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Tumse nahin pehchaan meri lekin aisa lagta hai

Posted on: October 30, 2020

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#The Decade of Seventies – 1971 – 1980 #
# Bhoole-Bisre Geet # 109 # Tribute to actor Vinod Mehra #

30th October’2020 is the thirtieth ‘Rememberance Day’ of one of the much loved and handsome actors of Hindi Film Industry – Vinod Mehra. He was born on 13th February’1945 and passed away at the young age of forty-five only. The news of his death shocked everybody at that time. He started his career in Hindi movies as a child artist in the late fifties and his career as an adult began in 1971.

‘Seventies’ saw many actors who may not have worked more or given many hits but somehow they have left their indelible impression in the mind of movie-goers and children grown in ‘seventies’ like me.

I think I can include names like Vinod Mehra, Navin Nischol, Vijay Arora, Anil Dhawan, Mahendra Sandhu, Vishal Anand etc. in this list. (I may be forgetting some and not recollecting at this moment).

That was a time when we were watching movies without being a ‘fan’ of anyone. The ‘thrill’ of watching movie in the ‘theatre’ and the whole atmosphere, the big ‘posters’ , the ‘ticket windows’, the different color tickets of various ‘classes’, the ‘namkeen moongfalli, or chanaa and ‘sharbat’ was other main attraction in the intervals and coming out of the theatre after the show ends was like landing back from ‘another planet’ to our own 😊

Vinod Mehra is one such name from those years which immediately reminfds us of his ever ‘smiling face’. His hair style and his looks, his physique and appearance on the screen always give a ‘warm’ feeling. His ‘emotional roles’ make our eyes misty and gave our hearts a stir. Such was his impact. And when I am writing about him, first time here on the blog, I feel like missing a friend or like familiar person very much and my mind constantly asking me – why is that people like him passed at so early? at the age of forty-five?
I think these lines from the today’s song best explain my thoughts for him today ‘tumse nahin pehchaan meri, phir bhi aise lagtaa hai pehle bhi kisi yug mein apna saath rahaa ho jaise’…

It was like he was around in one special corner of our heart always there in the midst of so many stars around.

I remember his photo with his signature sent to my Father in reply to his fan mail which was in his possession along with other ‘star’s’ letters.

Well, going back to the movies of Vinod Mehra which I remember to have watched …

If I try to recollect now the movies of his that comes to my mind as an oldest memory of him, of course, start with ‘tere nainon ke main deep jalaaungaa’ i.e. Anuraag-1972 which I must have watched with my parents. But the song continued to haunt me as a flashback all over the years and the other song and movie permanently embedded on my impressionable mind was ‘Do Khilaadi-1976’ – its song – ‘jhoomtaa saawan dekho aaya’ – never got erased from my memory.

In between I must have watched his ‘Do Phool-1973’, ‘Kunwaara Baap-1974’, ‘Raftaar-1975’, ‘Do Jhooth-1975’,’Naagin-1976’, ‘Ghar-1978’, ‘Chakravyuha-1978’, ‘Swarg Narak-1978’, ‘Dada-1979’, ‘The Burning Train-1980’, ‘Pyaasa Saawan-1981’, ‘Khuddaar-1982’. I watched these movies either with my parents or my uncle.

For ‘Jaani Dushman-1979’ I was permitted to go alone and not take my younger brothers with me so that they don’t get scared watching and after watching the movie 😊

I watched his ‘Naukar Biwi Ka-1983’, ‘Dharam Aur Qanoon-1984’, ‘Jeene Nahin Doonga-1984’, ‘Locket-1986’, ‘Aag Hi Aag-1987’ with my brothers and cousins.

And I watched ‘Eeshwar-1989’ during my stay at Kota.

I watched his ‘Amardeep-1979’ in 2012 when Rajesh Khanna passed away and movies of Kaka were screened specially on a tv channel.

I watched his ‘Anurodh-1977’ on VCD, much later when I was in Nagpur in 2016 and liked his role very much.
The latest of his movie that I watch was ‘Aarop-1974’ which I watched on my laptop in Sep’2019 during my stay at Kenya (during my preparation for a post for BTYC).

I may have also watched his other movies but I am forgetting them like I think I had watched ‘Sabse Bada Rupaiyya-1976’ and later ‘Amarprem-1971’ may be on tv channels.

However, when I see his filmography now, I realized that I have yet to watch many of his movies from the seventies as well as of eighties till he was doing acting.

Coming back to today’s song now, it is from the movie ‘Ek Hi Raasta-1977’ wherein Vinod Mehra is lip syncing for Rafi Saab’s voice and music is composed by Rajesh Roshan. Lyrics are by Verma Malik.

Shabana Azmi and a child artist (Master Inderjeet/Master Asif/Master Babu?) are also seen in the picturization of this song.

