-80 years 60
Decade 7 (1991-1997 ) 81-86 years 13 (Last film- Aankhon mein tum ho-1997)

From 1936 to 1997 he acted in 310 films. That is a very long journey in films, of 61 years ! His first Heroine-Devikarani- was born in 1908 and the Heroine of his last film- Suman Ranganathan was born in 1974 ! He worked with Heroines from 4 generations (a film generation is counted as 15 years). Ashok Kumar ,in his career, paired with Devika Rani-she was 3 years elder to him in age- in 8 films, with Nalini Jayawant in 11 films and with Nirupa Roy in 21 films in 33 years’ period-from Bhai Bhai-56 to Dana Pani-89.

He had to sing his own songs. By that time the system of Playback had started, but actor singing his/her own songs also continued for some time. He sang 77 songs in 25 films. Effectively, his singing was halted by Mohd. Rafi, when he sang for Ashok Kumar in the film Saajan-47- a duet with Lalita Deulkar ( Humko tumhara hi aasra). After this Ashok Kumar sang one song each in film Chalti ka naam Gaadi-58, Aashirvad-68, Kangan-72, Khoobsurat-80 and finally in Shaukeen-82.

Look at his energy level in the above chart. As he grew up in age, his demand increased, he worked in more and more films till he was 86 year old. He was simply unique in this respect. May be Amitabh Bachhan is a match to him or even better than him because nowadays more films are made than before. I hope some contributor does this comparison in the same way.

When Ashok kumar started acting, he had a great problem. He did not know what to do with his hands. in all his early films, you will find him acting very awkwardly, because of this problem. When he acted in film Anjaan-41, this problem was solved. In this film he did a Doctor’s role, who is accused of a murder- which he did not commit. He had to be a detective to collect proof of his innocence and argue in the court also. During this period, he started smoking cigarettes and his ‘Hand’ problem was solved once for all. After this film, Ashok Kumar and his smoking became inseparable in every film ! (and also in private life) .

Ashok Kumar was one of those actors who did Natural acting in their films. Initially, that was not so, but after solving his ‘Hand’ problem in film Anjaan-41, he was one of the best such actor. Motilal, Sanjeev Kumar, Amol Palekar, Farooq Shaikh and Paresh Raval are some other names that came to my mind in this category.

For actress Smriti Biswas, film Daaka-59 was her last film. She quit films and married actor, director, producer and studio owner S D Narang.

Actress Smriti Biswas was born on 17-2-1932, in Calcutta in a middle class family. She was educated at home and she worked as child star in Bangla films, Sandhya and Dwandwa in the 1930s.

Hoping to make a better career, she shifted to Lahore. Here Pancholi studio gave her a break with the film Dhamkee-45. The film shooting started in 1943, but it was released in 1945. She got Raagini-45 in the same year. Its Director was Shanker Mehta. Two more of her films, viz Nek Dil-48 and Roop rekha-48 were also released there.

After Partition she returned to Calcutta. S.D.Narang, actor, producer and director also shifted to Calcutta along with her. He established his own Bengal National Studio and made Bangla and Hindi films with Smriti. Their ‘Ek Aurat’-48 was quite popular.

New Theatres cast Smriti in their film “Pehla Aadmi”-50 based on the story of Subhash Chandra Bose. It was directed by Bimal Roy. Both Smriti and Narang came down to Bombay. In the decade of 1950’s, she did about 21 films there. Daaka-59 was her last film. In 1960, she married S.D.Narang and retied from films, though she was still in demand. She has 2 sons. S.D.Narang died on 25-1-1986. She is in her 80s but enjoys life with family and friends.

Smriti Biswas did only about 27 films in her career, but her vivacious looks, sweet face and speaking style still reminds us of her roles.

Some of her more well known films are, Arab ka Saudagar-56, Bhai saheb-54, Lakhon mein ek-55, Samsheer-53, Aab e Hayat-55, Hum Safar-53 (opposite Dev Anand), Dilli ka Thug-58, Teen batti chaar Rasta-53, Baap re Baap-55 and Bhagam Bhag-56.

Recently I saw an article in Maharashtra Times of 14-4-2017. It was mentioned that She was living in a barely 500 square feet flat in Nashik, along with her two grown up, unmarried sons. All the property, Gold and money left by S D Narang was looted by other relatives and Smriti finds it difficult to pull on.

The Heroine of this film Nirupa Roy was a very unconventional actress of Hindi films. Her repertoire of roles was so varied that she could not be stamped with any one type of roles.

Nirupa Roy (4-1-1931 to 13-10-2004) was an enigma of Hindi Cinema. She has been a Heroine in 110 films,a mother in over 50 films,has been a Goddess in 50 Mythological films, a suffering wife in over 30 films and a Stunt girl in about 10 films.( I remember our Raja ji once said that it was difficult to imagine Nirupa Roy in any other dress than a Saree.) She sang Bhajans,romantic songs,Comedy songs,qawalis,sad songs and peasant folk songs on the screen.

