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Namkeen tumhaari soorat hai

Posted on: October 29, 2020

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2010-2020) – Song No. 88

After a gap of more than one month, we are back with this blog ten year challenge. There is a very good reason why I have decided to resume this series on THIS day viz 29 October 2020. That reason will become clear only in the evening, when I will post the second Blog ten year challenge post of the day.

On this day ten years ago, viz on 29 october 2010, I had posted five songs in the blog. As was usual those days, all the posts were done and dusted with in the morning. The first post of the day appeared at 7:19 AM and the final post at 9L29 AM.

Here are the details:-

Blog Post number Song Movie Year of release Posting time Remarks
3149 Teri nazar mein main rahoon meri nazar mein tu 1857 1946 7:19 AM Movie YIPPEED by now
3150 Tum hamen bhool gaye Balam 1949 8:13 AM Movie YIPPEED by now
3151 Barbaad huyi dil ki duniyaa Jalpari 1952 8:51 AM 7 songs covered out of 9
3152 Hamko samajh baithhi hai ye duniyaa deewaanaa Chaar Deewaari 1961 9:13 AM Movie YIPPEED by now
3153 Mujhe tumse muhabbat hai magar main keh nahin saktaa Bachpan 1963 9:29 AM 3 songs covered out of 7

One can notice that three out of five movies that were represented ten years ago have been YIPPEED by now. That leaves us with “Jalpari”(1952) and “Bachpan”(1964) as the two movies eligible for the Blog ten year challenge.

I had chosen the song for “Bachpan”(1964) yesterday itself, and I thought I had done the same for “Jalpari”(1952) as well. but today morning, I discovered that the song chosen by me was already discussed. What is more, it was discussed exactly ten years ago. So I had to search for another song. Only two songs of “Jalpari”(1952) are left. The first song mentioned in HFGK has no details viz record number, singers etc. That song is as good as unavailable. That leaves us with only one song, viz “Namkeen tumhaari soorat hai”. On YT, a one minute partial version of this song is available which does not do justice to the song. Locating the full song and uploading it took me better part of the morning and so I was not able to post any post in the blog till now.

This elusive song is described in HFGK as sung by Rafi, Shamshad Begam and Zohrabai Ambalewali. On listening to the song, I find that the female singers are correctly identified, but the male singer is not. There are two male playback singers to match the two playback singers. Rafi’s voice is not at all there . Two two male voices sound familiar. One of them sounds like S Balbir to me. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify the voices.

There were three lyricists in the movie, but only two songs are credited to two lyriciasts. Lyricists of others songs, including the song under discussuion, are not known. Music is composed by Pt Govindram.

Two males and two females have an interesting exchange of words in the song where expression of love is couched in the form of nok jhonk. Very interesting song that has been forgotten with time.

I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisatioon of this song.

I feel that the only remaining song from the movie may not be available and so this movie, after this song, may remain unYIPPEED, or may be conditionally YIPPEED, as described by Sudir Jee in one of his posts.

I have mentioned it that one more Blog Ten Year Challenge post will appear today. That would be a special kind of Blog ten yewar challenge. So watch this space.

Song-Namkeen tumhaari soorat hai(Jalpari)(1952) Singers-Male voice 1, male voice 2, Shamshad Begam, Zohrabai Ambalewali, Lyricist-Unknown, MD-Pt Govindram


namkeen tumhaari soorat hai
arre naina tore matwaare hain
ye laddoo pede barfi sab
iske aage jhak maare hain

roop ka bhojan tumhaara
dil pe jaadoo kar gaya
dil pe jaadoo kar gaya
arre dekh kar soorat tumhaari
pet apna bhar gaya

chaahe nakad karo ya udhaar karo
ho par thhoda thhoda hamse pyaar karo
par thhoda thhoda hamse pyaar karo
dekho hamse na yoon taqraar karo
jora jori mat ankhiyaan chaar karo
jora jori mat ankhiyaan chaar karo

ham gore hain ya kaale hain
arre mard muhabbat waale hain
dhun ke sachche dhun ke pakke
tere roop ke ham rakhwaale hain
in moochhon par
in moochhon par
in moochhon par aitbaar karo
ho par thhoda thhoda hamse pyaar karo

in moochhon se ham darte hain
teri shakl se nafrat karte hain
tum daanav jaise chakram to
meri gali mein paani bharte hain
arre sunaa

oon hoon
mat baaten yoon bekaar karo
jora jori mat ankhiyaan chaar karo

o chaahe nakad karo ya udhaar karo
o par thhoda hamse pyaar karo

aji maine kahaa huzoor
zara suniye to
chal chal
aji maine kahaa sarkaar
zara dekhiye to
kya hai

main ho gaya tera deewaana
tu shamma main tera parwaana
o meri bulbul dekh zara
dil kar diya tujhko nazraana

chaahe soch karo ya vichaar karo
ho par thhoda thhoda hamse pyaar karo
dekho hamse na yoon taqraar karo
jora jori mat ankhiyaan chaar karo

tum maanus bade nikhhattoo ho
moorakh ho zaahil jattoo ho
tum nayi nawelan naar dekh
phat ho jaate lattoo ho
arre kuchh samjhe
bilkul nahin

mat hamse yoon takraar karo
jora jori mat ankhiyaan chaar karo
o chaahe nakad karo ya udhaar karo
ho par thhoda thhoda hamse pyaar karo

2 Responses to "Namkeen tumhaari soorat hai"

After listening the song for a number of times, my guess is that the predominant male singer is S D Batish accompanied by Balbir who sings only two lines in the song – first, ‘in moochhon par’ (repeat line only) and second, ‘tu shama main tera parwaana’.




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