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Jaaoon kahan bata ai dil

Posted on: August 30, 2008

As sad songs go, Mukesh was unparalleled. And it is very difficult to say which of his sad songs were the best. In my opinion, appreciation of music is a highly subjective matter, so one should just enjoy it, without trying to rank them or trying to compare them.

This movie ” Chhoti Behan” (1959) had that immortal Rakhi song, “bhaiya mere rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana”. In this song, the sister Nanda sings the song and ties rakhi on the wrists of her brothers Balraj Sahni and Rahman.

Afterwards, things do not remain the same. Rahman marries a girl of his choice and she causes bad blood among family members in the joint family.Rahman prompted by his wife misbehaves with his elder brother, younger sister and other members of the family and separates from them.

Later, things start going wrong for Rahman, and he finds himself left in the lurch.He falls on hard days, and that makes him reminisce and soul search. He realises the errors of his ways and feels remorse.

The song “jaaoon kahan bata ai dil” captures the feeling of a remorseful Rahman so masterfully. We are so fortunate that we had lyricists of the calibre of Hasrat Jaipuri around to write such beautiful lyrics. So here it is, a song full of pathos, remorse, pain. In simple words, a masterpiece.

Song- Jaaoon kahan bata ai dil (Chhoti Bahan) (1959) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD- Shankar Jaikishan


jaaoon kahaan bataa ai dil
duniyaa badi hai sangdil
chaandni aayi ghar jalaane
soojhe na koi manzil
jaaoon kahaan bataa ai dil
duniyaa badi hai sangdil
chaandni aayi ghar jalaane
soojhe na koi manzil
jaauun kahaan bataa ai dil

banke toote yahaan aarzoo ke mahal
ye zameen aasmaan bhi gaye hain badal
kahti hai zindagi is jahaan se nikal
kahti hai zindagi is jahaan se nikal
jaaoon kahaan bataa ai dil
duniyaa badi hai sangdil
chaandni aayi ghar jalaane
soojhe na koi manzil
jaaoon kahaan bataa ai dil

haay is paar to aansuon ki dagar
jaane us paar kyaa ho kise hai khabar
thokaren kha rahi har kadam par nazar
thokaren kha rahi har kadam par nazar
jaaoon kahaan bataa ai dil
duniyaa badi hai sangdil
chaandni aayi ghar jalaane
soojhe na koi manzil
jaaoon kahaan bataa ai dil


6 Responses to "Jaaoon kahan bata ai dil"

Love this song…

Saw the movie many years ago….when this song came in the movie, I was like “yeh gaana IS mein hai ?”…lyrics are very good (“chaandni aayee ghar jalaane…”)…fit the story perfectly.

Indeed, the lyrics are so good, and sung so nicely by Mukesh.

Indeed a masterpiece……composition by SJ, voice of Mukesh, lyrics of Shailendra ….and enacted by Rahman! Had seen movie with my parents in subsequent rerun in matinee show. So sad nowadays they don’t have theaters showing old movies!

The song is full of pathos, emotions and showing the dark reality of real world which is ruthless and brutal.The lyrics are so beautifully written by shailendrajee that song has become a jem. Apart from that the soulful voice of mukeshji adding more glitter in the song. Musical duo shankar jaikishan as we say maestros composed wondereful tunes which is quite humming & catchy. it will provide you solace in the time of crisis when you feel stressful with mundane problems. it is indeed a masterpiece. There are no second thoughts on that. Hats off to such people who have this kind of creative genius. But the matter of melancholy is that nobody of that era is alive now. They will always remain immortal in our heart. May their divine soul rest in peace.

The song is written by Hasarat Jaypuri and not shailendra and is based on rag zinzoti

Yes , HFGK also confirms the name of Hasrat Jaipuri.

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