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Ho lamba chauda jaat

Posted on: January 21, 2023

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Today’s song is from the film Milan-1958.

Films having titles as Milan were made in 1946, 1958, 1967, and 1994. Then there was Milan ki Aag-1991, Milan ki Pyaas-1989, Milan ki Raat-1967 and Milan Talkies-2019. Even during the Silent era 2 such films were made, one in 1924 and the other in 1929. Milan-1946 had a historical value as it was made in Hindi and Bangla and was based on Tagore’s novel ” Noukadubi”. This was a Debut film for 2 Heroines, namely Meera Mishra and Ranjana- both opposite Dilip Kumar. The more famous film was Milan-1967, starring Sunil Dutt and Nutan and it was a remake of a hit Telugu film ” Mooga Manasulu”-1963. Its song ‘ Saawan ka mahina’ by Mukesh and Lata was very famous. It had a ‘rebirth’ story.

Film Milan-1958 was not actually based on a Rebirth story, but its story was about a loving couple separated and joined together after some years. The Indian audience loves such stories. That is why films having ‘ Happy Ending ‘ are made 100 times more than ‘ Sad Ending ‘ films ! When Saigal featured in the film ” Devdas’ in 1935, in which he died at the end, there was a wave of films in which the hero dies at the end. Dilip Kumar was a victim of such 8 consecutive films. Though his initial fame came with these films, it also stamped him as ” Tragedy King” and he had to consult a Psychiatrist and as per advice he shifted to Comedy films !

Film Milan-58 was directed by Kedar Kapoor. Kedar Kapoor was born on 2-9-1927. Not much information is available about him. Kedar joined the film line in 1945 and did a small role in the film Bhakta Prahlad-46. Working as an assistant to many directors, he started his career by directing the film Lal Pari-1954. In all he directed 35 Hindi films, mostly B and C grade. He specialised in Dara singh films. He directed 8 films of Dara Singh in the 60s. Some of his films were, Miss Cocacola-55, Changez khan-57, Senapati-57, Dara singh-64, Patanga-71 etc etc. His last film was Bekhabar-83. Kedar kapoor died on 5-6-1987.

The film was made by N.C.Films, a family concern and it was produced by Gulshan Behl-his brother. My sincere opinion is that there were only 2 MDs who were real melody makers. They were Hansraj Behl and Chitragupt. In every film atleast 50% songs used to be very melodious. Unfortunately, both of them never ranked in the “A” grade or within the first 5 to 10 MDs. This was because, barring some exceptions, they were never attached to any famous or well known film houses. That is how the film industry worked !

Hansraj Behl and his brother, Gulshan Behl founded N.C.Films, on their father’s name-Nihal Chand- and produced B and C grade movies to which Hansraj gave his music. Hansraj was known as Master ji, in the industry. Only two people were known as Master ji…one was Ghulam Haider and the other was Hansraj Behl. Hansraj usually worked alone and rarely used any assistant while giving music.

Hansraj is remembered for giving initial playback singing breaks to Asha Bhonsle and Madhubala Jhaveri. He also gave a chance to his own friend Verma Malik-Lyricist. Malik used to live with him initially, in Bombay. He composed music for 62 films from Pujari-46 to Badmashon ka Badmash-79. One film “Insaaf ka Khoon” was released after his death,in 1988.

Hansraj Behl is one of the music directors who became successful in the post independence era. He composed music for not only Hindi films but also for Punjabi films. Hansraj was born on 26th November 1916 in Punjab. He got his basic education in music from Pt. Chunnilal. Then he opened his music school in Lahore and he had some non-film records released under the label of HMV. In 1944 Hansraj came to Bombay to try his luck in the Hindi film industry as a music director.

After one year of struggle he got his first film Pujari, made by Ardeshir Irani, in 1946. He got films like Gwaalan and Phulwari in the same year, but all these films could not do well at the box office. Behl tasted success in 1947 with the release of Lakhon Mein Ek and Chheen Le Azadi. ‘Moti Chugne Gayi Re Hansi..’ sung by Shamshad Begum and Mukesh from the film Chheen Le Azadi became very popular. In 1948 he came up with four films – Chunariya, Mitti Ke Khilone, Pardesi Mehmaan and Satya Narayan, of which Chunariya’s music was a hit especially the song ‘Dil-e-Nashaad Ko Jeene Ki Hasrat Ho Gayi..’ sung by Lata Mangeshkar. The song which placed him among high class music directors was ‘Sab Kuchh Lutaya Hamne Aakar Teri Gali Me..’ sung by Mohammed Rafi and written by Mulk Raj Bhaakri.

In the year 1949, he came out with Chakori, Raat Ki Raani, Zevraat and few more films. Lata sang one of her favourite songs, ‘Haye Chanda Gaye Pardes Chakori Yahan Ro Ro Mare..’ in Chakori, which became very popular and it helped Hansraj to gain popularity among music lovers. ‘Jin Raaton Mein Neend Ud Jaati Hai..’ sung by Mohammed Rafi in Raat Ki Raani was a nationwide hit.

