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Readers farmaishes

Seeing that I receive farmaishes (requests) from my readers , It would be a good idea to have a separate page for that. So here is this page. Please use it to give your farmaishes for songs that you may like me to include in the blog. Just make sure to check that the song asked by you is not yet posted. You may refer to the pages that shows the complete lists of posted songs (by movie/ by music director/by year- as the case may be) for reference.

Thanks !

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Hello Atul ji,
I would love if you posted two pretty songs from Prem Rog (1982):
Yeh Galiyan Yeh Chaubara by Lata and Bhanwre Ne Khilaya Phool by Lata and Suresh Wadkar.

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there are many songs which are not on net from 1951 to 1980, what do I do for that


Has someone got the song by Dhananjay Bhattachariya lyrics are Jise dhoondta tha ban mein, voh sanwra salona rehta hei mere man mein
It is a non film song.


This is from Yatrik of 1952. Here is the link

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Labo se chum lo .. Astha
By Gulzar

Can you give the translation of this song ?


Dear Sir,There was an old song of 50s,a duet sanu tuade naal pyar ho gaya te main ki karan. Where can I locate this song?? The song is in Hindi but the initial wordings appear to be in Punjabi .It is from a Bollywood film only.


I also would like to hear “ Tum wahi to ho jo mere sap on mein aatey the” a vintage song probably non film. Can anyone please give a clue.


how do we listen  song  on  choice  , i mean the  website


Can you provide me the lyrics in Hindi script of Begum Akhatar’s ghazal Khushi ne mujh ko thukrayaa



Thank you very much



hello do you load songs of hinid film on farmaish / choice on or else please  reply




but do you load old songs of any year  like  from 1951 to 1980?


but do you load hindi film songs from 1951 to 1980?


What is the song in which the Hero is probably Shammi Kapoor, and in the song some Tibet kids speak one or two lines, like “yayya yaa yo yayya Yaya yo” or some Tibetan word?


I am unable to source the Mukesh-Hemalata song ‘Hazar Dil Me Ho To Aise Nikle Wo Armaan’ from Bhima Mera Haathi. MD is Vedpal Varma. Can you please oblige with a post?


Hello Atul,
First of all i would like to thank you for publishing my grandmother’s songs (Pramodini Desai) on your blog. I was especially thrilled to see the details of the films she sang for as she herself could not recollect when we tried to as her. I would love to connect with you to get information you have & the source as i find some information factually incorrect. Appreciate if you could share your email address where we could connect. Thanks again! Looking forward for a response!


Dear Atulji,
You are doing a fantastic job of bringing joy to countless music lovers. Everyday brings a new surprise and new joy. I have a request, under menu, could please include songs singer wise. It will be a great help. Under category of songs, I see listings under singers. For eg, Mannadey Solo 231 is indicated. But when I click, I get only 3 or 4 posts.
Thanks and Regards


My dear Atul ji,
I have seen your site in depth for the first time today. You have done some amazing work by creating this site.

I am working on a song sung by Mukesh that is presumably lost today:
Jhoom Rahi Hain Shokhiyan.
Didaye Neem Baaz Mein
Jaag Rahe Hain Paasbaan
Yaar Hai Naz-e-kwaab mein

I have heard this song as a child for over three years from the age of about 7 to 10.

I still remember the wordings of at least one stanza.

Could we salvage this song?

Rakesh Ratti Kapoor.
New Delhi.


Dear Sir, How you missed – the song of Elaan – Ang se Ang Lagale the first sensous song I heard on radio for first time.


Woul love to have on record,
Musibat ka maara, Chala ik musafir
Yeh kiski lagan mein chala haa raha hai
By Mukesh

Rakesh 9350250955.


I’m not able to find the song can you help me.
“Mere kajre ki dhar piya tere liye mere solah singar piya tere liye, baaje man ke taar piya tere liye”


hellodo you have catalouges of HINDI FILM RECORDS and HINDI GEET KOSH VOLUMES 2 and 6


Hello Atul,

I kept rediscovering this site over many, many years. Today I have a request – I came across this beautiful song by Mohd Rafi which starts off with ‘Antool Mahaboobi’. It’s from a movie called ‘Begunah’, which according to my song details is from 1957.

The YouTube video below shows the song, although it seems be mis-titled as being from 1970. Except for Asit Sen, I can’t recognize anyone here.

Can you please do a review of this song / movie?


Please check the link, this song has already been reviewed here:


I heard a song on Vividh Bharati by a lady singer (I could not identify her) she has a somewhat ‘childish’ voice– the starting lines are Tu hasta ja tu rota ja. I could not track the song through a Google search. It is a long song and the lyrics seemed to be good.


Please write about the song TUM AKELE TO KABHI BAAG MEIN JAYA NA KARO from Aao Pyar Kare starring Joy Mukherjee and Saira Bano. Lyricist Rajinder Krishna MD Usha Khanna Singer Mohd Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar.
One word in particular that interests me is JARICHON जरीचों


It is ‘dareechon’ (meaning ‘window’, ( inhin aankhon ke dareechon mein to ham baste hain’))


15-10-2021 is Birthday date of SHANKAR (SJ).


I am trying to recollect a song from my childhood. I think it was rakhee gulzar singing a song for her son. Timeliness between 1977 to 1985


Whether it is from Shraddhanjali 1981 movie Asha bhosle song, “Haa bada natkhat bada shaitan hai” , which starts from 21:29 of the following video link:

but the child is not her son in this movie, it is her brother in law……


Hi sir,
Thanks for your efforts. No it does not seem to be. The words are something like
Tu mera laadla. Meri zindagi Hai tu. Tu bada hokar mera Sahara banega something like this. I checked for bemisal songs list but did not find.


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