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Piya toone kya kiya

Posted on: August 30, 2008

S D Burman would typically sing a song at the beginning of the movie that would become an immortal song. “Zindagi Zindagi” also had such an opening song sung by the maestro that became immortal.

“Zindagi Zindagi” went one better. Not only did the movie open with a S D Burman classic song, the movie ended likewise too. And the song that plays at the close of the movie is just as standout as the opening song.

This song ” Piya tune kya kiya” conveys the feelings of the hero and heroine so well that nothing else remains to be added. The heroine Waheeda Rehman, a widow with a small kid who could not walk had come to a small place to get her son operated so that he could walk on his feet.

The doctor, Sunil Dutt, a single man himself, gets the kid to walk on his feet. In the meanwhile, love blossoms between the doctor and the mother of the little patient, but neither of the two can muster the courage to take the initiative.

With the kid now alright, Waheeda Rahman now has no reason to stay back any longer and she packs her luggage. Sunil Dutt accompanies the mother and son to the main road where the bus arrives.

All this while the S D Burman song “Piya tune kya kiya” is being played in the background. Not just the hero and the heroine, even the audience, including the 9 year old kid that I was at that time, was getting affected by their dilemma. Mother and son board the bus, Sunil Dutt makes some talk, with Waheeda Rehman listening, half expecting Sunil Dutt to finally pop the question. That does not happen, and the bus starts.

Just as “The End” appears on the screen, we see Sunil Dutt desperately running behind the bus calling for the lady to come back and stay back. And I , seated among the audience, wondered what happened next. I was afraid that Sunil Dutt may have (figuratively speaking) missed the bus.

Now tell me, have you seen a more poignant end to a movie ?

PS-When I watched the movie in february 1972, it left a bitter taste in the mouth because I did not know what happened in the end. Did Waheeda Rehman and her kid went by the bus leaving Sunil Dutt high and dry. The movie actually ended that way, Sunil Dutt running behind the racing bus and “The End” appearing on the screen.

PSI-Now all those decades later, when I have watched this movie ending song till the end, now I come to know that Waheeda Rehman on finding Sunil Dutt running behind the bus gets the bus stopped and gets down from the bus with her kid and suitcase. So it is a happy ending movie after all. Phew ! I am relieved, now that I have come to know of this happy ending.

PS II-I was not the only one feeling let down with the movie. The movie was superb, if you were a mature person, but I was only 9 year old kid at that time. Going by the fate of this movie at the box office, entire India was populated by 9 year old kids at that time and the movie turned out to be a big flop, so much so that Nariman Irani, the producer of this movie, found himself neck deep in debt.

Having learnt his lessons, the next movie that Nariman Irani made was a wholesale entertainer appealing to 9 years old kids and the movie proved to be a huge success and Nariman Irani managed to pay off his debtors and lived happily ever after. This movie that helped him recover financially was none other than the well known Amitabh Bachchan starrer, viz. DON (1978)

Song- Piya toone kya kiya re (Zindagi zindagi) (1972) Singer-S D Burman, Lyrics- Anand Bakshi, MD- S D Burman


piya tune kya kiya
piya tune kya kiya

piya tune kya kiya re
o piya tune kya kiya re
piya tune kya kiya re
piya tune kya kiya re

tere bin laage naa jiya re
piya tune kya kiya re

naiyya khaaye yoon hichkole
haule haule manwa dole
purabiya zor se chale
naiyya khaaye yoon hichkole
haule haule manwa dole
purabiya zor se chale
piya tune kya kiya re
piya tune kya kiya re
diya tune kya diya
liya tune kya liya
tere bin laage na ziya re
piya tune kya kiya re

madbhari teri ankhiyan
rangbhari mori batiyan
hum to hosh me nahin
madbhari teri ankhiya
rangbhari mori batiya
hum to hosh me nahin
piya maine kya kiya re
piya tune kya kiya re
piya maine kya kiya re
piya tune kya kiya re
tere bin laage na jiya re
piya tune kya kiya re
piya tune kya kiya


6 Responses to "Piya toone kya kiya"

Nice song…good movie also…

I like the way you pick not-so-famous songs but beautiful songs nevertheless….see my comment elsewhere about the non-remix way of enlightening today’s generation about old songs. 🙂

I had forgotten much about watching this movie. I was recently reminded of having seen this movie and the fact that it had such nice songs.

Of course, for much of the first half, I was badly feeling let down, not only because this was a “boring ” movie, but because I had dragged my elders to the movie hall thinking that “Seeta aur Geeta” was the movie still playing in the hall.

I love SD Burman’s voice. It adds a measure of pathos all by itself to whatever he sings. Lovely.

It is a lovely song full of pathos, for the reasons that I have mentioned in my writeup.

New video link :

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