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About this blog

I am Atul, an India based male in my 40s.My interests are similar to the interests of a typical Indian- Bollywood, cricket, politics etc.

I already have two blogs under my belt- is where I discuss music in general, and I used for humour. Now I felt the need for a blog where I could express my admiration of certain bollywood songs that I simply love.

In this blog I will discuss some wonderful songs that I have had the privilege of listening to, over the years.Here I will discuss the songs, (including its lyrics and its translation into English), and my reasons why I like the song.I hope that there are many like minded people who will find these discussions interesting.

Your comments are welcome. Or you may email me at
Now you can email me at

Update ( on 3 october 2008 )
I thank all the visitors of this blog for their encouragement. This blog has been regularly clocking more than 300 visits daily ( best being 506 visits a day). The home page now has a google page rank of 4. Many individual posts ( posted before 14 septeber 2008 ) now have google page ranks of 3 and some even 4. All this is entirely because of the readers of this blog.

I take this opportunity to thank all my visitors and I assure you all that I will try to live up to your expectations in future also. Please give your suggestions so that I may be able to improve this blog, which is a labour of love for me.

Update on 1 January 2009

I wish all my readers and their near and dear ones a happy new year. May this new year be the best ever for you.

I thank all my readers for patronising this blog and encouraging me by their visits, comments, and farmaishes.

Thanks to your encouragement, this labour of love now has as many as 480 outstanding Bollywood songs ( as on 1 january 2009) and growing at a good pace. This blog is clocking over 500 visits daily ( maximum being 995 in one day).

I thank all my visitors once again and assure you all that I will continue to bring more such songs regularly for your reading, listening and viewing pleasures.

Update on 12 november 2009
Now, the blog has over 2150 songs as on now. The traffic has also increased. Now the blog gets over 1500 hits a day on an average and the highest hit in a day has been 2301. The blog does very well on search engines for relevant searches. It is heartening to see the blog growing so nicely. Hopefully we will have exciting days ahead of us.

Update on 28 march 2010
Since november 2009, when I posted my last update, I have slowed down in my rate of posting. Still, 2365 number of songs as of now is quite a lot of songs.

I find that the number of visitors to this blog has stabilised to an average figure of around 1500 visits daily (2320 being the highest number of visits in a day), which works out to just under 50,000 visitors per month. This blog has received nearly 7,00,000 visits since it was started.

I may have slowed down, but Hopefully it is just the lull before the storm. There are still tens of thousands of great songs yet to be covered which will take a lifetime. In other words, I will be kept busy posting songs for a long long time and there is no possibility that I will be running out of songs to post any time soon.


In this blog, I embed audio/video links from sites like youtube and dailymotion etc. I gratefully acknowledge the efforts and contributions that the uploaders of these songs make in making these songs available to us for our pleasure and enjoyment. Without these links, this blog would not be what it is.

I also provide information about songs that is culled from different sources, mostly by googling. I acknowledge their contributions too, which helps me provide some useful information about the songs that I discuss.

PS- Sometimes I get comments where new visitors ask me to send them various songs. I will like to point it out that this blog is a place to discuss songs and I am not in a position to send links to songs or the songs themselves. As can be seen, this blog is a labour of love where I discuss songs with people (many of them becoming good internet friends with me), and not a place to share download links.

DisclaimerI would like to believe that I have a sense of humour. Raja in fact has coined a term “Atulism” for this kind of humour. I often love to make light hearted comments about movies, songs, actors etc in my discussion of the songs. They are needed to be taken as such and should not be misconstrued as anything serious. I love to make light hearted observations and those observations need to be treated as such.

It has been made amply clear that this blog is a labour of love where we value the oldtime virtues of honesty and transparancy. By now we have a core group of regulars who are making invaluable contributions voluntarily through various means, viz sending lyrics, writeups, informations etc. Music lovers who are willing to join this music bandwagon are welcome.

Music lovers who are willing to contribute lyrics should ensure that their contributions are original in the sense that they should have listened to the lyrics themselves and noted them down. Please do not send incorrect/ incomplete lyrics copied from elsewhere on internet calling them your contributions. We in this blog are very particular about the completeness and accuracy of lyrics that are being posted.

Update on 27 december 2011
The primary domain name of this blog is now
Hopefully it is easier to remember for users.

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Atul ji correction required regarding this post
unable to open the related post and the display is as shown below
“Error 404 – Not Found”




ATul ji still repair work is required, it was again ,it is again
“Error 404 – Not Found”

Please HELP

Atul ji
now it is working sorry for troubling you


Dear Sir
I was stunned by the enormity of the information provided by you on Hindi films
Never have I been exposed to this level of
information not available anywhere


Thanks a lot for your appreciation. It warms our hearts that our efforts are being noticed and appreciated by discerning persons like you.


Yes, it is not opening.


Pl, Upload jo aazmata hai sau bar song from sadma 1954 usha & kusum ranade are singer


Atul ji
about all songs covered case:

1961 Hamaari yaad aayegi (10/10) all songs covered

Corrections/followup required
and above movie name does not get displayed under “Movies-all songs covered” option HELP


Atul ji
Corrections please
while on clicking on “List of songs movie wise”
one could not get the following song under the heading of
“Ham Paanch(1980)(2/6)”
That should be “Ham Paanch(1980)(3/6)”
Please make necessary corrections………


Atul ji (2nd reminder)
Corrections please
while on clicking on “List of songs movie wise” and “List of songs year wise”
one could not get the following song under the heading of
“Ham Paanch(1980)(2/6)”
That should be “Ham Paanch(1980)(3/6)”
Please make necessary corrections………


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This blog discusses Bollywood songs of yesteryears. Every song has a brief description, followed by a video link, and complete lyrics of the song.

This is a labour of love, where “new” songs are added every day, and that has been the case for over THIRTEEN years. This blog has over 17000 song posts by now.

This blog is active and online for over 5000 days since its beginning on 19 july 2008.

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