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Jyoti kalash chhalke

Posted on: August 31, 2008

One of the most outstanding songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar, this must go down as a very special song in her career as well as in the annals of Bollywood filmy music.

For once, the lyrics of the song were so different. Unlike the prevalent concept of lyrics those days ( heavy Persian influenced lyrics, and sometimes common day to day words), this song is written in textbook Hindi, the kind that was taught in schools and colleges.

In fact, I would say that this lyrics was almost entirely in Sanskrit with just one or two non Sanskrit words that I can think of.

And this was a bhajan in the movie “Bhabhi ki choodiyan.”

I wondered what the movie makers must have thought when Pt Narendra Sharma handed over the lyrics to the music director Sudhir Phadke. Was the music director nervous reading such a formidable lyrics ? How did he guide Lata in singing this song ?

Whatever transpired during the recording, the result was magical. And for a change, even ordinary public, who otherwise keep away from such songs most of the time, lapped it up. And the popularity of this song has only increased with time.

This bhajan was picturised on Meena Kumari. And just how well she has acted out this song. Absolutely fantastic.

This song is also sung by Sudhir Phadke.

Here is a link that has the Lata version as well as Sudhir Phadke version.

Song- Jyoti Kalash chalke (bhabhi ki choodiyan) (1961 ) Singer-Lata, Lyrics- Pt.Narendra Sharma, MD-Sudhir Phadke


Aaa aaa aaa aaa

jyoti kalash chhalke jyoti kalash chhalke
jyoti kalash chhalke jyoti kalash chhalke

huye gulaabi, laal sunahare
rang dal baadal ke
jyoti kalash chhalke

ghar aangan van upvan upvan
karti jyoti amrit ke sinchan
mangal ghat dhalke
mangal ghat dhalke
jyoti kalash chhalke

ambar kumkum kan barsaaye
phool pankhuriyon par muskaaye
bindu tuhin jal ke bindu tuhin jal ke
jyoti kalash chhalke
jyoti kalash chhalke
jyoti kalash chhalke

paat paat birva hariyaalaa
dharati kaa mukh hua ujaalaa
sach sapne kal ke
sach sapne kal ke
jyoti kalash chhalke

Usha ne aanchal phailaayaa
phaili sukh ki sheetal chhaayaa
neeche aanchal ke
neeche aanchal ke
jyoti kalash chhalke
jyoti kalash chhalke
jyoti kalash chhlake

jyoti Yashodaa dharti gaiyyaa
neel gagan Gopal Kanhaiyyaa
jyoti Yashodaa dharti gaiyyaa
neel gagan Gopal Kanhaiyyaa
shyaamal chhavi jhalke ae ae
shyaamal chhavi jhalke ae ae ae
jyoti kalash chhalke
jyoti kalash chhalke ae ae ae
jyoti kalash chhalke


30 Responses to "Jyoti kalash chhalke"

i am really grateful to u as i have been searching for this song

Nice to know that you could find this song here. I hope that here you will be able to find some more hard to find songs as well.

You have done a great thing for the music lovers. This is the most beautiful song of LATA jee.

I am extremely greatful to Sri Atul ji for his thoughtfulness to post this song Jyothi kalash chalke on the net for people like us. Thankyou, thankyou very much.

can I download this song ? Please let me know how???

its a fantastic songs thank u

My all-time favourite song for sober occasions!

My all-time favourite song for all occasions.

I , too am ,

very very fond of this song

[ I’m daughter of Late Pandit Narendra Sharma ]

Wow, I am very pleased to have you in this blog of mine.

Lavanyaji if you have more of the panditji’s poems i am interested. let me know.

Excellent initiative by you. 🙂 Thank you so much!

Thanks for your encouraging words.

I put on this song every day for my baby grand-daughter…and today it says the video has been removed by the user….could you reinstate it please? It’e been so lovely to hear it…along with the lyrics…I learnt the song from your blogpost!

Thanks for pointing it out. I have provided a working link now.

Thank you for restoring the song! Yours is the only version available which has the “ambar kumkum kaN barsAyE” stanza.

This calms my mind so much…I get so much peace listening and watching.

This song is indeed a wonderful song to make you feel at peace.

Dear All Music lovers,

I am unable to say anything now as everything is said by u all……this song is so close to my heart since my child hood.I have seen this movie when i was a lil boy…..this song made its own place deeep in my heart and soul….i used to be with my bhabhi the way the lil dever in this song…..this song makes me so nostalgic in this todays hectic world….thanks everyone who wrote,sang,picturised and acted for this song and above all made music for it……wao May God bless all of them

Thanks a lot, great job, keep It up !!

simply outstanding..never get bored listening to this lovely welcoming of the dawn..
thanx a tonn

looking at Meena Kumari, a muslim lady, I am amazed at how well she portrays a Hindu woman (also in say, Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam). OTOH, I can say the same thing of a Nargis, or Waheeda Rehman. These ladies have talent that crosses over mere religious boundaries. (I wish I can phrase this better)

This also shows how secular are the credentials of Bollywood actors in their reel as well as real lives.

I have been listening to this song too many times!

Couple of questions.

While the song has such nice rhythm throughout, the one exception is in the beginning of the verse starting with Usha ne aanchal phailaayaa. Here the singer makes it ooshaa nE .. to keep with the rhythm. I wonder why neither the lyricist nor the music director, nor the singer herself did something else other than strtech that syllable, which doesn’t sound right.

Why the repetition (of upvan) in the line ghar aangan van upvan upvan. Of course the rhythm requires something there. Poets easily take care of such matters, with some filler words, if necessary. Why not here?

Nothing here takes away my admiration for this song. I noticed a couple of cuts in the song, and have been patching them with some cut&paste audio processing. I am stumped with the sheetal chaayaa line. Stay tuned.

WoooooooW.. I don’t have words to express.. Thanks to Babuji who is great composer, singer and great human being as well.. This songs create energy in me. Young man like me inspired with it after so many years of making this song.. When it was created I was not only born but my papa was also in childhood at that time. Thanks to all that team who are involved in this great creation… God bless them

Here is a link where the MD of this song, Sudhir Phadke sings this bhajan with a classical touch. I have enjoyed it and hope you all will too.

The ambar kumkum stanza is missing, but still you will enjoy the beauty of MD’s voice.

This is a master piece of Lataji mesmerizing voice – a gift from Almighty God to be shared by every music lover. I first I heard it when I was near the Niagara Falls and found that the entire beauty of Niagara was matchless to Lataji’s Genius. I dare not miss listening to it every day. It
soothes my soul so deep that words can not describe it and would not want the song to finish. I am thirsty like the Eyes that long to look for the beauty in every thing around.


That Music director has composed 100s of songs like this. He was none other than our favourite Babuji. It is unfortunate for hindi film industry that he didn’t do much work over there. Marathi film industry was fortunate to have him.

the earlier link is not working, here is another link to the song ;

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