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Ho o main yauwan ban ki kali

Posted on: January 21, 2023

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#the Decade of Fifties – 1951 – 1960 #

Today’s song is from the ‘1951’ movie ‘Maalti Maadhav’ or ‘Malti Madhav’.

Here is the brief about this movie.

“Malti Madhav-1951’ was directed by M. Nilkanth for ‘Prasann Pictures’.

It was produced by Bhalerao-Shriniwas Joshi.

The cast of this movie included Durga Khote, Anand Marathe, Baby Shakuntala, Indu Pal, Pittu, Sushant, Vasant Shinde, Indu Kulkarni, Ganpat Rao, Gauri, Kelkar, Subodhini, Takalkar, Kumud Lele, Bargir, Suman, Raj Kishore, Sulochana and others.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 10.04.1951.

“Malti Madhav” is based on the famous ‘Sanskrit Play’ of the same name by the great poet Bhavbhuti.

Here is the brief about Bhavbhuti and the story of this movie as mentioned on ‘Wikipedia’ and quoted by our Respected Arunkumar ji in his post with a song from this movie presented on the blog on 15.09.2020.

Bhavabhuti was an 8th-century scholar of India noted for his plays and poetry, written in Sanskrit. His plays are considered the equal of the works of Kalidasa. Bhavabhuti was born in Padampura, Vidarbha, in Gondia district, on the Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh border. His real name was Srikantha Nilakantha, and he was the son of Nilakantha and Jatukarni. He received his education at ‘Padmapawaya’, a place some 42 km South-West of Gwalior. Dayananidhi Paramahansa is known to be his guru. He composed his historical plays at ‘Kalpi’, a place on the banks of river Yamuna.

He is believed to have been the court poet of king Yashovarman of Kannauj. Kalhana, the 12th-century historian, places him in the entourage of the king, who was defeated by Lalitaditya Muktapida, king of Kashmir, in 736 AD.

The play is set in the city of Padmavati. The king desires that his minister’s daughter Malati marry a youth called Nandana. Malati has been in love with Madhava ever since she saw him and drew his portrait. Madhava reciprocates, and draws a portrait of her in turn. Malati suspects her father’s motives in falling in with the King’s plans for her. A side plot involves the lovers’ friends Makaranda and Madayantika. The latter is attacked by a tiger, and Makaranda rescues her, getting wounded in the process. After numerous travails, all ends well, with the two couples uniting. According to the renowned Sanskritist Daniel H.H. Ingalls, the Malatimadhava is a work that combines love and horror with a felicity never again equaled in Sanskrit literature.

This movie has nine songs as mentioned in HFGK Vol-III (1951-1960). Lyrics for all the songs have been written by Pt. Narendra Sharma.

Music for this movie has been composed by Sudhir Phadke.

Lata Mangeshkar, Malti Pande, Sudhir Phadke have given their voices to the songs in this movie. Though singer’s name for three songs has not been identified and mentioned in the list of songs in HFGK.

However as per the footnote given at the end for this movie in HFGK it is mentioned that as told by Sudhir Phadke, the voice of Lalita Phadke also appears in one of the songs of this movie.

So far, four songs from this movie have been posted on the blog as per following details. (In order they were posted)

SNo Song Title Singer/s Posted On
01 Baandh preet phool dor Lata Mangeshkar 25.07.2011
02 Man mein mere angaarey hain Lata Mangeshkar 28.07.2011
03 Man saunp diya anjaane mein Lata Mangeshkar 08.08.2018
04 Motiyon se maang bhare sundari suhaaye re Malti Pande 15.09.2020

We can see from the above table that this movie made its debut on the blog on 25.07.2011 and the second song also followed within three days on 28.07.2011. However, the third song from this movie took another seven years and it was posted on 08.08.2018. The fourth song appeared after a gap of two years thereafter.

Today we are going to listen to the fifth song from this movie more than two years after the fourth song was posted on the blog.

Today’s song is a ‘sweet’ song in the voice of Lata Mangeshkar with beautiful verses by Pt. Narendra Sharma.

Music is composed Sudhir Phadke.

Lyrics for the today’s song were sent by Prakashchandra.

Editor’s note:-This song is the 100th song by Pt Narendra Sharma in the blog as a lyricist.

Let us listen to this beautiful song …

Song-Ho o main yauwan ban ki kali (Malti Madhav)(1951) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Pt Narendra Sharma, MD-Sudhir Phadke

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

ho o o o o o
main yauwan ban ki kali
ho ho o o o o o
main yauwan ban ki kali
mujhe kali se phool banaane ae
preeti pawan bah chali ee ee ee
o o o
main yauwan ban ki kali
ho o o ho o o
main yauwan ban ki kali

ulajh ulajh jaataa kyun anchlaa aa aa aa aa
ulajh ulajh jaataa kyon anchlaa
charan shithil par chitwan chaplaa
o o o o o o o
charan shithil par chitwan chaplaa
chupke se aakar lajjaa ne
mukh par roli mali ee ee ee
o o o o o o
main yauwan ban ki kali
ho o o o o o o o
main yauwan ban ki kali

poochh rahe panchhi kit jaati
kis ke hit varmaal banaati
ho ho o o
poochh rahe panchhi kit jaati
kis ke hit varmaal banaati
kaise keh doon main apne
priy se milne nikli ee ee ee
o o o o
main yauwan ban ki kali
ho o o o o o
main yauwan ban ki kali

jab main un ki ho jaaoongi ee ee ee
ee ee
jab main un ki ho jaaoongi
dhan aanand mein kho jaaoongi
dhan aanand mein kho jaaoongi
luk chhup kheloongi badli mein
ban ban kar bijlee ee ee ee ee
o o o
main yauwan ban ki kali
ho ho o o o o o
main yauwan ban ki kali


3 Responses to "Ho o main yauwan ban ki kali"

Dear Avinash ji,

I maybe repeating myself and it may be common knowledge amongst connoisseurs, but the tune of the opening lines of that iconic song बांध प्रीती फूल डोर was copied by Composer Hemant Kumar in a Bangla Film some four years later. They say imitation is the best form of flattery. Never mind if you do not follow the words, the tune is ethereal, to say the least.

Needless to add, the Bangla Song was a Superhit then and is often heard even today during the Pujas, some 65 years later.

Hats off to the genius of Sudhir Phadke ji!

With warm regards



Thank you Sir ji for your comments on this post. Sorry for the delayed response from my end.
Enjoyed listening and watching the song shared by you. Listening to Hemant Kumar is always a pleasure.
And it is always a delight to watch Uttam Kumar on screen. I do not remember to have read earlier about this movie ‘Shapmochan’ (I wish to watch it sometime).
Thanks again,
With best regards,


Dear Avinash ji,

You may like to watch “Shapmochan”, at your leisure, at the link below, which I found to be extremely sharp and clear and it is also sub-titled :

You’ll also find clean prints of many other Golden Oldies at this Site. Take your time.

With warm regards



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