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Har dukh ka sawera hai per shaam nahin hai

Posted on: April 3, 2023

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#the Decade of Fifties –1951 – 1960 #

Welcome all to this post where we cover a song from the movie ‘Bhaagwat Mahimaa-1955’.

I do not remember to have listened to this song earlier but when I came across it I liked it very much and found this one a ‘perfect’ song to resume my journey on the blog after a short break.

This break was due to a ‘journey’ we had to undertake to Rajkot to meet our elder daughter and also to witness the opening of an ‘IVF center’ where my younger daughter had done some creations/illustrations for this center (this being her first ‘big project’)

In the recent months we have been travelling a lot but that did not affect my song sharing activity, as I was always carrying my ‘lap-top’ with me. However this time it so happened that I found it difficult to write articles while travelling even though I already had many songs to share which I had noted in my mind and they were perfect fits for my ‘current thought process’ too 🙂

So, after coming back to my base-station on Saturday late night I spent the whole next day resting and listening to songs and browsing through manysongs of yesteryear. But I was unable to convert any of them into a ‘write-up’. Finally today morning when I listened to this song, I found myself getting into the required ‘mood’ and ‘motivated’ me to take it up for sharing here.

“Bhaagwat Mahimaa-1955” was directed by Vithhaldas Panchotiya for ‘Filmistan Limited’. It had Prem Adib, Sundar, S.L. Puri, Madan Puri, Naveen Yagnik, Narbada Shankar, Chaman Puri, Ram Avtar, Chunilal Naik, Dr. C. Gariwala, Parasram, Lallubhai Naik, Keshavlal Naik, Gauli, Vithhaldas Panchotiya, Krishnakumari, Rajkamal, Indira Bansal, Chand Barq, Parveen Pal, Sharda Gariwala, Kesarjan, Sheela Naik and others.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 29.04.1955.

The story of this movie has been mentioned by our in-house encyclopedia Shri Arunkumar ji in his earlier posts while presenting two songs from this movie. I am reproducing the text here as given below.

Nagar Seth, a rich man living in one of the gayest cities of India, had everything he wanted in life with one exception. And that was his having no children. His wife, Shanta, consoled him by saying that it was better not to have a child rather than have one who would ruin the fair name of the family by his mis-deeds. She narrated to her husband the story of Sukhram who served his son for three generations in the forms of a bull, a dog and a serpent, even though he could have gone to heaven without doing this service. His son, however, ill-treated the father throughout. Anyway, the story failed to impress Nagar Seth.
One day Shri Jagat Guru Shankaracharya happened to pass through the town. Shanta, who was a disciple of his, requested him to console her husband. In doing so, Shankaracharya narrated a story from the Immortal Classic, Shrimad Bhagwat, wherein Atmadev, also placed in similar circumstances, prayed for a child. Doing penance, Atmadev had `darshan of Narad Muni who gave him a fruit saying that his wife would beget a noble son if she ate the fruit. . Atmadevs wife had no faith in miracles and, on the advice of her sister, Ganga, gave the fruit to her cow.
Ganga, who was expecting a baby, offered her child to Dhundhuli (Atmadev’s wife) for some consideration. Thus, Atmadev was made to believe that Ganga’s child was his own. He was named Dhundhukari.
At the same time, the cow which had eaten the fruit, also gave birth to a son who was human in every feature except his ears which were shaped like cows. This boy was also brought up by Atmadev and named “Gokarn”.
Both the boys grew up together and, in due course, became young men. Gokarn, who led a pious and righteous life, became a learned and famous man. Dhundhukari, on the other hand, grew up in bad ways and became the terror of the town. . One day, Dhundhukari’s real father, i.e. Ganga’s husband, told Atmadev about his son’s real identity. This so much upset Atmadev that he went away into the forest. There, later, he lost his life.
Champa, a helpless girl and one of the many victims of Dhundhukari, conspired with some of her friends and killed Dhundhukari. Because of his manifold sins, he then became a wandering ghost. . Gokarn, who had now become a Mahatma, was at Gaya offering `Pind Dan to his deceased father when he learned about Dhundhukari’s fate. To relieve him of his ghostly existence, Gokarn offered `Pind Dan’ not once, but 108 times. Still, he was not successful. He then offered prayers to Suryadev on the advice of learned pandits. Suryadev, pleased with the prayers, blessed Gokarn and asked him to recite Shrimad Bhagwat for the salvation of Dhundhukari’s ghost.

“Bhaagwat Mahimaa-1955” has ten songs. They were penned by three lyricist viz. Saraswati Kumar ‘Deepak’-five songs, Pt Madhur-three songs and S.H. Bihari – two songs.

Music for this movie was composed by Hemant Kumar.

Four songs from “Bhaagwat Mahimaa-1955” have been posted on the blog as per details given below.

SNo Song Title Lyricist Singer/s Posted On
01 Jai janani jai bharti Deepak Hemant Kumar 20.08.2011
02 Bhaagwat bhagwaan ki hai aarti Deepak Hemant Kumar 10.08.2012
03 Bhaj man Narayan narayan Pt Madhur Hemant Kumar 25.07.2016
04 Digant nath devata anant roop sohta Deepak Hemant Kumar 26.06.2020

Incidentally all the songs from this movie posted earlier on the blog have been sung by Hemant Kumar or he is the main singer with chorus.

The other singers who contributed in this movie are Asha Bhonsle and Geeta Dutt.

Today we present the fifth song from this movie which is sung by Geeta Dutt and Hemant Kumar. (However, HFGK Vol-III (1951-1960) mentions the name of Geeta Dutt only as the singer of this song.)

Lyricist for this song is Pt Madhur and music is composed by Hemant Kumar.

Today’s song is from the category of ‘remonstrating with the almighty’ category of songs.

Let us now listen to this beautiful song sung by Geeta Dutt and Hemant Kumar.

Only the audio of this song is available.


Song-Har dukh ka sawera hai per shaam nahin hai (Bhaagwat Mahima)(1955) Singers-Geeta Dutt, Hemant Kumar, Lyrics-Pt Madhur, MD-Hemant Kumar


har dukh ka saweraa hai
par shaam nahin hai
bhagwaan teri duniya mein
aaraam nahin hai

har dukh ka saweraa hai
par shaam nahin hai
bhagwaan teri duniya mein
aaraam nahin hai

hanste hain mere aansuon pe
chaand sitaare ae ae
hanste hain mere aansuon pe
chaand sitaare ae
tootaa huaa dil
tere siwaa
kisko pukaare ae
sansaar mein jeewan ka koi
daam nahin hai
bhagwaan teri duniya mein
aaraam nahin hai

insaan ke teeron kaa hai
insaan nishaanaa aa
insaan ke teeron kaa hai
insaan nishaanaa aa
bhagwaan tu badlaa hai ke
badlaa hai zamaanaa aa
bigdi ko banaanaa kya tera
kaam nahin hai
bhagwaan teri duniya mein
aaraam nahin hai

insaan ne ghar phoonk ke
dekha hai tamaashaa
khud bech ke aashaa ko
khareedee hai niraashaa
insaan ne ghar phoonk ke
dekha hai tamaashaa
khud bech ke aashaa ko
khareedee hai niraashaa
sukh kaise miley jab dilon mein
raam nahin hai ae
sukh kaise miley jab dilon mein
raam nahin hai

bhagwaan teri duniya mein
aaraam nahin hai
har dukh ka saweraa hai
par shaam nahin hai
bhagwaan teri duniya mein
aaraam nahin hai


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