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Vaada na mera toote

Posted on: October 28, 2020

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Today’s song is from the film Bhaichara aka Fraternity aka Brotherhood-1943. It was produced by Unity Productions, Calcutta and was directed by a veteran of Silent films- G.K.Mehta.

Gopal Krishna or G.K.Mehta was born on 18-7-1899 and he joined the film industry in 1920. He slogged in the film companies doing odd jobs and finally started directing films from 1928 onwards. By 1931, the Talkie had started and Mehta, after 15 silent films to his credit, directed his first Talkie film-” Chirag E Husn”-1935. Then came Ghazi Diler-36, Toofani khazana-37, Prem samadhi-38, Master Man-38, Juwari-39 and his last film was Bhaichara-1943. He directed Leela Chitnis in film Master man-38, Jairaj and Nirmala in Juwari-39Bharat Bhushan in his second film in Bhaichara-43. Like many other silent film stalwarts like R S Chaudhuri (8-6-1903 to 22-8-1972) with 15 silent and 14 Talkie films, G K Mehta also disappeared without a trace.

This social film had music by Himangshu Dutt – a name not heard by most people in Hindi, but in Bangla films he was a highly respected music composer. Songs composed by him in the early 40s were sung not only by singers of that generation, but also by the younger generations. Due to his early death and a busy schedule in Bangla cinema and Non film music, he was not able to benefit the Hindi audience of the rest of India. He was so popular and respected that he was awarded the first ever award of ” Sur Sagar ” by the people of Dhaka. After him,only singer Jaganmoy Mitra aka Jagmohan was the only person who was awarded the title of “Sursagar “. Jagmohan sang for Dutt’s Bangla films regularly. After Dutt was gone in 1944, Jagmohan sang his Non film songs also. As per HFGK, Himangshu Dutt gave music for only 2 Hindi films – Bhakt Kabir and Bhaichara-43. For both films, Jagmohan sang 2 songs each.

The cast of the film was Bharat Bhushan, Veena Kumari, isabela, Beena Pal,Sunetra, Ansari,Hadi,Himmat Rai etc etc. One name in the cast is VEENA KUMARI. Now this is a name causing ” Same Name Confusion.” In my book, released in 2018, I had clarified about 56 artistes coming under the SNC category. In the last one and half year I have discussed 14 more such new artistes and including today’s case, there will be 16 artistes. The total comes to 72 and surprisingly there are 36 Males and 36 female artistes in this group, so far. However, I feel, as the time passes by, there are still few more cases yet to come to light and that, finally in this, the females will outnumber the males in numbers.

One of the reasons for this could be that in the early era, actresses came from Muslim Tawayef families or even poor families. In such families, the girls’ names were pretty common – like Nurjahan, Zubeida, Khurshid, Naseem, Zohra or Shameem etc. Those who came first in films kept their original names, others had to change their names. But even then, the limited stock of names created problems. For example, one Khursheed Akhtar changed her name to Shyama and the other changed her name to Anuradha, but there were already 2 Shyamas working in films. One more example was today’s case. Originally Nurjahan, changed name to Veena Kumari, but there was another Veena working in films.

The trouble with same names is when you want to write about them, their Filmography is mixed up. Secondly, most sites, blogs and Fb pages invariably mix up even their Bio data, in addition to Filmography. My B.P. goes up when I see this . Whenever possible, I try to give explanations to make corrections, but every time it is not possible. Further they quote from sites like Wiki and IMDB, who are the major culprits in creating, sustaining and nurturing the same name confusions.

Anyway, let us now see who this Veena Kumari was. Her original name was Nurjahan. Her father was a landlord in Lucknow. She was born in 1916. As per customs of those times, she never went to school, but being well to do, got private tutors and she learnt Urdu and English sufficiently to read and speak. She was a typical good looking girl. She was very fond of seeing silent films, with her father. When the Talkie films started, her interest grew much more and she decided to join films. She was a natural good singer too and this helped her get into films.

Her first film was Inteqam-33, where she worked without any fees. Here she was credited with her real name Nurjahan. In the 1939 film Swastik, made by Mohan Pictures, she became Veena kumari-heroine of Jeevan. She continued working in films like Radhika,Asra and Kasauti- all 1941, Gharib and Zevar in 42, Pratigya, Bhaichara,Masterjee and Chiragh in 43, Mujrim-44, Gunjan and Shauhar in 48. Shauhar was made by her own banner-Dil-Sitan arts. The film was directed by her. Her last film was Basera-50. She sang 22 songs in 7 films. She was quite good at singing. When you hear her songs, you will agree with me.

Now let us see what proves they were 2 different persons. Firstly, Veena kumari started her career much earlier than Veena. Secondly, Veena started acting in Punjabi films in 1941 only and then came to Bombay for films Yaad-42, Najma-43,Rajputani-44, Humayun-45 etc. Thirdly, Veena kumari was a B grade actress and her films were made by smaller banners, whereas, from the beginning, Veena was in the Big league of Mazhar khan, Ranjit, Mehboob, Kardar, K.Asif, Minerva etc. Fourthly, Veena kumari stopped working in 1950, while Veena continued till 1983. The most important point was, Veena could not sing, whereas Veena kumari sang 22 songs in 7 films. All this clearly separates them as different actresses.

