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Iskee ho gayee uski ho gayee

Posted on: December 30, 2022

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We have been introducing new movies on the blog at a fair rate. Somehow in this process our other objective of ‘Yippeeee’ing’ the movies closer to their final songs have taken a back seat. With this post we once again resume this activity and start taking such movies to ‘Yippeeee-land’.

One such movie waiting for its final song to be covered on the blog, since Feb’2022 (there might be movies pending before this also), is today’s movie ‘Aag Aur Daag’ of the year ‘1971’.

It has been over fifty years now since this movie was released.

Alphabetically ‘Aag Aur Daagh-1971’ is the first movie of the decade 1971-1980. It was passed by Censor Board on 20.01.1971.
The first movie 0f ‘1971’, as per date of certification by censor board, is ‘Johar Mehmood In Hongkong’. It was passed by censor board on 04.01.1971.

Both these movies have been represented on the blog, and both are yet to be Yippeeee’ed 😊 We are going to say ‘Yippeeee’ to one today.

‘Aag Aur Daagh-1971’ was directed by A. Salam for ‘Movie Temple, Bombay’. It was produced by Swarn Singh.

It had Joy Mukherji, Komal, Jayant, Madan Puri, I.S. Johar, Helen, Bhagwan, Sudhir, Zeb Rehman, Rajan Haksar, Shetty, Kundan, Shefali, Paro, Majnu, Roopali, Uma Dutt, Shabana, Rajrani, Darshan, Amar, Subhash, Shaloo, Sameena, Master Rodney, Sumeet, Bipin Khosla and others.

This movie was written by Charandas Shokh. Editing of this movie was done by R.V. Shrikhande.

This movie had six songs (including one two-part song) written by Noor Dewasi (one song) and S.H. Bihari (five songs, including one two-part song).

Music for ‘Aag Aur Daagh-1971’ was composed by N. Dutta.

Following is the list of songs in this movie as appearing in HFGK Vol-V (1971-1980).

S.No. Song Title Singer/s Lyricist Posted on
01 Ye pyaar ka jhagdaa hai Mohd Rafi Noor Dewasi 29.04.2012
02 Choli bheegi, lat bheegi Asha Bhonsle S.H. Bihari 16.04.2012
03 Hamse badhhkar kaun hoga aap ka deewaanaa/a> Mohd Rafi,Asha Bhonsle S.H. Bihari 06.07.2021
04 Aaj in haathon mein phir se zindagi…Tere is pyaar ka shukriyaa Mohd Rafi S.H. Bihari 09.02.2012
05 a) Iski ho gayi, uski ho gayi b) Naa baaba naa Mohd Rafi S.H. Bihari Being covered today
06 Aaj ki raat faisle ki raat hai Asha Bhonsle S.H. Bihari 09.02.2022

From the above table we can see that this movie ‘Aag Aur Daagh-1971’ started its journey on the blog on 09.02.2012 when one of its songs was posted on the blog. Two more songs were posted on 16.04.2012 & 29.04.2012. After posting of these three songs there was a long gap between the third and fourth song of this movie on the blog. The fourth song of this movie was posted on the blog on 06.07.2021 and the fifth followed on 09.02.2022. Today we are going to post the sixth* and final song of this movie on the blog.

Lyrics for today’s song have been sent by Prakashchandra.

(*HFGK Vol-V 1971-1980 mentions the today’s song as a two-part song).

Today’s song is sung by Mohd Rafi and an unattributed female voice. On screen it is Bhagwan Dada lip-syncing for Rafi’s voice and participating with him in the song dance is actress Roopali (as noted by Prakashchandra).

Lyrics for today’s song are written by S.H. Bihari and music is composed by N. Datta.

Also seen in the picturisation of this song is Joy Mukherjee, Poonam Sinha aka Komal, Sudhir, Zeb Rehman, Kundan, Madan Puri and many others.

