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Hum donon mil ke kaaghaz pe dil ke

Posted on: October 4, 2008

I am sure no one recalls this 1978 movie called “Tumhaari Kasam”. In fact I do not think this movie was ever released in the parts of the country where I was growing up in 1970s. But I recall having heard this song and liking it.

Now that I have rediscoverd this song, after all of 30 years- and with the video of the song to boot, I realise that this beautiful song was picturised surprisingly well.

From what I can make out, the couple ( Navin Nischol and Padmini Kapila) are planning a family and sing a song about their intentions.

If one thus understands the purpose behind the song, understanding the lyrics becomes easy. And one must say, Anand Bakshi has written the lyrics with some great imagination and originality. The lyrics does not talk about inviting a stork, rather there is this discussion about writing a letter ( on paper of heart- kaaghaz pe dil ke) and asking their young one to arrive on receipt of the letter.

You promised to give me a gift, when will that be- asks the lady.
Tonight itself- replies the husband.

Having exchanged their ideas, they proceed on to implement their plan, and the camera, in typical bollywood fashion, starts zooming out and out, and then finally the light of the bedroom gets switched off.

In summary, I liked this song when I just heard the audio, and I liked it when I got to watch the video of the song. It is a nice song, overall.



Song- Hum dono milke kaaghaz pe dilke (Tumhaari Kasam) (1978) Singers- Mukesh, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics- Anand Bakshi, MD- Rajesh Roshan


ye na hoga
nahi hoga hoga
mano tum agar mera kahna

Hum dono milke kaaghaz pe dilke
chitthi likhenge jawaab aayega
Hum dono milke kaaghaz pe dilke
chitthi likhenge jawaab aayega

hoho hoho hohohohoho
chitthi ke lifaafe pe naam kya likhenge
naam chhodo poocho ke paighaam kya likhenge
o likhenge ke chithi milte hi chale aao
baaghon me phoolon ke khilte hi chale aao

chamkenke taare dil me hamaare
aur banke wo mehtaab aayega
Hum dono milke kaaghaz pe dilke
chitthi likhenge jawaab aayega

waada tha tumhaara doge tum ek nishaani
doonga abhi to hai baaki saari zindagaani
jab ham na honge tab shayad ye baat ho
ho sakta hai aaj hi wo pyaar bhari raat ho

hai wo safar mein is soone ghar me
banke mehmaan wo janaab aayega
Hum dono milke kaaghaz pe dilke
chitthi likhenge jawaab aayega

11 Responses to "Hum donon mil ke kaaghaz pe dil ke"

I remember the song playing on vivdh bharti, when small!


I heard this song quite a lot as it was indeed popular. It was the movie that was the damp squib.


A trivia about this song – this is one of the rare duets of Mukesh and Asha Bhonsle!!!


True indeed. Very well spotted !


Gr8 song again, it may also mean that whatever they write on heart-paper, will be blessed by God. And what not… Anyway thynx a lot for this loveable song

hai wo safar mein is soone ghar me
banke mehmaan wo janaab aayega


I dont remember the movie, but I know what prompts this song. Navin and Padmini are not able to concieve a child, and that makes them unhappy. One day their Naukar says he has to go to the village because his wife is expecting a child. Navin is surprised at this and says ‘How can that be? You haven’t visited your village for over a year, how can your wife be having a child?’ The naukar is quite nonchalant and says ‘Me gaya nahin to kya, maine chitthi to likhi thi’ This reply tickles the couple who sing this song, hoping that their ‘dil ki chitthi’ will beget them a child.

It is a really really sweet song, and uncannily, I was just thinking of it.


this is my evergreen song,&,1,more song, u would love to hear,PAYAR KARTE HAIN HUM TUMHE ITTNA,ISS JAHAN ME THO KYA DOO JAHAN ME SAMAYE, N, JITANA. 1 off the best.


The list of ‘favorites’ of ‘seventies’ is incomplete without this song. Was a regular on radio..




This song too is one of those that I was frequently on radio when I was growing !!

Lovely song,

Thanks for the post !!


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