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Kya sach hai qasam wo bhulaane lage hain

Posted on: February 24, 2021

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Today’s song is from a film which hardly anyone knows. The name was unknown, the director was unknown and the 3 Music Directors who composed 8 songs by two lyricists, did not become famous. The film is Bedard-1949. It was directed by B.N.Chouhan, who is credited with two more films for direction, namely Ret mahal-49 and Jungle ki Duniya-59.

There were 3 Music Directorss – Ramprasad Sharma, B.N.Bali and Mohd. Shafi. In the HFGK, out of 8 songs of the film only 2 are credited to Ramprasad. Other songs are uncredited. Luckily, today’s song is credited to Ramprasad Sharma.

Film Industry is one industry which grew very fast. Firstly, there was no competition (except from AIR for entertainment) and secondly, joining this industry needed no special qualifications. Moreover, from the beginning, the ROI (Returns On the Investment) ratio was quite high, once you took care of few parameters like, good actors, good songs and a mix of Romance and Comedy !

Thousands of aspirants, the Good looking, the Bad looking and the Ugly looking rushed to Bombay, Lahore and Calcutta to try their luck. Tawaifs and stage artists had an easy entry, so was for the Handsome and Muscular bodied males.

The studio system took care of grooming its employees. Most people were hired without any specific job description. When needed, the script writer or the Lyricist had to act in the film, and Choreographer-Dance Master in those days-had to take up Direction- if needed. Artists graduated from menial jobs to important positions. That is how Choreographer Guru Dutt became a Director and a Hero, Lyricist and writer J.S.Casshyap became actor/singer, or Amiya Chakrawarty became famous Director from being the Canteen Manager in Bombay Talkies, Ashok kumar became Hero from being a Technician in Camera Department and an Extra working as one of the 40 thieves in ” Alibaba and 40 Thieves”-1929, became the Movie Mughal, Director Mehboob Khan.

Those times were different. Industry needed people in all departments. Heads of Studios were like expert jewellers. They knew how to nurture talents. Successful strugglers had empathy towards existing strugglers and gave them an opportunity to showcase their skills. Studios got the right people for the right jobs. Real Talents survived, rest disappeared.

There were many One timers, who acted in only 1-2 films, directed just 1 film, produced 1 movie, sung only a few songs or gave music to only 1 or 2 films. Luck also played an important role. Artistes seeking opportunities in Music Departments like singing and composing were many. Most got chances, few prospered.

But it is important to note that every ‘One timer’ was contributing towards Industry’s growth. Like every drop makes an ocean, these one timers or short distance runners also gave their might to the industry. Those who disappeared after a short performance remained alive through their contribution on record. Hundreds of aspirants came to become Music Directors, only few made the grade, survived and the rest simply vanished. These short time passengers or composers had their time of glory too. Their songs were cherished but their names were forgotten.

Before I proceed further, can you tell me what is the common link in the following names ?


They are all brothers and sons of Pandit RAMPRASAD SHARMA. He was a Music Director.
Pt. Ramprasad Sharma, born in 1900, belonged to Gorakhpur in the United provinces (today’s U.P.). Seeing his love for music, he was brought to Bharatpur State by the king’s bandmaster. He played Trumpet here, then played in Agra Military Band and ended up joining a Circus as a Band Master himself. He toured Delhi, Lahore and Calcutta ,where he settled for some time. He married a local Post Master’s daughter and also worked for Columbia and New Theatres. By now he was an expert in 10 instruments and knew all Ragas.

He came to Bombay in 1938 and played in many studios. His first film as MD was Nayi Baat-1947, then Taqdeerwale-48, Shakti-48, Bedard-49, Banu- 49, Anyay-49, Dolti Naiyya-50 and finally Magic Carpet-64.

His knowledge of Music was so deep that many Composers like Kalyan ji, Roshan, Uttamsingh, Hridaynath Mangeshkar etc came to him to learn notations in which he was a Master. Probably, having played as a Band Master helped him. Those days, very few musicians knew how to write music in Notations. This art was carried further by his another son Ganesh.

Despite his knowledge of music, he failed as a composer himself and worked/played for other Music Directors like Naushad, K. Dutta, C. Ramchandra etc. His trumpet playing in the famous song of Rafi ” Suhani raat dhal chuki” (film Dulari-1949) is unforgettable.

Pt. Ramprasad will be remembered by many composers as their teacher. Though his music was melodious and good, his Luck was not so good.

His 2 sons Pyarelal and Ganesh became famous composers.

Pt.Ramprasad died on 22-8-1995 at Mumbai.

The cast of the film was Majnu, Sudha Rao, Shanta kunwar, Ameenabai, Abu Bakar etc.etc. Majnu (real name Harold Lewis) came to Bombay after Partition. Bedard-49 was among the few films in which he was the Hero. A Punjabi Christian, he was born on 2-11-1913. He was the childhood friend of Roop K.Shorey. When Shorey wanted to make his second film, he chose Harold as a Hero. Majnu was introduced as a leading man opposite Shyama Zutshi by producer/director Roop K. Shorey in film Majnu (1935) — a musical comedy satirizing the old story of Laila Majnu, produced, directed and shot in Lahore with Ghulam Haider as music director. With daring motorbike stunts and special effects, audiences were thrilled at the sight of Majnu trapped on the railway tracks by the villain.

The film was a success and R. K. Shorey repeated Majnu as the leading man in his next film, Tarzan ki Beti (1938). Tarzan Ki Beti was hailed as the best jungle picture ever produced in India at the time. Filmed in the snowy Himalayas, the film topped its predecessor in its action sequences and placed Punjab on the entertainment map of India and the world.