With today’s song this movie ‘Aag Aur Daagh-1971’ has all its songs posted on the blog and it joins the ‘list of movies -all songs covered’ on the blog 😊

Let us now listen to today’s song and enjoy it by watching it on the blog …



Song-Iskee ho gayee uskee ho gayee (Aag aur Daag)(1971) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-S H Bihari, MD-N Datta
Unknown female voice

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

brrr…bru…ruuu brurrrrrrrrrrr hhaa
aahhaa aahhaa aahhaaa aahhaa
adippaa adippaa adippaa
aahhaa aahhaaa aahhaa aahhaaa

hhaa aa hhaa aaa hhaa aa hhaa
hoyye aey ae ae ae

haaye iski ho gayee
oye uski ho gayee
arre iski ho gayee
o uski ho gayee
iski ho gayi
uski ho gayi
sabki ho gayi shaadi
main bechaaraa bhaag mein jiske
ab tak hai barbaadi
koyi to dayaa karo re
koyi to reham karo re
koyi to dayaa karo re
koyi to reham karo re ae ae ae
aahoon aahoon
main aaoon aaoon
aaoon aaoon
main aaoon aaoon..oon
naa aa naaa aaan

sab khaate hain pakee pakaayi
main ik phoonkoon choolhaa…aa…aaa…aa
sab khaate hain pakee pakaayi
main ik phookoon choolhaa…aa
mujhko bhi to mil kar yaaron
kabhi banaa do dulhaa…aaa..aa
aahaa ahaa aahaa…aaa…
aaa ahaa
beech umariyaa aan phansee hai ab jeewan ki naao…oo
mujhko bhi to badh kar koyi varmaalaa pehnaao…oo
ujdey ujdey ghar mein mere ae ae ae
ujdey ujdey ghar mein mere
ho jaaye aabaadi
koyi to dayaa karo re
koyi to reham karo re ae
koyi to dayaa karo re
koyi to reham karo re ae ae ae
aaoon aaoon
o bolo aaoon aaoon
tum bolo bolo bolo
main aaoon aaoon…oon..oon
naa aa baabaa naaa aaa

bru rrr rr bru.rrr…rrr…rrr
aahaa aahhaaa aahaa aahaahaaa aaa
oo ooo o aa aaa aa

Bikaner ka ghagraa choli aur
Dilli ke kangnaa…aa…aaa..
Bikaner ka ghagraa choli aur
Dilli ke kangnaa…aa
mat poochho jab chalegi gori
chhamm chhamm more angnaa…aa…aa
paas pados ke rehne waale
dekhenge lalchaake ae ae
geet Milan ke gaayegi meri chhammo dhol bajaa ke
daan dahej mein bartan honge ae ae ae ae
daan dahej mein bartan honge
asal morabdabadi
koyi to dayaa karo re
koyi to reham karo re ae
koyi to dayaa karo (he) re
koyi to reham karo re ae ae
aahoon aahoon
o bhai aaoon aaoon
o bolo ahoon aaoon
main aaoon aaoon..oon
na baabaa naa…aaa…aaa

mujhko bhaiyya sabhi chalegi
gori ho yaa kaali ee ee ee ee ee
mujhko bhaiyya sabhi chalegi
gori ho ya kaali
itnaa dhyaan rahe ke ho koyi chhori nakhre waali ee
o bachke zaraa aa aaaa
hahaa aaa aaa
do nainaa matwaare hon to kya kehne hain uske ae
chhod ke saaraa dhandhaa
baithhaa rahoongaa ghar mein ghus ke
aur badhaataa jaaoongaa main aen aen aen aen
aur badhaataa jaaoongaa main
Bhaarat ki aabaadi
koyi to dayaa karo re
koyi to reham karo re
koyi to dayaa karo re
koyi to reham karo re ae ae ae ae
aaoon aaoon
main aaoon aaoon
o main aaoon aaoon
o main aaoon aaoon bolo
naa aa naa baabaa…aa…aaaa


3 Responses to "Iskee ho gayee uski ho gayee"

today was N.Datta’s anniversary?


Yes, it was his ‘Remembrance Day’ today.
Our tributes !!!


Sorry, by today I mean 30th December (i.e. yesterday) 🙂


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