In 1950-51 he gave many hit songs with Lata Mangeshkar, Geeta Dutt and Suraiyya. Songs of Kisi Ki Yaad became very popular soon after the release of the film. ‘Koi Mujhko Na Bulaye..’ and ‘Tadapta Chhod Kar Mujhko Kahaan Tum Reh Gaye..’ both sung by Geeta Dutt and ‘O Jaane Wale Ye Kya Kiya..’ by Mohammed Rafi gained immense popularity. In 1952 he introduced Madhubala Jhaveri as a playback singer in Apni Izzat and Jaggu. Madhubala sang ‘Dil Mere Tera Diwaana..’ with Talat Mehmood and ‘Meethi Meethi Loriyaan Main Dheere Dheere Gaoon..’ (both Apni Izzat) featured her solo voice. In 1954, he again came out with musical films like Dost and Khaiber. ‘Aaye Bhi Akela Jaye Bhi Akela..’ from Dost (1954) sung by Talat Mehmood was among one of his memorable compositions.

He continued to give his best in films like Rajdhani, Milan, Miss Bombay, Changez Khan and Saawan. Songs like ‘Bhool Ja Sapne Suhane..’ from Rajdhani (1956), ‘Mohabbat Zinda rehti Hai..’ from Changez Khan (1957), ‘ Jab Raat Nahi Katti..’ from Changez Khan (1957), ‘Zindagi Bhar Gham Judaai Ka..’ from Miss Bombay (1957), ‘Haseen Ho Khuda To Nahi..’ from Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh (1960), ‘Bheega Bheega Pyar Ka Sama..’ from Saawan (1959) and ‘Tujhko Dhundu To Dhoondu Kahan..’ from Milan (1959) crossed all the barriers of success and Hansraj Behl’s name was on the lips of every music lover.

After all these successful films he continued to give music till 1969 but failed to give any hit because his later films were either stunts or fantasy films with little scope for having good music. His last hit song was an all time great creation ‘Jahan Daal Daal Pe Sone Ki Chidiya Karti Hai Basera..’ which was sung by Mohammed Rafi for the film Sikandar-e-Aazam in 1965.

Hansraj Behl died of Cancer in Bombay on 20-5-1984.

The cast of the film Milan-1958 was Nalini jaywant, Ajit, Nishi, Helen, Tiwari, Tun Tun, Narmada Shankar etc. Nalini Jaywant worked with Ajit in 10 films and with Ashok Kumar in 11 films. In this matter Nirupa Roy beats all Heroines. She worked with balraj sahani in 12 films, With Jairaj in 16 films, with Trilok Kapoor in 18 films and ….hold your breath, with Ashok Kumar, she worked in 21 Films ! (By the way she acted as Amitabh’s mother in 12 films too !).

The story of the film was….

Ajit and Nalini love each other and get married. They also have one son. While the son is growing up, they have serious differences and they separate from each other. Nalini , with her son, shifts to another town and works as a Nurse in a Hospital. Ajit gets involved with another girl-Nishi. After a few months, Nishi cheats Ajit and leaves him. Ajit gets disgusted with his life and leaves the town. By coincidence he too lands in the same town where Nalini and his son are living. They do not know about each other’s existence in the same town. One day, Ajit meets with an accident and is brought to the same hospital where Nalini is serving. She is shocked to see Ajit. She looks after him with care and as soon as he is well enough to be discharged, Nalini resigns from the hospital and packs her luggage to shift to another town- to be away from Ajit. Ajit enquires at the hospital about her address and goes to her house. Ajit begs her pardon and pleads her to be with him again. Both weep a lot together and then accept each other happily !

Today’s song is a duet by Rafi and Shamshad Begum, who have sung some of the best duets in Hindi films. Together, they sang 160 duets in their career. I am sure, more than 50 % will account for my favourites. Let us enjoy this duet now….

Song-Ho lamba chauda jaat jaat re khud ko samjhe Laat (Milan)(1958) Singers-Shamshad Begam, Rafi, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Hansraj Bahl


ho lamba chauda jaat jaat re
khud ko samjhe laat
baat meri maane na
hoy dil leke bedardi
ab pehchaane na
hoy girgit jaisi naar
naar tu badle rang hazaar
pyaar ko jaane na
hota hai ik baar pyaar
tu maane na
meri banto

o o o
?? to nahin hai koi aur(??) jee
dekho dil ko na todo
o o o
o o o
koi ho
man hi jaayega koi aur jee
jaao peechha chhodo

tu lathhmaar ganwaar
bada hai
pyaar ka thhekedaar
baat meri maane na
hoy dil leke bedardi ab pehchaane na
o makhna

o o o
mere peechhe to pad gayi chhokri
dekho duniya waalon

o o o o
o o o o
main to karoongi tumhaare sang naukri
zara preet lagaa lo
o basre ki hoor
o khatte hain angoor
pyaar ko jaane na
hota hai ik baar pyaar
tu maane na
o banto

o o o o
dil diya hai to sadke jaan bhi
chaahe hamen aazmaa le
o o o o
o o o o
sachche pyaar ki hamen hai pehchaan jee
jaao dorey na daalo

per maane na
hoy dil leke bedardi
ab pehchaane na
o girgit jaisi naar
naar tu badle hai rang hazaar
pyaar ko jaane na
hota hai ik baar pyaar
tu maane naa
meri banto

ho lamba chauda jaat
jaat re khud ko samjhe laat
baat meri maane na
hey dil leke bedardi ab pehchaane na
o makhna


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I have sent lyrics of last 3 remaining songs to be posted from this film, including lyrics of this song,in connection with BTYC February month…


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