She changed her Heroes like “Badalate huwe saathi”. She did 18 films with Trilok Kapoor ( 50-65), 12 films with Balraj Sahni ( 53-72), 16 films with P.Jairaj ( 53-78), and 21 films with Ashok Kumar ( 56-89). She was Amitabh’s mother in 12 films and a stunt Girl in 8 films. She even wrote a popular film song for film Samrat Chandragupta-58 ( Mujhe dekh chaand sharmaye – Lata).

Today’s song is a sweet duet of Lata and Hemant Kumar. Listening to some of their duets is a divine experience. Some of their duets like “yaad kiya dilne kahan ho tum”, “ye raat ye chandni phir kahan”, “gupchup gupchup pyar karen”, and ” Sanware salone aaye din bahar ke ” are some of the songs they made immortal in HFM. Lata’s voice never sounded sweeter with any other singer.

Today’s song is not as well known as the songs mentioned above, nevertheless this song has the hallmark of a Lata-Hemant Kumar duet song. It is a song that is best heard at night time- a “chhaayaageet” category song.


Song- Chaand ne kuchh kaha taaron ne kuchh suna (Daakaa)(1959) Singers- Hemant Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics- Prem Dhawan, MD- Chitragupta


chaand ne kuchh kaha
taaron ne kuchh suna
baat hi baat mein jaane kya ho gaya
aankhen jhuk jhuk gayin
dhadkanen ruk gayin
kya bataaun mera dil kahaan kho gaya

chaand ne kuchh kaha taaron ne kuch suna
baat hi baat mein jaane kya ho gaya

hum to khud se hi nazren churaane lage
jaane kya soch kar muskuraane lage
hum to khud se hi nazren churaane lage
jaane kya soch kar muskuraane lage

ab to dil na kisi bhi bahaane lage
baat hi baat mein jaane kya ho gaya
aankhen jhuk jhuk gayin dhadkanen ruk gayin
kya bataaun mera dil kahaan kho gaya

raat aayi hai zulfen sanwaare huye
aankhon aankhon mein kya kya ishaare huye
raat aayi hai zulfen sanwaare huye
aankhon aankhon mein kya kya ishaare huye
bas hai itni khabar
hum tumhaare huye
baat hi baat mein jaane kya ho gaya

chaand ne kuchh kaha
taaron ne kuchh suna
baat hi baat mein jaane kya ho gaya

10 Responses to "Chaand ne kuchh kahaa taaron ne kuchh suna"



Arunkumar Sir,

As usual, a treasure trove of invaluable information.

Many Thanks.


Thank you Mahesh ji.


Arun Ji,
Interesting statistics of films by Ashok Kumar & Nirupa Roy. ( together & with other leads). In my school days in our town Nirupa Roy was virtually Goddess personified.( Har Har Mahadev was one of the most popular movies starring Nirupa Roy)
Also interesting was to note that Nirupa Roy even penned a song.
As for memorable Hemanth -Lata duets, I would add ‘Aa neele Gagan Tale…..’ & ‘ Baadli me chupe chaand…..’


Thanks, Satish ji, for your comments.


Dear Guruji,

My past few comments on your Posts have been swallowed up by WordPress. Hope this one gets through.

SMRITI REKHA BISWAS had a cameo role in BIMAL ROY’s “UDAYER PATHE”, made by New Theatres in 1944, in this dance :

( Basantey phool ganthlo…….)

About ASHOK KUMAR giving up singing, I faintly recall having heard it from you that, C RAMCHANDRA was quite fed up with his style of singing and broached SASHADHAR MUKHERJEE in quiet confidence who also readily agreed. On a day when Bombay was practically shut down for communal tension, CR had called RAFI and LALITA DEULKAR to the studio in Malad and Ashok Kumar could not make it all the way from South Bombay due to the shutdown.

Next day when AK heard Rafi’s number he not only readily agreed but also scrapped the two songs that had already been recorded in his voice. And he never sang after that, not till that Rail-Gaadi song in ASHIRWAD in 1978!

A memorable duet of Hemant-Lata that readily comes to mind, there must be dozen others :

(कल के चाँद आज के सपने, तुम को प्यार बहुत सा प्यार……)

With warmest regards



Partha Chanda ji,
Thanks for your comments and Smriti’s information, unknown to me hetherto.
I suggest whenever you write any comment on my post, please copy it and send to my mail, for me to read and reply. There is good information in your comments.
I was wondering about your silence,anyway.


Dear Arunji,

A treasure trove indeed! There are many insights in your write ups…’s was …Lata sounds very sweet with Hemant Da, couldn’t agree more!

Thanks a ton!

Warm Regards,


Thank you, Umesh Sontakke ji, for your comments.


V. informative write up.
One correction though. Aa Gupchup Gupchup Pyar Karen from Saza 1951 is sung by Hemant Kumar and Sandhya Mukherjee.


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