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Mere nainaa bade naadaan

Posted on: February 1, 2023

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#the Decade of Fifties – 1951 – 1960 #

Today’s song is from the ‘1957’ movie ‘Saakshi Gopaal’.

This movie had made its debut on the blog on January 06, 2013. So far only two songs from this movie have been posted on the blog.

Readers can easily note that this movie has already completed its ‘ten-year’ run on the blog recently. So the movie was due for a song presentation under the ‘blog ten-year challenge’. However, we missed that opportunity.

Today we will listen to a lovely song from this movie which is sung by Lata Mangeshkar.

“Saakshi Gopaal-1957” was directed by Balchandra Shukla and Ramnik Vaidya for ‘Ratnadeep Pictures’. It was produced by Trikambhai-Labhubhai.

It had Bharat Bhushan, Kumari Nanda, Madan Puri, Manju, Chaman Puri, Meenu, Babu Raje, Umakant, Pande, Gadadhar Sharma, Champak Lala, Rajkumar, Heera, Niranjan Sharma, Achala Sachdev, Narbada Shankar, Nadir, Anand Joshi, Sitaram, Tikaram, Ajit, Ajay, Dinanath and others.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 02.12.1957.

“Saakshi Gopaal-1957” has ten songs written by Bharat Vyas and composed by Chitragupt.

(HFGK Vo-III (1951-1960) – mentions in the foot-note for this movie details that the song number at 10 seems to be added later to the movie.)

Let us have a look over the song-list of this movie given below.

SNo Song Title Singer/s Posted On
01 Kali ik tumse poochhoon baat Lata Mangeshkar, Mohd Rafi 06.01.2013
02 Palkon mein na samaaye re… mere nainaa bade naadaan re… Lata Mangeshkar
03 Tere paiyyaan pade teri maiyya Lata Mangeshkar
04 Ho jamuna kinaare jhilmil kare Manna Dey 04.12.2013
05 Shrikrishna sharnam mamah: Manna Dey, Mohd Rafi, chorus
06 Aaj hoga wahi tum samajh lo sahi Mohd Rafi
07 Toot gaye hain kapaat kapat ke…mere man mein base nandlala Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey
08 Ab to sahaa nahin jaata… sune dharti gagan paataal Mohd Rafi
09 Runjhun baaje painjani re aur dolan lagaa jahaan Dilip Dholkia
10 Dhanya hai bharat teerth Manna Dey, chorus

From the above table we can see that two songs from this movie have been posted earlier on the blog, and both of them were posted in the year ‘2013’ only. So, let us start our journey for the remaining songs from this movie, and listen to the third song from this movie today.

As mentioned above today’s song is sung by Lata Mangeshkar and the songs is a nice song to listen to.

Lyrics are by Bharat Vyas and music is composed by Chitragupt.

Lyrics for the song were sent by Prakashchandra.

Only the audio of this song is available. I guess that none of the videos from this movie are available on internet.

I would request knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this movie and its songs.


Song-Mere naina bade naadaan (Saakshi Gopal)(1957) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Chitragupta

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

palkon mein aen
na samaaye re ae ae ae
ae ae ae
ye chanchal do nain
jaane kis ko
dhhoondhhte ae ae ae ae ae ae
ye panchhi bechain

aa aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa aa
mere nainaa bade naadaan re ae
mere nainaa bade naadaan
kin sang atke
ye kahaan bhatke
kin sang atke
ye kahaan bhatke
meri maane nahin be-imaa aa aan
mere nainaa bade naadaan re ae
mere nainaa bade naadaan

tak tak thhirkein aen
teer chalaayein
khud uljhe aen ae ae
unko uljhaayen
tak tak thhirkein
teer chalaayein
khud uljhe aen aen
unko uljhaaye ae
phir bhi dekho
bhed chhupaayein
phir bhi dekho
bhed chhupaayein
bante hain anjaa..aa aa aaan
bante hain anjaan
mere nainaa bade naadaan re ae
mere nainaa bade naadaan

ooo oooo oooo oooo
zulm karen..aen zulmi muskaaye
zulm karein zulmi muskaayen
jab kajre ae ki dhaar lagaaye
waar karey par koyi na jaane ae
waar karey ae par koyi na jaane
le lete kab jaa aa aan
mere nainaa bade naadaan re ae
mere nainaa bade…aaa…aaan


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