Veena acted in about 100 films in her 40 years’ career. Her Biodata is available freely on the Internet as well as on this Blog. So much for the Same Name Confusion in this case.

The hero of the film Bhaichara was Bharat Bhooshan, who was a good looking hero, but acting wise, he was similar to his other clones like Anil Dhawan, Karan Dewan and Pradeep kumar. All of them were good looking but very weak in acting. These Heroes got many films, good heroines and popular songs to sing on screen, as long as their luck favoured them. Once their luck-quota exhausted, they fell on bad days and suffered a bad end too. It is said that Bharat Bhooshan, in his bad days, had to work as a Watchman in a film studio.

Bharat Bhushan (14 June 1920 – 27 January 1992) was an Indian actor in Hindi language films, script writer and producer, who is best remembered for playing Baiju Bawra in the 1952 film of the same name .He was born in Meerut, and brought up in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Bharat Bhushan was born on 14 June 1920 in a Vaishya (Baniya) family at Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.
His father, Raibahadur Motilal, was the government pleader of Meerut. His mother died when he was two years old. His elder brother was film producer Ramesh Chandra, who owned the Ideal Studio at Lucknow. The brothers left for Aligarh to stay with their grandfather after their mother’s death. He did his studies and earned a graduate degree from Dharam Samaj College, Aligarh. After this he took to acting against his father’s wishes. He first went to Calcutta to join cinema and later established himself in Bombay.

He married into a prominent family in Meerut, Zamindar Raibahadur Budha Prakash’s daughter Sarla. They had two daughters, Anuradha and Aparajitha. Anuradha had polio-associated complications. His other daughter Apararith played the role of Mandodari in the famous TV show Ramanand Sagar’s famous serial Ramayan. In an interview, Aparajita had said that after the sudden demise of her husband, she turned to acting. Aparajita has done more than 50 films in her career. Bhushan’s wife Sarla died of labour complications after delivering their second child in the early 1960s, soon after the release of film Barsaat Ki Raat. In 1967, he married actress Ratna, his co-star in the same film.

Bhushan owned bungalows in Bandra, Bombay and other areas. He was an avid reader and boasted of his collection of books, which he had to sell off like his cars and bungalows in bad times, after he turned co-producer on the ploddings of his brother. Only a few of his films were successes and unfortunately, the rest flopped. He died after he escaped his financial crisis, on 27 January 1992.

He made his debut with the Kidar Sharma hit Chitralekha (1941). However, he struggled for over a decade to make a mark in Hindi movies till Baiju Bawra (1952), which gave him instant stardom and legendary status along with Mohammad Rafi, Meena Kumari and Naushad Ali. Though a very talented actor and a prominent star of the 1950s and 1960s in Hindi language films, he often took on roles of tragic musicians in the movies. Films in which he starred as lead actor include Basant Bahar.

“He portrays historical and mythological characters the best in Hindi movies,” states contemporary actor-producer Chandrashekar. He wrote scripts and stories for Barsat Ki Raat, Nayi Umar Ki Nayi Fasal, Basant Bahar, Dooj Ka Chand, etc. He was the producer of Dooj Ka Chand. His brother R. Chandra made many films such as Bebus, Minar, and Basant Bahar.

He was the recipient of the second Filmfare best actor award for the film Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in 1954. Most of the great songs of major singers of that period such as Rafi, Manna Dey, Talat, and Mukesh were pictured on him. He was the first chocolate-faced good-looking star of Hindi films. He was one of the few actors who had a good sense of music, so most music-based movies were made with him in lead roles in the 1950s and 1960s.

He acted in Hindi language movies until the 1990s.he acted in 211 Hindi films,in all. His last film was Maachis-1996. He is still loved and revered by the Indians for the great movies and great songs that he gave in spite of personal tragedies and stiff competition from his contemporaries. He is considered to be one of the greatest stars and legends of Hindi cinema. (Thanks to wikipedia for some information.)

Let us now listen to the sweet voice of the great Jagmohan in this second song of this film on the Blog….

Song- Vaada na mera toote (Bhaaichaara)(1943) Singer- Jagmohan Sursagar, Lyricist- Not known, MD- Himangshu Dutt Sursagar


Vaada na mera toote ae
waah duniya
duniya badal jaaye
Vaada na mera toote ae
waah duniya
duniya badal jaaye

main khoon se seenchoonga
khoon se seechoonga
?? phool ye khil jaaye
Vaada na mera toote ae
waah duniya
duniya badal jaaye

hasti ko mita dena aa
jeene ka saleeka hai ae
hasti ko mita dena
jeene ka saleeka hai
ubhrega wahi daana
ubhrega wahi daana
mitti mein jo mil jaaye
Vaada na mera toote ae
waah duniya
duniya badal jaaye

phoolon ke pujaari hain
kaanton se nahin darte ae
phoolon ke pujaari hain
kaanton se nahin darte ae
?? jaan rahe tan mein
jaan rahe tan mein
?? jaan nikal jaaye
Vaada na mera toote ae
waah duniya
duniya badal jaaye
Vaada na mera toote ae

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It was great pleasure to know about lesser known artiste. My sincere appreciation for your detailed work. Thanks


Manohar Lal Dave ji,
Thanks for your appreciation.
I am glad you liked the post.


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