He appeared in almost all of Shorey’s films. He was also doing films with other producers. In 1942 he did a double role in Nishani and in 1943 he directed his first film Paapi. Shorey also gave him a film Badnami-1946 for direction and it was here that Majnu met I.S.Johar who wrote the story and Dialogues of Badnami.

Majnu paired with I.S.Johar in EK THI LADKI-1949,the debut film of Johar, as an actor. Later they made a comedy pair in 10 films, including the hit HUM SAB CHOR HAIN-1956. His last film with Johar was Akalmand-66.

Majnu acted in 77 films. His first film was Majnu-35 and his much delayed and released last film was Shri Krishna Bhakti-73.
Majnu directed 8 films including,Paapi-43, Badnami-46, Son of Alibaba-55, Tatar ka chor-55, Malika-56, Basre ki Hoor-56, Baghi sardar-56, and his last film – Chandu-58.

Harold Lewis aka Majnu died on 26-3-1974.

The year 1949 was the beginning of the “Golden Era” of HFM. Let us take a quick look at some nteresting movies this year.

In the film Aiye, Mubarak Begum debuted as a singer.

Pushpa Hans debuted as an actress and a singer in the film Apna Desh.

Barsat introduced Shankar-Jaikishen and Shailendra.

Bhedi Bungla was the first Horror film by Master Bhagwan.

Chandni Raat- Lata sang her first song for Naushad.

Ek Teri Nishani was the last released film of Pt.Amarnath.

Ek thi ladki saw the debut of I.S.Johar as an actor. The song ‘ Lara Lappa’ made Meena Shorey immortal as the ‘Lara Lappa’ girl.

Darogaji had all 12 songs sung by Geeta Roy.

Dillagi- evergreen song ‘ Main tera chand tu meri chandni’.

Dulari- ‘Suhani Raat dhal chuki’ Rafi’s famous song.

Girls school- Debut of actress krishna Kumari

Kaneez – last film of Ghulam Haider in India.

Lahore – Shyamsundar excels in music.

Last message – Debut of Sudha Malhotra and Johnny Walker(uncredited)

Mahal – Film that made Lata famous. Khemchand Prakash died before the film released.

Main Abla Nahin Hoon – Shanta Apte tries at Music Direction.

Namoona – First solo song of Lata for C.Ramchandra.

Neki aur Badi – Debut of Roshan as MD.

Patanga – All songs Hits. ‘Mere piya gaye Rangoon’ becomes an iconic song.

Rangila Rajasthan – Poet Bharat Vyas tries to become MD.

Rimjhim – Mohana Cabral sings her only Hindi song.

Samapti – Talat Mehmood’s last film in Calcutta.

Some more noteworthy films were Shair, Manzoor, Naach, Parda, Jeet, Kinara, Laadli,Andaz, Badi Bahen,Duniya, etc etc. Compettition of Naushad (3 Hits out of 4 films) and C.Ramchandra (1 Hit out of 9 films) was won this year hands down by Naushad ! Geeta Bali worked in 9 films and Suraiya in 11 films. All in all, the biggest beneficiary was the Indian HFM lovers. The next few years provided enough good music to last a lifetime !

Today’s song, sung by Lalita Deulkar is an excellent one, composed by Ram Prasad Sharma. Enjoy…
With this song, film Bedard-49 makes its Debut on the Blog.


Song –Kya sach hai qasam woh bhulaane lage hain (Bedard)(1949) Singer- Lalita Deolkar, Lyricist – Abdul Gaffar Badar, MD – Ram Prasad


kya sach hai kasam wo bhulaane lage hain
bhulaane lage hain
mitaane lage hain
kya sach hai kasam wo bhulaane lage hain
bhulaane lage hain
mitaane lage hain

kasam wo jo haathhon ko haathhon mein lekar
mujhe waasta apni ulfat ka de kar
nibhaane ka waada bhulaane lage hain
bhulaane lage hain
mitaane lage hain
kya sach hai kasam wo bhulaane lage hain
bhulaane lage hain
mitaane lage hain

kasam wo jo aankhon ko aankhon mein daale
kasam wo jo aankhon ko aankhon mein daale
ye kahte thhe rah rah ke apna bana le
ye kahte thhe rah rah ke apna bana le
mujhe mere saathhi mitaane lage hain
bhulaane lage hain
mitaane lage hain
kya sach hai kasam wo bhulaane lage hain
bhulaane lage hain
mitaane lage hain

4 Responses to "Kya sach hai qasam wo bhulaane lage hain"


Thanks, Ammj Wijesiriwardene ji, for providing a better copy of the song.


Arun Ji,
Your post kept me glued. It was amusing and interesting to read that studios employed people without a defined role but asked them fill in for any task so desired by them(employers). Surprised that Guru Dutt was a choreographer to start with. It is from one of your previous write ups that I learnt that Amiya Chakravarthy was a canteen manager to start with. But of course talented ones made good of the unexpected opportunities.
I knew about Ram Prasad Sharma being father of Pyarelal. But that he was looked up to by many MD’s ( as a Guru, teacher) was not known to me. I also noted interesting details about Majnu.
This is the first song by Ram Prasad Sharma that I am listening to. :))


Dear Satish ji,
Many people do not know that Guru Dutt had spent some time in Uday Shankar’s school of dancing, learning it, initially. He was the Choreographer for film Lakha Rani-1945 also.
I am happy that you generally find my posts interesting and that you gain new information from them some times. When this happens, i feel satisfied that my work has served its purpose.
At times my posts become little longer too. That is because I am in a hurry to give away all that I know, before it is too late lest the knowledge will disappear with me.

Liked by 1 person

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