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Koi meri duniya pe chhaaya hua hai

Posted on: January 11, 2023

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Today’s song is from an obscure film Doli-1947.

It is on record that the year 1947 produced a record number of Hindi films -181, till that year. This record was beaten only by number of Hindi films made in 1985 -187 films ! It means that the 1947 record remained unbeaten for 54 years, from the advent of talkie films in 1931. The historians, however agree that though the total number of Hindi films was 181 in 1947, films with good story, acting, direction or good music were not too many.

Films like Andhon ki duniya, Bela, Bhakt Dhruv, Bhook, Dard, Dil ki Rani, Do Bhai, Elan, Jail yatra, Jugnu, Leela, Ramjoshi, Meera, Mirza Sahibaan, Natak, Neel kamal, Parwana, Shadi se pehle, Shehnai, Tum aur main and may be few more were the only films which looked like having been made seriously. Rest of the films were mostly compromises.

Why I say so is because, in 1947, everyone in the industry knew that on 15th August, India was to be partitioned and a new Muslim nation, Pakistan, was to be formed. Due to this, those Muslim artistes, technicians, Musicians, cameramen and all others connected with or serving in film industry, who wanted to migrate to Pakistan, had no interest in completing the films here with perfection. They all were in a hurry to somehow finish the films, pack up and leave the country.

Naturally, this kind of attitude affected the quality of films made in 1947 and the the record number of films made had a majority films with low quality. In this case Quantity ruled over Quality of the finished goods ! Not only this, but some cunning and unfair artistes took undue advantage of the shaky atmosphere and cheated their local staff as well as friends before quietly leaving the country.

Nazir Ahmed, actor, director and producer was the owner of Hind Studios, Dadar, Bombay, he had watched his studio being burnt by hooligans in the riots. In next few days he sold his house, property and car, visited some close local friends and borrowed huge amounts on some excuses. Same night he coolly left India with wife Swarnlata in the same car which he had sold that very day. Another case was of W.Z.Ahmed -owner of Shalimar Studios. He had not paid the salaries of his staff for last 3 months promising them to pay on 1st September 1947. One night he coolly left for Pakistan along with wife Neena and the prints of his films, without paying his staff. Many such cases can be recounted.

Major artistes like Dilip Kumar, Mehboob and Kardar wanted to migrate to Pakistan. Mehboob and Kardar did go to Pakistan, but came back within few days, realising that they had no future in that country. there were, of course, many who had decided well in advance not to leave India, though their roots were across the border. The vacancies of those who left India were almost immediately filled up by the waitlisted artistes of second line in India, and hence India’s film industry was not disturbed for long, except for few months.

I do not know about the storyline of film Doli-1947. It was made by All India Pictures. The music was by Ghulam Mohammed. The lyricist was Nazim Panipati, who was the brother of director producer Wali saheb -husband of actress Mumtaz Shanti. After some time Wali Saheb and Mumtaz Shanti migrated to Pakistan. The film was directed by S.K.Oza. For him this was his first film as a director. He got the chance because the original director- Daud Chand- had left for Pakistan. Later he directed 5 more films and had acted in 1 film -Dil hi to hai-1939.

Shubh Karan Oza (S.K.Oza), was born on 16-10-1921, at Hathras-U.P. He was educated in Kanpur. He joined films in 1939 as an assistant to Kidar Sharma,in Film Corporation of India Ltd. Same year he acted in the film Dil hi to hai-1939, for which Kidar Sharma was the director. Oza got his first film as director with film Doli-1947. Next came Nai Raat-48, Aadhi Raat-50, Hulchal-51 and Sitara-55. He started his own production company and made Naaz-54. He was the first director to go to Ceylon to direct a Simhalese film “Daivya Yoga”in 1958. He wrote stories of films like Mastana -54 and Upasana-71. He was the Executive production manager for film Agni Rekha-73. In his career, Oza had the opportunity to work with Big stars like Dilip Kumar, Nargis, Ashok kumar etc.

Shubh Karan Oza died in Bombay on 4-10-1980. (Thanks to Shri Harish Raghuvanshi ji for this information.)

The cast of the film was Wasti, Sulkochana Chatterjee, Susheel kumar, Amar, Madhuri, pratima devi, Amir Ali etc. Wast and Sulochan were the lead pair here. Riyasat Ali Wasti was born in 1912,at Naagao in U.P. His father was City magistrate,a judge and Dewan of the state. The family was well known in Bundelkhand area. After graduating from Ambala,Wasti did service for 7 years in the PWD of Punjab. He wanted to join films and he became a Hero in New oriental Films,Lahore’s ” Premyatra”-37. His Heroine was Umarazia begum,later on the wife of Ghulam haider.

He acted in Bombay’s films like Baghban, Industrial India, Pati patni, Rrikshawala, Thokar, Qaidi, Nartaki, Kudmai(Punjabi), Awaz, Nai Duniya, Sharda, Namaste etc. He was a fixture for Kardar films. As a Hero he did many films. In the 50s he acted in 11 films. In 60s and 70s he did 20 films.

Old timer Wasti ,who regaled the audiences with his natural acting in Sanjog, Rattan, Pugree made in the forties and many Punjabi & Hindi movies later o , was passing through a bad phase. Nasir Hussain honored him by offering the roles of substance in Dil Deke Dekho, Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai & Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon. His roles in jab pyar kisi se hota hai and Phir wohi dil laya hoon may be known to many.His last film was kasam-76.Two films, produced by him in 1952 and 56, flopped.

In his 40 years of career, Wasti acted in 63 films, from Prem Yatra-1937 to Kasam-1976. He also sang 5 songs in 2 films namely, Rikshawala-38 and Pati Patni-39.

Last 20 years of his life were spent in penury and anonymity. In last years, he was often seen begging near Liberty cinema in Bombay. He died on 15th April 1996.

Today’s song is a duet sung by Shamshad begum and G.M.Durrani.

Song-Koi meri duniya pe chhaaya hua hai (Doli)(1947) Singers-Shamshad Begam, G M Durrani, Lyrics-Nazim Panipati, MD-Ghulam Mohammad


Koi ee meri duniya pe chhaaya hua hai
Koi ee meri duniya pe chhaaya hua hai
meri zindagi ee mein samaaya hua hai
meri zindagi mein samaaya hua hai
haan samaaya hua hai

jise dhoondhhtee ee thheen ye betaab nazren
jise dhoondhhtee ee thheen ye betaab nazren
nigaahon mein wo chhupke aaya hua hai
nigaahon mein wo chhupke aaya hua hai
chupke aaya hua hai

meri zindagi mein andhera nahin hai ae ae ae
meri zindagi mein andhera nahin hai ae ae ae
muhabbat se dil jagmagaaya hua hai
muhabbat se dil jagmagaaya hua hai
jagmagaaya hua hai

ye mukhda jo kuchh muskuraaya hua hai
ye mukhda jo kuchh muskuraaya hua hai
kahin jaise deepak jalaaya hua hai
kahin jaise deepak jalaaya hua hai
haan jalaaya hua hai

sitaaron se keh do
ke ab munh chhupaa len
ke ab munh chhupaa len
sitaaron se keh do
ke ab munh chhupaa len
ke ab munh chhupaa len
mere ghar mein ek chaand aaya hua hai
mere ghar mein ek chaand aaya hua hai
chaand aaya hua hai

hai dard e muhabbat kisi ki nishaani
kisi ki nishaani
hai dard e muhabbat kisi ki nishaani
kisi ki nishaani
tabhi isko dil se lagaaya hua hai
tabhi isko dil se lagaaya hua hai
haan lagaaya hua hai

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