One song from the movie was introduced by me here where in I have given the details of this movie – ‘Ek Hi Raasta-1977’. So, I will not repeat the same here, and instead I will give the details of songs from this movie in the following table (our new practice, so that whenever the movies are Yippeeee’ed on the blog we need to ‘insert’ the links of the respective songs only and update the table for grand ‘finale’ 😊

List of songs – ‘Ek Hi Raasta-1977’ as per HFGK (1971-1980) Vol-V; (in order of appearance there)

S.No. Song Title Singer/s Posted on
01 Akalmand ko ishaara… itni jaldi kahaan jaate ho Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar
02 Dil ko mila lo dil ko takra lo… I like what you are saying Asha Bhonsle, Amit Kumar, chorus
03 Dheere dheere sun more sajna… piya piya boley more kangnaa Lata Mangeshkar
04 Tumse nahin pehchaan meri … Mohd Rafi Being posted today
05 Bin saathi ke jeewan kya Kishore Kumar, Anuradha Paudwal 17.08.2015

Let us now enjoy today’s song and pay our tributes to the ever ‘smiling’ ‘charming’ Vinod Mehra.

I hope you will like the song too …



Song-Tumse nahin pehchaan meri lekin aisa lagta hai (Ek Hi Raasta)(1977) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Rajesh Roshan


(dialogues not included)

(Child’s laughing sound)

Tumse nahin pehchaan meri
Lekin aise lagta hai
Pehle bhi kisi yug mein apna
Saath rahaa ho jaise ae

Tumse nahin pehchaan meri
Lekin aise lagta hai
Pehle bhi kisi yug mein apna
Saath rahaa ho jaise

Tujhe dekh ke bhooli bisri
Tasveer ubhar aati hai
Yaad ki dhundhli si parchhaayee
Dil mein utar jaati hai
Donon ko naa yaad rahaa ho
Ho sakta hai aise
Pehle bhi kisi yug mein apna
Saath rahaa ho jaise ae

Tujhse mera kya naata
Jab samajh nahin paata hoon
Doob ke main gehraayiyon mein
Ye sochke reh jaata hoon
Kisi janam mein toone koi
vachan liya ho jaise
Pehle bhi kisi yug mein apna
Saath rahaa ho jaise ae
Tumse nahin pehchaan meri
Lekin aise ae lagta hai
Pehle bhi kisi yug me apna
Saath rahaa ho jaise ae

Devnagri Script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)
(गीत के शुरुवात में दिए गए संवाद शामिल नहीं किये गए हैं)

(बच्चे के हंसने की आवाज़)

तुमसे नहीं पहचान मेरी
लेकिन ऐसे लगता है
पहले भी किसी युग में अपना
साथ रहा हो जैसे ए

तुमसे नहीं पहचान मेरी
लेकिन ऐसे लगता है
पहले भी किसी युग में अपना
साथ रहा हो जैसे ए

तुझे देख के भूली बिसरी
तस्वीर उभर आती है
याद की धुंधली सी परछाई
दिल में उतर जाती है
दोनों को ना याद रहा हो
हो सकता है ऐसे
पहले भी किसी युग में अपना
साथ रहा हो जैसे ए

तुझसे मेरा क्या नाता आ
जब समझ नहीं पाता हूँ
डूब के मैं गहराईयों में
ये सोचके रह जाता हूँ
किसी जनम में तूने कोई
वचन लिया हो जैसे
पहले भी किसी युग में अपना
साथ रहा हो जैसे ए

तुमसे नहीं पहचान मेरी
लेकिन ऐसे लगता है
पहले भी किसी युग में अपना
साथ रहा हो जैसे ए

5 Responses to "Tumse nahin pehchaan meri lekin aisa lagta hai"

I remember vaguely that Ek hi rasta directed by vetern Mohan Segal got another Bengali version starring the same hindi star cast,,(bengali movie name must be “POVRATAK”)(Asha Sachdev plays a grey coloured character in this movie playing wife`s role of Jeetendra, eventhough Jeetendra has got another docile wife in village, which he neglects/refuses to accept in his life)
I do have a soft corner for this movie because of a Shabana Azmi/Lata Mangeshkar/Rajesh Roshan combination song
(I remember watching an short/edited/abrupt video version of this song)”Dheeray dheery sun mere sajna”

and a english wording song ” I like what you are saying” sung by Amit Kumar, Asha Bhosle


record company audio


Avinash Ji, good reminder of a less heard song. It is reminisce of another beautiful Rafi solo posted here :

Good write up in memory of Vinod Mehra. “Ever smiling face” is the lasting impression of him, like in this song :


Thank you Nahm ji for liking the song and post.
Thanks for your comments and appreciation.



Thank you Prakash ji for the details and comments.
The Lata song is already there and was sent by me with above song in 2013.
Thanks and regards,


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