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Siyavar Ramchandra Ki Jai

Posted on: September 26, 2022

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Hullo Atuldom

A very Happy Navaratri to all. The date corresponds to the first day after Amavasya in the month of Ashwin of the sixth month (as per the Solar Bengali calendar) and seventh month (as per the Indian National lunar calendar of the Deccan Plateau) overlapping the months of September and October of the Gregorian calendar. It is the Sharath Navaratri. The period when we worship the Mother Goddess in the form of Durga Lakshmi and Saraswati. Additionally, this is also the time when we have Ram Leela celebrations across the country.

That is why I have chosen a song featuring Ram Leela. We can see Dev Anand, Janakidas, Premnath, Paintal, on stage enacting the Lanka dahan part of the Ramayan. It begins with Seeta maiyya crying under a tree in Ashok Vatika and  Hanuman seeing her from atop a tree. Sita maiyya (who is the actress?) sees Hanuman when he falls from the tree (I don’t know if all Ram Leelas have such comic elements. Remember there was a similar comic Ram Leela in Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s ‘Naram Garam’). Ravan’s son Meghnad is played by Sharat Saxena. Did anyone recognize the Kumbhkaran? It is the actor who has a Guinness book entry for playing a police inspector maximum number of times. Yes, Jagdish Raj. Then we have two Hema Malini in the audience.

I could only recognize Manna Dey’s voice as the male playback, there is one more male singer. The female voice belongs to Anuradha Paudwal. The song is written by Anand Bakshi and Laxmikant Pyaarelal are the music directors. Also we can hear Dev Anand’s voice in all the dialogues in between.  All-in-all an entertaining song from the 1976 released Chetan Anand directed ‘Jaaneman’.

The storyline of the film had Dev Anand playing a taxi driver and Hema Malini in the double role of sisters -Santo & Banto. Plus there were Premnath, Ajit, Paintal, Janakidas Sharat Saxena Jagdish Raaj etc. in the cast.

I have read somewhere that it was a movie in the 25th year of Navketan Films. The movie has 6 songs and the blog has 4 of them (one is a three part song).  The last song from this movie was posted in 2016. Today’s song is sort of in the same category as the iconic song from ‘Munim ji’ (1955) – “O Shivji Bihaane Chale Paalki Sajaaye Ke

Born on 26 September, 1923, today is also the 99th birth anniversary of Dev Anand. With this song, we remember him and celebrate his birth

Editor’s note:-This song is the 200th song picturised on Dev Anand in the blog.


Song – Siyavar Ramchandra Ki Jai (Jaaneman) (1976) Singer – C Anand Kumar, Manna Dey, Anuradha Paudwal, Vinod Sharma, Lyrics – Anand Bskshi, MD – Laxmikant Pyaarelal
Dev Anand

Lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

siyavar ramchandra ki
janak nandini siya maiyya ki
laadle lakhan lal ki
pavan sut hanuman ki

seeta ji ka haran kiya
ravan ne badal ke bhes
ram bhaye vyaakul lachhman ke
mann ko laagi tthes
pavan putr hanuman chala
udd kar laane sandes
baavan kot chhappan darwaazon waale lanka dhaam
aur phir

[parda kholo]
[ae bhai]
[? Kholo]

lanka pahunch kar hanuman ne dekha

kya dekha

ke ashok vatika mein
seeta maiyya
ik vriksh ke neeche
apni akhiyaan meeche
ram ke. . .
dhyaan mein
khoi huyi hai

tum bin naahi chain
din raean. . .
tum bin naahi chain
rim jhim barsat nain
din raean. . .

[kamjor ped kaahe laaye]
[tum kaun ho]
[bolo, bolo kyon maun ho]

pavan putr main ram bharose

[ram bharose aap apne ghar honge]
[yahaan hanuman ho, hanuman]

pavan putr shri ram ka pyaara
mere mann mein ram rehte hain
mujhe hanuman kehte hain
mujhe hanuman kehte hain
pavan putr shri ram ka pyaara
mere mann mein ram rehte hain
mujhe hanuman kehte hain
mujhe hanuman kehte hain

seeta ji ko hamri batiyaan
kahin laage na jhoothi
is kaaran raghunath ne bheji
hamre haath angoothi

[hanuman, ram kaise hain]
[kuchh wahan ka haal sunaao]

ram sukhi hain

[arey seeta ke bina ram sukhi kaise ho sakte hain]
[kaho ram dukhi hain]

ram dukhi hain
aapki aankhon se aansoo behte hain
mujhe hanuman kehte hain
mujhe hanuman kehte hain

[seeta maiyya, yadi aapki aagya ho to]
[main kuchh kha loon]
[apni bhookh mita loon]

[khaa lo]
[mita lo]

bees bhuja das sees ka ravan
gyaani aur balwaan
kaisi nadaani kar baitha
dekho wo nadaan
us ko sabak sikhaane aaya
ram bhakt hanuman

[hmmm. . .]
[meghnaad, ye tum kya laaye]

pujya pita ye hai ik bandar
is be baag ke sab phal khaaye
isi liye isey baandh ke laaye

[bol tu hai kiska doot]

main hoon teri maut ka bhoot

[ha ha ha]
[tu aur mujhko maarega]

arey marte samay
hee hee hee hee
marte samay tu ram ka naam pukaarega

bolo jai siya ram
bolo jai siya ram
bolo jai siya ram
bolo jai siya ram
bolo jai siya ram
bolo jai siya ram
bolo jai siya ram
bolo jai siya ram
bolo jai siya ram
bolo jai siya ram

[raavan tum kyon gaate ho jai siya ram]

[band karo ye ram ram ram ram ram]


[bolo isey dand kya doon]


[ye sota hai]
[isey sone do]
[meghnaad tum to jaagte ho]
[tum hi kaho isey kya dand den]

[iski poonchh mein aag laga do]

[satya vachan]
[main teri poonchh mein aag laga doonga]

[laga do, laga do]
[main apni poonchh se teri lanka jala doonga]

[jala do jala do]
[aieeen, ye kya kaha vaanar]




3 Responses to "Siyavar Ramchandra Ki Jai"

audio link:

Seeta ji`s role was played by SHAMIM BANU,
& Raavan played by HERCULES


Thank you for identifying ‘Raavan’ and Seeta.
You are the identifier for the blog


Wonderful to read the editor’s note that the blog now has 200 songs of Dev Anand.
What is the statistics regarding other actors? as I can see in the right-hand side categories column Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna have crossed 250.


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