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Mandwe taley ghareeb ke do phool khil rahey hain

Posted on: May 3, 2012

This article is written by Khyati Bhatt, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Ramlal Chaudhary, known as a Ramlal in hindi film industry was a composer who is famous for composing songs of two films, Sehra-63 and Geet Gaaya Pattharon Ne-64. Both were produced and directed by V Shantaram.

Songs of these movies were hits and so Ramlal became a familiar name to music lovers. Information on different websites gives credit to this composer for composing six songs for his first independent movie, Tangawalla-50 by producer P L Santoshi which was never released. He got another chance to compose songs for film Husn baano which was successful and gave him some recognition. I am not aware of these two movies and as I have mentioned, this info is from the internet. Our knowledgeable readers can help with the details about these films.

It would be a lie if I say that I have known this MD for a long time. Yes, I was familiar with Sehra and GGPN and loved all songs, but it was only when I saw the movie GGPN on DD during my high school days that I became familiar with this name. In those days, Sehra was known to me only for his two songs, “Taqdeer ka fasaana” and “Pankh hote to ud aati re”.

Even though I had seen Sehra on DD before GGPN, my favorites Ramlal compositions are still from GGPN. I cherish songs like saanso ke taar par….by Kishori Amonkar (already posted), tere khayaalon mein hum (posted too), aa jaao jaan e jaana by Asha Bhonsle and mandave tale garib ke by C H Atma.

This last mentioned song is very close to my heart as we got the opportunity to see this legendary singer on the screen, singing with his rich baritone voice. The song as I have mentioned, is composed by Ramlal and is penned by Hasrat Jaipuri. Although it is picturised on him, it is aimed for the main leads, Jeetendra and Rajashree. here is this song, mandwe tale gareeb ke……from GGPN for all music lovers to relish and remember this great singer, C H Atma.



Song-Mandwe tale gareeb ke (Geeta Gaaya Pattharon Ne)(1964) Singer-C H Atma, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Ramlal


ho saath agar pehlu mein
ek mast e shabaab
ik jaam ho aur haath mein
sheron ki kitaab
ik saaz ho aur saaz pe
gaati ho haseena
ban jaaye ye veerana
bahaaron ka jawaab
ban jaye ye veeraana
baharon ka jawaab

mandwe tale gareeb ke
do phool khil rahe hain
mandwe tale gareeb ke
do phool khil rahe hain
ae raat tu na jaana
ae chaand tu na jaana
ye naubahaar chupke se dekho
nazarein na tum lagaana
mandwe tale gareeb ke
do phool khil rahe hain

mausam e ishq hai
zaraa hosh sambhaal
haansil tujhe mehboob hai
armaan nikaal
kuchh baat to karle
ke nahin kal ki khabar
kyaa hai gham e duniyaa
ise khaaq me daal
kyaa hai gham e duniyaa
ise khaaq me daal

mandwe tale gareeb ke
do phool khil rahe hain
mandwe tale gareeb ke
do phool khil rahe hain
ae raat tu na jaana
ae chaand tu na jaana
ye naubahaar chupke se dekho
nazarein na tum lagaana
mandwe tale gareeb ke
do phool khil rahe hain
mandwe tale gareeb ke
do phool khil rahe hain

10 Responses to "Mandwe taley ghareeb ke do phool khil rahey hain"

This is my favourite song in ‘GGPN’. C H Atma had a voice that gives me goosebumps! Deep and resonant. And he had such a well etched role in this movie……..


Khyati ji,
Here is some information on MD Ramlal.
Ramlal Chaudhary was born in Benaras(Varanashi) on 15-8-1922.He came to Bombay and got a job in Prithwi Theatres as a Flute player under MD Ram Ganguly.From 1950,he joined Rajkamal Kalamandir,as a Shehnai player.He was allowed to do work elsewhere also for earning.He became famous as aFlute and Shehnai player in the Bombay music circles.
At the time of SEHRA, V.Shantaram and S-J could not agree on certain points and V.Shantaram decided to give the film to Ramlal for Music Direction.After the songs of Sehra became famous,he was given another film,Geet Gaaya Patharon ne-64,by Shantaram.
The songs of this film also became famous.However,for reasons not fully known,soon Ramlal was dumped by Rajkamal and he survived only on income as a player of Flute and Shehnai in other composers’ songs.
Earlier he had given music to Husn Bano-56 and Naag Loak-57 as
Tangawala info.has to takers.There was only one Tangewala-72 whose MD was Naushad.
Ramlal died 0n 4-7-2004 in Mumbai.


Dhanyawaad Arunji. It breaks my heart when a artist doesn’t get recognition and is forced to live miserable life. So many are in the list of not getting their dues. Remember the movie “Kaagaz Ke Phool” – bichhade sabhi baari baari…….. 😦


The reasons Rajkamal dumped poor Ramlal are not unknown! Rajkamal ( V Shantaram that is) was quite a tight fisted man. His heroine was nearly always the ‘in-house’ Sandhya. He never repeated the hero or music director as he felt they may demand more for their second movie! Even Jeetendra and Rajshree ( Shantaram’s own daughter!) were never repeated. I’ve heard people say that he always wanted to give a chance to newcomers. However, insiders knew the real reason…..


Ramlal was repeated by Shantaram for 2 successive films-Sehra and GGPN.


One guy namely RAMLAL SEHRA gave music for a kannada movie DAAHA(1978)(Starring Lokesh,Girija Lokesh), which had a good Yesudas solo “Daahaa daahakke koneyllide manuja,mohaa”.
Whether this Ramlal and the one who gave music for kannada movie is the same guy??


certainly not.


I love all the songs of Sehra (my favorite – Tum to pyar ho) and GGPN. This song is special because of the apperance of CH Atma. He sang so many beautiful NFS songs.

It is good to be able to read so much about Ram Lal. I suppose he did not have networking capabilities. These two movies tell us that he could have composed many more beautiful songs, but alas, it was not to be.


Can anyone translate “mandwe tale gareeb ke”?


The video link provided no longer exists. I found an audio link which is as follows –


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