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Dekho jee tum kuchh bolna naa

Posted on: December 31, 2019

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Hullo to all in Atuldom

Round up of 2019

An eventful year comes to a close. I have had great experiences that will bring a smile on my face when I think of them or look at the related pictures.

First- my daughter gave me a promotion and I enjoyed every minute of the event. Only feeling at the end of it was— having waited for it from last July, when she announced her intention, I felt January came too soon and the week, with happenings related to the event, was over with the blessings of the elders of the family and good wishes of friends and relatives. And I must thank the Atulites too who came for it.

The next two months of the year were rather quiet. The major point of March being the R.M.I.M meet. I was lucky to have been able to attend the R.M.I.M in Bangalore this year -30th &31st March to be precise. And am I glad I attended it on both dates, unlike the last time when I went for one day and left almost immediately after lunch.

This time R.M.I.M was celebrating two birth centenaries – that of Chitragupta and Shamshad Begum. There was also a mention about the fact that Manna Dey would also have been 100 this year. Plus, there was a mention that many music luminaries of the past, who would have been 100 this year, need to be remembered.

On the occasion our Gajendraji reminisced about his encounter or meeting with the Shamshad Begum in 2012, when she was 92. He spoke about how sharp her memory was and about her sense of humour. He mentioned that when he asked her about her feelings towards her songs being remixed by the current generation her reply surprised him. She is said to have told him that by remixing, the songs were kept alive and more people were able to relish them.

Later during the post lunch session there was a debate or discussion on how social media impacted music and films. The discussion also touched whether it was right to colourise old black & white classics, remix or morph old videos etc. This was followed by Kushal Gopalka’s session where he spoke about his association with Shamshad Begumji. He mentioned another incident that showed Shamshad Begum’s view about life. He talked of an event for which he had escorted Shamshad Begumji; where the master of ceremonies asked her about her colleagues who were no more and had died rather young; for this -he says- her reply was “humari umr par nazar mat daaliye.”
My personal take-home from this was I got to meet the gracious, simple and humble Sudha Malhotra. She sounds very melodious in person even when she speaks.

For more on the meet I suggest visiting here.

April end saw me in Mumbai for a few days on some personal agenda. Which I clubbed with a met-up of friends from ASAD. That was a good gangout with guruji also landing back in Mumbai that morning and meeting Bakshishji and Nitinji for the first time (didn’t feel it was the first time though) and of course Sudhirji was also there. So, in all a good gangout even if I was present only for a short time I enjoyed.

June end was a trip to Bhopal to meet my gang of girls from college and chilling out in the heat of Madhya Bharat. But that was also fun, we parted with a promise of making it an annual affair.

July saw me in Kerala, the island resort of Ashtamudi, with newly acquired relatives and getting to know them. September end was Navaratri which saw me in my ‘sasural ka village’ as well as in Kolkata for Durga Pooja. A long-cherished dream of visiting the pooja pandals was fulfilled by my personal Santa.

Actually, for all of the above, I must thank my personal Santa as he never questions me or my intentions. He also turned a year older, an age when people normally hang-up their boots and think of taking life easy having worked for 40 years now. But my Santa has not yet thought about his boots or rest. He has a lot of enthusiasm for outings and excursions and is already planning his next joyful weekend. These breaks are what keep him going in stressful work conditions I suppose. God bless him forever.

I must thank our Sadanandji and Sudhirji for the song with this post. I am thanking Sudhirji as he suggested the song, since I have little knowledge of any song featuring the Shamshad Begum – Chitragupta combination. On a busy Saturday morning I pestered Sudhirji to find out if any Shamshad Begum song in Chitragupta’s music direction was left to be posted and he gave me this song before the day was out. Sadanandji has to be thanked as he is the one who has uploaded the song to YouTube. The movie is the 1953 release “Manchala” which had music by Chitragupta, the additional reason for my choosing this is, it is a duet by Shamshad Begum and Chitragupta.

Raja Mehdi Ali Khan was the lyricist for a movie which was produced and directed by Jayant Desai and had Nirupa Roy, Manhar Desai, Agha Jeevan etc in the cast. Going by the lyrics and the sound of the song the male in the song could have been Agha.
Happy Partying & tik tok tik tok to 2020.

Song-Dekho jee tum kuchh bolna na (Manchala)(1953) Singers-Shamshad Begam, Chitragupta, Lyrics-Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, MD-Chitragupta


panghat pe peepal
peepal taley hum
chhailaa sajan koi aaye re
panghat pe peepal
peepal taley hum
chhailaa sajan koi aaye re
maare kankariya phode gagariya
nainon se naina milaaye re
dekho ji tum kuchh bolna na
dekhoji tum kuchh bolna na

oooo ohoho ooo
sadak pe cycle
cycle pe madam
madam ke naina bade bade
doorbin laga ke
focus milaa ke
dekhoonga usko khade khade

dekhoji tum kuchh bolna na
dekhoji tum kuchh bolna na

aankhon mein gussa
haathon mein chappal
madam teri pit jaaye re
main toh na chhodoon
madam ki chutiya
haathon mein agar aa jaaye re
dekho ji tum kuchh bolna na
haan dekhoji tum kuchh bolna na

oooo ohoho ooo
gaadoonga main toh
dil mein tumhaare
apni mohabbat ka jhanda re
chhailla jo mere raste mein aaya
kar doonga usko thhanda re

dekhoji tum kuchh bolna na
dekhoji tum kuchh bolna na

naari sadak pe
uss pe baraati baaje bajaate aayenge
ab toh jee bas do chaar hi din mein
doli meri lee jaayenge
dekho ji tum kuchh bolna na
dekhoji tum kuchh bolna na

oooo ohoho ooo
jab meri lathiya
unpe chalengi
bhaagenge sab baarati re
dekhegi duniya
doli tumhaari
mere hi ghar ko aati re

dekhoji tum kuchh bolna na
dekhoji tum kuchh bolna na

bhaad mein jaaye
woh sab baraati
choolhey main jaaye wo
chhaila re
palloo tumhaara
ab main na chhodhoon
main hoon tumhaari laila re
dekho ji tum kuchh bolna na
haan dekhoji tum kuchh bolna na

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